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Vanbrugh JCRC candidates campaign starts at Hustings

The College JCRC elections started with the Vanbrugh Hustings in V-bar on Tuesday with the position of Vanbrugh Chair being hotly contested

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On Tuesday night the prospective candidates for the future Vanbrugh Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) got their first chance to set out their plans for the college. The atmosphere at the hustings was relaxed, despite the position of college Chair being hotly contested.

The four candidates for Chair, Matt Stephenson, Feargus Hosking-Jervis, Adam Lewis, and Charlie Knox, each offered different visions for the next year at Vanbrugh. Stephenson firmly laid out the issue of better security as his main aim, whilst Knox and Lewis both talked of the need for greater diversity in events and improving welfare. Lewis spoke of his dissatisfaction with the sporting arrangements last year, stating how he had single-handedly created his own basketball team. Hosking-Jervis laid out the most concrete proposals, calling for efforts to develop the "academic spirit" of Vanbrugh with study rooms and other developments, as well as giving more autonomy to Block Reps to set up their own events.

Hosking-Jervis was also attracted the most controversy of the night. Kallum Taylor, outgoing Vanbrugh Chair, asked why he had attended only 25% of meetings last year, to which he responded he had "faith" in his fellow members to carry on without his constant presence. The final question asked; "what would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?" ended the questions on a lighter note.

Outside the main contest the hustings were relaxed, with many candidates praising the spirit and character of the college. However, issues raised included promoting integration between different sections of the college in social and academic events.

The refurbishment of V-bar received much attention from the candidates. The prospective Bar Representatives team spoke of how the bar should become "our Mayfair" and outstrip the Courtyard as the "most popular bar on campus". Stephenson discussed how he felt there should be greater cooperation between the Bar Representatives and the bar staff, so as to make it a real "hub" for the college.

Welfare issues also were raised. The question of STYC training was brought up, which many Welfare candidates felt should be improved so as to avoid confusion over the finer points of the role. Also prevalent was the notion that Welfare and health issues should tackle more than just the typical student problems. As Chair candidate Lewis pointed out: "there's more to health than sexual health."

Notably several positions, including LGBT representative and Press and Publicity officer, had no candidates standing at all.

Nonetheless, the vigour of student participation in the college was highlighted by the 'challenges' that candidates had to perform. The most considerable achievement of the night was from the potential Block Representatives who raised a considerable £121 for charity in 35 minutes.

Positions and Candidates

Charlie Knox
Matt Stephenson
Adam Lewis
Fergus Hosking Jervis

Vice Chair for Services:
Ben Rodin
Vishhnuu Naithiyananthan

Vice Chair for Welfare:
Kate Elliot
Vyshnan Ranjan

Sam Malone
Daniel Whitmore

Erin Cork
Sophie Easterby Smith

Female Welfare:
Pippa Henstock
Ellen Pearson

Male Welfare:
Jamie Beckett
Stephen Lawlor
James Allanson

No candidates

Overseas Welfare:
Vanessa Jane Villanueva

Disabilities and Access Welfare:
Katie Meyrick

Off Campus Welfare:
Phillip Watson

Merch Reps:
Sorcha Lynch Yemi Nathan

Rehan Mahmood, Charlotte Hancock, Florence Laino

Block Reps:
Eleanor Smart: Eric B
Daniel Watts: LePage
William Addy: Wentworth E
Matt Newman: Fairfax

Ordinary Members:
Lauren Wise
Matt Howell

Ents Reps:
George, Jo, Christina, Shirley, Harry and Libby

Bar Reps:
Fred Issac, Joe Aucock, Fabina Mcor and Alison Dman

Environment and Campaigns:
Laurie Points

Music Rep:
Sarah Norvock

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6 Comment

Democrat Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Pretty sure directed questions, ala the one by Taylor, aren't allowed in formal hustings...


Feargus Hosking-Jervis Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

I thought Kallum's question was fair, because it's totally true. I did only show up to about 25% of JCRC meetings. However that was only because i was only actually was a member of the JCRC for 25% of the year.


Kallum Taylor Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Democrat, I only felt it was in the interests of Vanbrugh, and for the integrity of the JCRC, to highlight Feargus attendance this last academic year.

The role of Chair's obviously quite serious, and a lot of people were in fact curious as to whether he was running as a 'joke' candidate.

Feargus with respect; a lot of students don't know who turns up to what, who does what and what is actually going on despite our efforts - so the last thing we need to do to further that problem is to add falsities into the mix.

This really is not personal, I've been under the impression that we get along - however without trawling through the minutes of this JCRC's meetings, I'm open to correction in stating that you've been on the JCRC for over half of their time in 'office'. During said time, you barely ever shown up - if that was for valid reason too, then I can't recall formal apologies to cover even half of your absences.

Therefore I'm quite comfortable in asking such questions, and won't keep myself sat on the silent fence with others.

That being said, good luck with the campaign Feargus - I hope you get stuck into it and enjoy it at the same time.


Putin Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019


Though I'm on Kallum's side. We've seen Chairs no-confidenced for not turning up to JCRC meetings in recent history, and it ended messily.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

As much as your point might be valid Kallum, neither the manner in which you adressed the issue, nor the misplaced slur of referencing Feargus as a potential 'joke' candidate, does much for yourself or your claim.


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Surely there are more obvious people to label as "joke" candidates...?


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