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Top 5 - Freshers Week Fashion

A sparkly outfit - let's be honest, this a week of first impressions and no-one wants to make the wrong one. Besides the fact there are loads of parties, it's the perfect excuse to invest in a new frock.

A hoodie- The antithesis of the sparkly outfit, this is the most imperative part of your fresher's uniform. There is no way you will get through all the late nights of Freshers Week without this cosy daytime saviour.

Flipflops- Again one for the daytime, your feet will need a bit of TLC after dancing all night, plus these double-up for a beach themed party. There's also the added bonus of them protecting your feet from sticky kitchen floors.

Fancy dress- It doesn't matter what theme, you will need some sort of ridiculous costume at some point. It'll come in handy whether it's for you or to lend to a newfound friend.

A dressing gown- You might have wowed everyone with your fancy new "sparkly outfit" but you're not going to impress anyone with your SpongeBob SquarePants PJs. So, keep those a secret (at least for the first few weeks).

-Hannah Clugston

Top 5 - The things they didn't tell you before starting University

How to boil an egg- This might seem pretty obvious, or so my housemates thought when I was on the phone to my Mum trying to find out. But how long do you boil it for? That's the real question. Three minutes, by the way.

Ducks quack louder than students shout -I'm not sure whether this is true, but I'm going to claim it anyway. On The University of York campus there are as many ducks as students. They like to quack in the early hours: buy earplugs.

You shouldn't leave your bedroom door unlocked- That's unless you want it to be covered in foil/newspaper/general rubbish. Or have your bed removed. Either way, always use a key.

The library is the loudest place on campus- If you go into the new Harry Fairhurst building you're sure to get a headache due to the 'unregulated' talking. Stay in the main part of the library for serious work.

Pizza tastes best at two in the morning- It is nearly impossible to get home without taking a detour to Mr. Efes and stuffing your face with pizza. WARNING: this pizza does not taste good in the daytime.

-Hannah Clugston

Top 5 Icebreakers

1. What's your name?

Although on the surface an easy question to begin with, in reality youare going to forget whatever they say within two minutes. So a smile and a nod will do just fine in reply. Think less getting-to-know-you and more speed dating.

2. What are you studying?

Beware the awkward silence when a drama student meets a physicist or a humanities student meets a scientist. The lack of common ground may be more of a stumbling block than an ice breaker. And don't pretend to be doing a better course than others or you may find yourself isolated in your own arrogance.

3. Where are you from?
Do you really want to know? Probably not. If they come from near you, surely you know enough people like them already; if they live further away, it's England - it's not going to be drastically different. Just try not to laugh if it's a funny name. If southern, say: Pimms O'clock?; if northern: chips and gravy. Follow it up with a 'how long did it take you to get here?' and you'll be a flying success. Not the most riveting of conversations but better than an eyes-to-the-floorsilence.

4. Fancy going for a drink?

Not as a chat up line, but can be used as a good way to get to know your new housemates; conversations will quickly flow as the alcohol takes effect. Whether it be a trip up to your college bar or just a handful of chairs outside. What's the worst that could happen...

Top 5 - Freshers Week Fashion

5. And one NOT to ask...Did you take a gap year?

The one area that you shouldn't touch in Freshers years. If you didn't pack your wallet and jet off travelling, you will have no interest in how to get around in Bangkok or where the best guinea pig can be eaten in Peru. And even if you did, an endless game of traveller's top trumps isn't the way to make friends. For someone who did travel the world, this is the perfect opportunity for boring you senseless with comparisons to places you've never heard of...but
probably not as exciting as surviving an all nighter in York's premiere restaurant-cum-disco - The Willow. Ask them if they have done that when they start yapping on and on.

-Martin Spurr

Top 5 tips to surviving your first night out at University

The tearful goodbyes, the awkward first conversations, that first meal
cooked all by yourself with no parents hovering in the background "to
check that everything's ok." The first week of university is a roller
coaster of emotion - and you might want to reinvent a previously held
nerdy image, or just get through a first night away from home. However
you want to enjoy your first night out at university, here are a few

1. Know the number or name of your house/block/building. It might
also be an idea to do this before you're too drunk to take in any new

2. Bring some alcohol
. It's always polite to help along those early
pre-drinking sessions in the kitchen come along smoothly. But know
your limits - it's also an idea to provide something that you can
actually keep down. even for seasoned drinkers, the perils of Ring of
Fire around the kitchen table have left many a heavy weight sprawled
on the floor. Plenty of water should ensure that you retain those
precious Freshers' week memories for years to come.

3. Plan your night. It may sound dull, but it's the first time
you'll be out in a strange city. Your STYCs should be able to help you
with this, but make sure you know the club you're going to and how you
will get there.

4. Stay safe
. Try not to leave people alone or behind you if they're
in a vulnerable state. Exchange phone numbers between yourselves and
your STYCs.

5. Enjoy yourself and get involved!
The primary motive of Freshers'
week is to get you settled into university life and your new home.
You'll never have another opportunity to party free of obligations, so
even if you're normally not a clubbing fan, join in and get to know
lots of new people. You've got a whole year together, enjoy it!

- Isabelle Wynne

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