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Starting university has the ability to make the most messy person turn into an organisational pedant. However, it doesn't matter how many lists you make or how often you go shopping, there will be things that you weren't even aware that you needed.

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Leaving for University is hard enough without having to worry about all the practicalities. Have a read through out very own 'what to bring' guide to make sure you havent forgotten any of those essentials...

* Laundry basket. Boring, but vital in preserving your dignity and the appearance of your underwear. (Associated items such as washing powder etc. also never go amiss.)

* Face paint. Much to the delight of your inner six-year old.

* Alcohol. You're going to university now...you need supplies.

* Extra cutlery: you will somehow "lose" all your forks.

* Doorstop. Uni bedroom doors are pretty heavy and one of the best ways to make friends and feel involved is to just keep your door propped open

* Appreciation for ducks and geese...you'll see!

* Flip flops: you won't want to go barefoot in your communal kitchen

* A football: a great icebreaker.

* Animal costume: the more exotic, the better.

* An appetite for prawn crackers, all will become clear when you visit The Willow.

* School tie. Not for remembering your 'younger days', but for fancy dress purposes.

* Pictures and posters to decorate your room.

* Earplugs: it takes a while to get used to the ducks quacking .

* Teabags. If you start by buying a big box, you're sure to make some good friends.

* Speakers for your laptop. Movie nights on a laptop can be pretty frustrating if you can't hear over all the rustling of sweets.

* Drying rack, save yourself the money for machine dryers.

* Plug-in air freshener...things won't smell quite so fragrant after you've been spending so much time in one room.

* Hanging shelves: maximise your limited wardrobe space.

* Extra lamp. The colleges all say that they come with them, but most either produce a glare more blinding than the sun or barely work. Bringing one along instantly makes your room look better as well.

* Rug/blanket. It'll provide some comfort as the hangover crashes over you, as you try and snatch a few hours kip at three in the afternoon.

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Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

I don't know if it's been changed since 2009, but certainly when I was a fresher, outside lamps were forbidden. We were never given a concrete reason, but were told as such anyway, and you may get done for it in a room inspection...


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