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Langwith, the oldest college at York, loud and proud about its history and itself

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Langwith, the oldest college at York, loud and proud about its history and itself. Even though it is one of the smallest colleges, its spirit and community atmosphere make up for its scale in comparison to larger colleges where you can feel swamped. Langwith is a bit of an oxymoron: despite a laid back atmosphere, its student's loyalty borders on fierce which means you get to know people quickly.

Notoriously pronounced the worst college for sports, the majority of Langwith students are involved in non-sport related activities such as RAG, campus societies and university media. Langwith has a diverse range of activities and a dedicated welfare programme, there is the almost mythical Punch, and at the other end of the spectrum, the Langwith Lollop. Arranged by the provost it is a termly walk across some of Yorkshire's nicest countryside. If you want to win college football, then Langwith is not for you, however if you're looking for a rounded, open and friendly environment then it's definitely one of the best.

The prospectus missed out: Getting sports teams together for Langwith is an uphill struggle, when you mix small numbers and lack of sport enthusiasm then you get a much depleted turn out. For example there are 4 Vanbrugh football teams, Langwith only has two.

Favourite college hangouts: The Courtyard is the most popular student hang out, serving a good range of food till 9pm it's a good location to relax away from the kitchens and is central on campus, also favoured because it shows live sports on its three flat-screens all day and at weekends. The Corner Room is popular with hard-core Langwithans, it has a comfy sofa and a Wii.

Freeview box in the Upper Junior Common Room
Large screen TV in the Corner Room
Study room adjacent and computer centre
Norman Rea Gallery
The Student Union bar, The Courtyard is the Langwith College bar
Laundrette in B Block

Mythbuster: "Langwith always lose at college sport". In reality they are mostly average, but do have one of the best rounders teams.

Stereotypical student: the fancy-dressed, horrendously drunk people at Ziggy's who aren't bothered about their latest sports defeat because there too busy abusing Derwent

Best Freshers event: Langwith bar crawl, if not for the cheap drink deals, then reading the abuse/messages of never ending love from strangers written on your t-shirt is worth the hangover

Best event of rest of the year: Langwith's Got Talent or any of the organised bar crawls to different cities.

Sarah Bartlett, third-year Psychology
Pro: "you get to know a lot of people fast because it's so small"
Con: "the accommodation at the minute is very poor"
Summary: "Langwith is fun and feels like, quite a tight-knit community"

Charlotte Carter, third-year Language and Linguistics
Pro: "met some cool genuine people"
Con: "dated accommodation"
Summary: "Langwith is the university runt but makes up for it in charisma and togetherness"

Jasmine Pain, third-year Sociology and Criminology
Pro: "lovely lovely people!"
Con: "the heat in the kitchens at summer time"

"Langwith is the best because we have everything; an amazing welfare system, with three fully-fitted welfare rooms and being the smallest college we have the closest spirit. Langwith is known as the friendly college, but we like to have fun too, so whatever you're like, you're bound to fit in."

Langwith Chair - Cem Turhan

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