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Derwent College has a well-deserved reputation for being the most social college on campus

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Derwent College has a well-deserved reputation for being the most social college on campus. The long corridors and large blocks mean you'll be living and interacting with lots of different people, rather than just the six you might get to a flat in other colleges.

The social atmosphere is best felt at the college's famous Club D events, taking place regularly throughout the year, on the build up to a grand finale end-of-year event, Big D.

The Derwent JCR and extensive college sports teams make sure that you won't be short of things to get involved. Plus, it's some of the cheapest accommodation on campus, and offers some value catering deals, well worth considering if you don't fancy cooking seven days a week.

The prospectus missed out: It can get cold in winter, and the walls are pretty thin. When you've got Freshers' Flu (inevitable) and you're lying awake listening to the coughing at night, you might not find it so great. Communal showers and toilets can get clogged up with unspeakable things.

Favourite college hangouts: D-bar, for cheap drinks, events, pool tables, comfy sofas and wide-screen TVs. It's basically your lounge. The JCRC is also a good place to organise film nights.

8.30am - 6.30pm, Monday - Friday portering at reception.
Secure bike sheds
1 Laundrette
Derwent Bar and cafe
Dining hall and restaurant
Study spaces inc. a Quiet Reading Room

Mythbuster: "The older buildings are made entirely of asbestos". They aren't and the college has spent a large amount over the last year on renovating areas of concern.

Stereotypical student: The party animal

Best Freshers event: Derwent Freshers Bar Crawl, where your STYCs will introduce you to all the best bars, clubs, and late-night takeaways in York.

Best event of rest of the year: Undoubtedly Big D. You won't truly know why until you've been.

Philippa Grafton, second-year, History of Art
Pro: "Some of the best campus events (Chav D springs to mind...)"
Con: "There are barely any kitchen tables! We had to sit on the floor to eat at weekends."
Summary: "Derwent is overall pretty great for everything except luxury. Who needs luxury anyway, you're a student..."

Ed Gammie, second-year, Film and Television Production
Pro: "Big and sociable, there's always things to do and people to hang around with."
Con: "Communal toilets and showers quickly stop becoming funny."
Summary: "The college events and communal spirit are renowned, and it's one of the cheapest places to live. Just don't expect the highest quality of living, but I suppose that's all part of the Derwent experience.

"Why is Derwent better than every other college? Nouse did a pretty good job at explaining why: 'Derwent College is the college that everyone else wishes they were in'."

Derwent Chair - Matt Jenkins

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2 Comment

Woah Woah Woah! Posted on Tuesday 14 Jul 2020

Best fresher's event? Slag and Drag, hands down!

Downtown is such a good laugh, and a great way to get to know people, but there's no better way to break the ice and have a f***ing hilarious night than squeezing into your neighbours skimpiest dress, getting them to give you a dyke-esque makeover and then drinking far too much, probably causing you to do even more ridiculous things.


Jonathan Frost Posted on Tuesday 14 Jul 2020

...point taken.


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