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The Jackson Aftershock

As the second anniversary of Michael Jackson's death approaches the sense of loss certainly does not seem to have lessened. There are stars, there are superstars and there are legends. Jackson was all of these and more

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As the second anniversary of Michael Jackson's death approaches the sense of loss certainly does not seem to have lessened. There are stars, there are superstars and there are legends. Jackson was all of these and more. His influence to our lives will never be fully appreciated, and this definitely applies to our wardrobes. The retro, the glamour, the military and the gangster look are all styles Jackson rocked our world with. How can we ever call a man with white socks and black trousers uncool again?

For starters we have to mention his big and beautiful hair. The hip afro style that the young Michael had, captivated the world with his cute-as-a-button look. His style was funky fresh, with the perfect amount of innocence and fragility that never seemed to never leave the star throughout his life.

The Jackson teen years show a beautiful man, effortlessly rolling through career successes, and more importantly looking like he was enjoying it. The iconic videos that always accompanied his music included 'Don't stop 'till you get enough' which showed the moon-walking genius dancing against the innovative kaleidoscope backdrop. This stage in his look displayed Jackson in bow tie suits, colourful silky shirts and the birth of one of his many trademark features being the signiture white socks with black shoes.

As his style gains some fabulous momentum we see the emergence of the 'Thriller' Jackson. A peaking fame period which has Jackson still crowned with the biggest selling album of all time, Thriller, which sold over 110 million copies. The King of Pop lead the way in personal style with his alternative take to what could basically be described as a Halloween style costume. The Thriller image showed Michael go from dream date to sexy zombie with a pelvic thrust or two in between. The aftershock of the look can be seen on the catwalks of today, especially in Christophe Decarinin's Balmain silhouettes.

At this stage Time described Jackson's influence as "A singer who cuts across all boundaries of taste and style and colour too". The New York Times wrote that, "in the world of pop music, there is Michael Jackson and there is everybody else".

Just when you thought he could not possibly match the success of 'Thriller', we saw the birth of another trade mark style feature Jackson is praised for. The single white rhinestone-encrusted glove accessory was viewed by 47 million people. It showed him tip toe and glide over lit floor tiles to 'Billie Jean' in 1983 with his one glove feature commanding the audience's attention.

Although towards the end of his life his appearance became the subject of a ridiculous media obsession, which we should have pitied rather than mocked, he was still fashion and musical royalty. His clothes acted as the icing to a cake of unimaginable ability throughout his short life. When we remember Jackson, we do see a stylish man, and this is exactly how it should be.

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7 Comment

Cynthia Kent Posted on Tuesday 7 Jul 2020

Beautifully written artical portraying Michael thru the decades..His style..his well as his humanitarian efforts will forever be engraved in history. What a sweet & gentle soul he was...We will love and miss him always.


Shannon Posted on Tuesday 7 Jul 2020

This was beautiful. at least there's some journalist who understood Michael and what he was about. The rest of them would rather hate fr nothing. But this article was great and on point.


Beth Posted on Tuesday 7 Jul 2020

Thank you for a wonderful article. Michael was "funky fresh" in all aspects. I miss him dearly!


Tahlia Posted on Tuesday 7 Jul 2020

Thank you for this kind article, I always greatly appreciate it when an article is written about Michael showing who he really was rather than going with the flow and putting up another copy and paste article with no factual basis. Over the last 2 years there has been an increase in the amount of people who are brave enough to go against the grain and be truthful and kind. One day articles like these will take over from the trash, and the voices of malicious people will be drowned out and listened to no more.


elke Posted on Tuesday 7 Jul 2020

Good article - made a refreshing change to see positive words about Michael Jackson, the Genius, the one and only King of Pop. Not just for his musical Genius and not just for his dance, but simply for the whole package. Michael Jackson comes but only once in a lifetime, though Superstar of Superstars nothing stopped Michael from remaining humble, polite, loving, thankful but most of all a Fighter. Though they tried desperately to beat him to the ground (like no other Human Being has ever been in History except Jesus) he never wavered to smile for everybody, show love and gave love to everybody. His humongous Humanitarian Work throughout the world was done quietly and privately, from a very early time when people did not want to no about those plights that effected so many, Aids, sick children, hungry children, the downtrodden, scholarships, too numerous to mention, he gave millions, and not just the money but off his time, to ensure that in every country he went, he visited the Hospitals, the orphanages, schools. This site unfortunately has never been written about, nothing ever positive when it comes to Michael. Why??? I asked myself for so many years, why did humans choose to be so blindfolded by media fodder, lies, and hate. How he survived that long is a mystery to me. I don't think I can thank Michael Jackson enough for all the things he has done for us over 45 years. I love him, and I miss him deeply.


Monica C Posted on Tuesday 7 Jul 2020

Thank you for this. And although I see no reason to pity his looks, because to me he always looked great, I'm still thankful that this article was a positive one.


Sue Adams Posted on Tuesday 7 Jul 2020

Thank you for going against the current trend of bashing Michael and writing a good and generally positive article. Much appreciated by all of us who love this wonderful man for all he was, stood for and means to us!

I would like to leave a reference link to a great website for the truth about Michael as the man behind the image here for anyone to check out as and when they have a chance:

best wishes


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