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Boosting Vespa sales in 1952 after Roman Holiday, Audrey Hepburn channels motorbike chic.


Casablanca's Humphrey Bogart was dressed for all weather in his trench coat and fedora, but is the epitome of suave.


Grace Kelly's matching red lips and picnic blanket makes the beach a more glamorous destination.


The original Charlie's Angels sex symbol, Farrah Fawcett, made the red swimming costume iconic before we even heard the Baywatch theme tune.


Brad Pitt's nomadic Thelma and Louise character is carefree and dressed ready for anything.


Relaxing in the garden a favourite summer pastime; here Brigitte Bardot suns herself at her home in La Madrague.

The bathing suit

Wearing a swimming costume just hasn't been classed as socially or fashionably acceptable since the age of 13.

But the bikini was once a symbol of womanhood, and grown-ups wore them. Although redundant for several years, replaced by the bikini and then tankini, the bathing suit seems to be making a comeback.

The new form of suit is not as simple as it's predecessors though. We now have the option of halter necks, cut out midriffs, supported busts, stripes of block colour and floral prints. In a season where patterns are a must and outrageous colours are popular, the more material the better. The skimpy bikini is having a difficult job carrying off statement prints.

Or perhaps, we have just decided we want a change. After all, being impatient human beings, we can only go for so long following a certain trend. Who knows, maybe swimming caps will be back in fashion soon as well. HC



From Paris to Berlin - Inferno

A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

When You're Smiling - Michael Buble

There She Goes - The LA's

Bibo no Aozora - Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ca Plain Pour Moi - Nouvelle Vague


Malibu suncream, £4.79.

Bare Escentuals, foundation SPF15, free sample.

Vaseline SPF15, £1.99.

Naughty Alice Vivienne Westwood Perfume, £53.

Simple Radiance Brightening Moisturiser SPF10, £6.99.

Dove Summer Nourishing Glow Body Lotion, £5.10.

Lonely Planet Encounter Guide, £7.99.

TRESemme Minis, £1.32 each. HC

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