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York down Lancastrian combatants to take majority of Roses points

York won four points in Sunday's Judo to Lancaster's two, with the women's team winning all the points on offer. (Thumbnail credit Image: Philippa Grafton)

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York proved themselves the better fighters overall in the Roses 2011 Judo competition, taking all two points in the women's, and fighting for a share of the spoils in the men's categories.

The men's lightweight category, under 73kg, saw York's impressive James Talbot grappling with opponent Matt Buckland. Initially, Talbot looked the better fighter, but Buckland was not eager to give up the point, and the fight dragged on, wearing York's combatant. Buckland opted to hook at Talbot's legs, on one occaision bringing him down hard with a clean back leg sweep, landing Talbot on his back. Talbot fought back hard but seemed to be short of stamina and his earlier creativeness began to wane, chosing to turn into his opponent for repeated attempts at a hip throw. Buckland began to anticipate the move, and, hooking Talbot's inside right leg, ended the affair, taking the first men's point for the Lancastrians.

York's future Judo president, Chris Lau, put on a great display of skill in the under 81kg, supressing Lancaster's stronger Ollie Fitton to level affairs in the men's. Definitely the fight of the day, Lau's techical fight style and speed worked to his advantage. Lau moved with his opponent and allowed Fitton's strength to do the work, using the Lancastrian's momentum against him. At one point, it looked to be all over, as Lau went down under Fitton, but he succeeded in working himself free, and pulled off a fantastic throw to end Fitton's defense in the final bout.

In the under 90kg, York fielded Jonathan Coe against Lancaster's Sean Easby, and York managed to place themselves a point up with ease. However, Lancaster then drew level in the heavyweight category, as Lancastrian beast Julian Kossinov made short work of York's Seth Chen in the over 90kg showdown, leaving the men's points split evenly between the two sides.

In the women's under 57kg category, York's Leyla McCarthy managed a comeback victory against Lancaster's heavier, stronger fighter, Emma Langton. Successful technical grappling on the floor and quick twisting tipped the points in McCarthy's favour, and with Lancaster unable to field an over 57kg fighter, York's ladies took all two points on offer for their category.

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