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Points shared in entertaining Dancesport showing

Wins for either side saw the points shared in the Dancesport event as a busy Saturday of Roses progressed (Thumbnail credit Image: Megan Hanney)

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Wins for either side saw the points shared in the Dancesport event as a busy Saturday of Roses progressed.

Tension was rising high in D-Bar whilst Lancaster and York Dance Sport were preparing to compete. Dances included both Ballroom and Latin; ranging from advanced quick step with competitors soaring past one another to beginners jiving in an open hurdle.

The competition began with a traditional walk on: Lancaster presented themselves in striking red, unafraid of tainting their presentation with flare, whilst York graced the dance floor with their elegance. Couples from Lancaster and York entered into the first round of dances, where professional ballroom judge Bryan Thomson chose three couples from either team to progress into the final, which Bryan claimed to be dependent upon the dancers' "footwork, presentation and most importantly timing".

York Dance Sport arrived with full spirit, entering four or six couples in the first round of each dance category, in contrast to Lancaster Dance Sport who appeared quite consistently to have already selected three couples who would perform in the first round and thus automatically go through to the finals.

Emotions were running high and low as dances were performed to James Morrison's heart-wrenching 'The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore' and Palo Nutini's 'Nothing's Gonna Bring Me Down'. After the Ballroom dances had been performed Lancaster's Dance President expressed her confidence in her dance team which included Philip Rawcliffe and Hannah Roberts - who proudly carry the title of U21's British Classical Sequence Dance Champions.

Having previosuly won for the past three years running, York Dance Sport were determined not to let Lancaster win and strove to compete to the best of their ability with the help of Sean Wolverson and Emily Sargeant who stole the show for them with their gentle yet incredibly articulated moves. Despite Lancaster's pride and previous achievments, York Dance Sport didn't let Lancaster 'Bring them Down', as they equalised with two points, each counting towards the final score for Roses 2011. York Dance Sport won two points in the Beginners' Ballroom and Advanced Latin while Lancaster Dance Sport took the points in the Beginners' Latin and Advanced Ballroom.

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