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Dance Soc enjoy first ever Roses outing

The University of York Dance Society performed at Roses for the first time on Sunday and next year will compete for points (Thumbnail credit Image: Megan Hanney)

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The University of York Dance Society succeeded in providing three performances which captivated the attention of every person in the audience, an audience of which was an impressive turnout for the first ever Dance Society competition within Roses. York competed against Lancaster Dance Society and were analysed for technique, performance, choreography and rehearsal by a panel of five judges: two from York, two from Lancaster and an external dance teacher currently training to become a dance examiner. Before the competition had even begun, it was announced that Dance Society's score will most definitely equate to Roses points next year due to the turnout and excessive smiles.

York and Lancaster each performed contemporary, tap and street dance. Lancaster opened each dance category presenting themselves in vibrant, fluorescent clothing, whilst York were more modestly presented in neutral clothing - yet it appeared York's dancing itself was the true claim to vibrancy and energy. York and Lancaster had met once before in the Durham Dance Fusion Competition 2010 where Lancaster came third for tap and York came second for street.

Image: Megan Hanney

York collectively mustered every ounce of passion to pursue their goal of maintaining their reputation for precision, dedication and unsullied talent. This, once again, they succeeded in. Winning all three categories of contemporary tap and street, York gained five hundred and one points in total out of the possible six hundred, whilst Lancaster gained four hundred.

Lancaster's president expressed how they would love to come back to York to compete once again in 2013, despite the' tough competition', but positively felt Lancaster Dance Society had performed 'really well'. It is no surprise the opposing team succumbed to the rapture of York dancers who all in all, articulated every dance move to compliment the awe inspiring choreography which evidently much time and effort had been spent on.

Tim Ngwena described the event as 'promising,' as it had just as many supporters as any other event, despite its new entry this year. In light of York's victory, Tim expressed high hopes for the University of York Dance Society to be performing to stands of audience in Heslington East by 2013 when York will once against be hosting Roses, and York's Dance society will once again be showing their true colours.

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