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York's runners enjoy 10k whitewash

The University of York won 4-1 against Lancaster in the Running, the first time the event has counted for Roses points (Thumbnail credit Image: Justyn Hardcastle)

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10.20am on Saturday saw a first in Roses history, as the 10k race set off, counting for valuable Roses points. Running a largely flat route into the countryside beyond 22 acres, a 12-strong team from York and 10 Lancaster visitors provided a fast-paced spectacle for those supporters keen enough to brave the windy course.

The first lap's leaders passed by the cricket pavilion within 20 minutes, before heading onto the longer second lap, which took runners over the A64 bridge to skirt the edge of the golf course, before re-joining the original route on the home straight back to 22-acres.

Will New, a first-year member of the University of York Athletics Club, achieved first place with an impressive time of 39:42, followed by UYAC's Dave Worsley, just under a minute later with 40:37.

The first Lancastrian home was Tom Nicholson, achieving third place overall, with a time of 41:54, with incoming UYAC Vice-President Tim Raynes and first year Tom Smallwood securing fourth and fifth places and a win for the York Mens' team.

York third-year, Chloe Moore, was the first female in with 50:07, before Lancaster's Nicola Aylett crossed the finish in 51:00 followed by York's Olivia Drury, Harriet Batten and Jess Haines all completing the route before the hour mark as the first female team home, achieving a second victory for York.

Moore said the event had been "fantastically organised" by the Athletics Club and YUSU, calling it "A really good team race".

Ben Humphrys, showing support by marshalling alongside fellow YUSU Sabb Laura Bo, commented: "The first thing I saw was 3 Yorkies in a row with a massive lead. Gave me a warm glow inside it has to be said."

Freya Cookson, the outgoing UYAC Vice-President, commented on how "rewarding" it was to see the fixture counting for valuable Roses points for the first time, adding "I'd love to see the York Athletics Club involved in more inter-University races in the future".

The chief organiser, Dave Harper, outgoing UYAC President and the winner of last year's Roses Fun Run at Lancaster, was encouraged to witness the University's running teams being recognised by the points system at last: "It was great to see York's guys and girls race so competitively today, my faith in the team was definitely confirmed" adding "I'd really like to thank the patient marshalls and YUSU's Health and Safety team for helping us host the race".

University of York Athletics Club meet on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for Club runs. For more information, please email athletics@yusu.org.


Will New 39 :42
Dave Worsley 40 :37
(L) Tom Nicholson 41:54
Tim Raynes 41 :59
Tom Smallwood 43 :00

Chloe Moore 50:07
(L) Nicola Aylett 51:00
Olivia Drury 51:13
Harriet Batten 56:00

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Runner Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

For some reason the course was closer to 11k than 10k.


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