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Impressive Lancaster Ladies demolish York in the Rugby

An injury ravaged York outfit were comprehensively dismantled by a powerful Lancaster side that ran in eight tries to none.

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An injury ravaged York outfit were comprehensively dismantled by a powerful Lancaster side that ran in eight tries to none. The performance rounded off a successful weekend's work for Lancaster women's rugby team after victories in the sevens on Friday.

York were missing, for a variety of reasons, over half a dozen first team players and it showed in the tight five where they were outmuscled throughout. The opening exchanges however gave little indication towards the extremely one-sided outcome of this contest as York started brightly, and for the first ten minutes looked the slightly more composed and threatening with ball in hand.

This illusion was short-lived however as the visiting team shook off their rustiness on the twentieth minute with an outstanding team score, a searing break from the outside centre, who finished with a personal tally of two tries and several assists made 50 metres from her own 22, when the ball was recycled it was swept wide through many hands to find the winger, who with plenty still to do, cut inside and powered through to score.

This touchdown kick started a purple patch for the women in Red who with seemingly every other attack of the half crossed the host's whitewash, tormentors in chief were Lancaster's outstanding centre pairing and the full back who all had consistently far too much gas on the outside for the covering defence and all contributed with tries. With every score York were growing more and more despondent and were relieved when the half -time whistle blew the score at 36-0 and the game effectively over.

The second period was a far more even contest as Lancaster emptied their bench and as a result were more disjointed, however York showed real guts to come back fighting and were far more competitive in contact and at the breakdown. They also began to express themselves more with ball in hand and were pressing hard on the try line towards the end but were denied a consolation score as the ball was turned over hacked clear and re-gathered by Lancaster's outside centre who put her team mate over in the corner in the dying seconds. Rugby can be a cruel game sometimes.

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7 Comment

LANCASTER WOMENS RUGBY TEAM Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

We feel the only the reason it was a more even game in the second half was due to uncontested scrums, a choice made by the York captain due to their severe lack of fitness! Had we been able to continue to contest at the scrum, the domination seen in the first half would have been repeated.
Lancaster university womens rugby team


Fi Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Uncontested scrums had to be put into place because we no longer had a fit front row. Two of our front rows couldn't play roses, one got injured in training the week before and one came off during the game because of an ankle injury. It was a question of safety, as you don't want an inexperienced front row. It is not a question of fitness. We thought we had a good game against you guys and that you were a great team and it's a shame you feel the need to write such comments.


Amee Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

It takes a good team to be gracious in defeat.. It takes an even better team to be gracious in success.


Forever proud of UYWRUFC Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

It is a shame to see that a team who could have been very good, have just shown how the real winners are not the ones who end up with the bigger score, but instead those who can take a sense of pride and victory out of not degrading other teams. Whilst York may not have won the women's rugby this year they have proved to be the ultimate winners. They have congratulated Lancaster on their win without the need to post bitchy comments on university articles (which may I add, was actually quite complimentary towards Lancaster - your team's comment just adds to your lack of grace).

Hopefully next year you will see the difference when, whatever the result, York will still be able to keep their heads held high.


UYWRUFC's biggest fan Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Roses brought York 3 of the hardest games they've ever had to play, after a tough season and loosing some of their forwards which disrupted the pack, they still played with 110% effort.

Lancaster did play well, but I have to say the one thing that didn't come into question during the match was York's fitness (it never has in any game) they won that competition hands down.


Understands rugby Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

I was on the sideline and the one thing that was obvious was the york packs fitness. Probably owing to the weeks of fitness training undertaken by the team. If Lancaster believe the york pack to be unfit it may be worth reminding them that although several of our players were injured during the course of the game, our fitness was never in question. On the other several lancaster players did go down with cramp. Finally it is also worth a mention that the 'dominance' of lancaster in the first half had nothing to do with the forwards. The play was all from the brilliance of lancaster backs which i admit was amazing. You outside centre did all the work and is the real talent of your team. The scrums had nothing to do with the tries she scored and set up. I congratulate the Lancaster backs for there beautiful play throughout the tournament. But feel it a shame that you have resorted to such petty and un-rugbylike comments post game. Let us remember this is supposed to be the civilised game, there is no need for such comments and they are not in the spirit of the game of rugby. Congratulations again on your brilliant backs performance which secured you the win.


Lancs_support Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

I was also on the sideline of the match and play rugby myself. I feel the last comment is unjust towards the rest of the lancaster squad. Although the outside centre is indeed a fantastic player, it is not a one woman team. Without the inside centre she would not have been set up in space and without the 9 and 10 she wouldn't even have the ball. Finally with regards to their forwards, they turned over so many rucks, which meant the backs were able to show off. Being a back myself I feel bad for the forwards who do so much hard work and never get any credit. Also the first comment doesn't seem to be bitchy, Lancaster were simply stating their opinion on why they thought it was more even as the scrums are a strong part of their squad.
It was a brilliant game to watch for both sides and there were no fights or arguments. This is a real credit to both universities.


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