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Tim Ellis scrapes Presidential win by 14 vote margin

In what some have termed a surprising result, Tim Ellis has been elected as YUSU President for the year 2011/12 (Thumbnail credit Photo: Philippa Grafton)

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In what some have termed a surprising result, Tim Ellis has been elected as YUSU President for the year 2011/12.

Going against results indicated in both the exit polls and a Nouse survey conducted just as voting closed, he went on to claim victory over other candidates Lydia Blundell, Charlie Rowley and Aaron Rolph.

The results were announced on Thursday in a ceremony held in The Courtyard.

In what was an extremely tight race, Ellis emerged as the Presidential winner with 1137 votes in the final round. He beat opponent Blundell by just 14 votes, a sharp contrast to last year when current YUSU President Ngwena won his second term by 431 votes. Despite there being only four candidates, the results went into a fourth round.

Speaking to Nouse, Ellis said "I didn't believe it. I came thinking I hadn't got it and just hoping for a reasonable number of votes."

He continued: "At the moment I just want to make sure I've got my head round everything. Talk to students, talk to the other Sabbatical officers and make sure we are all coming from the same page."

"I have no intentions to radically overhaul everything. My focus is on being approachable and active"
Tim Ellis
YUSU President elect

Ellis stressed that student representation would be his major focus once he was in office, while also saying he would "push the University hard over tuition fees, to make sure students get the full benefit of their money and know exactly where it is going."

As previous Goodricke Chair, Ellis stressed the importance of ensuring JCRCs were involved and had their voices heard.

"The highlight of my campaign was talking to students across campus. Going into people's kitchens, lots of them really had no idea about the role of YUSU so it was really rewarding to be able to talk over individual issues and opinions and let them know how they can be involved."

Ellis's other manifesto promises include an overhaul of campus events, inspired by the 'Bring Dr Dre to York' motion that was passed at UGM earlier this term, as well as improving the YUSU website to integrate students and colleges further, and make it seem more accessible.

However, he stressed that it was "too early to say" if there would be anything he would drastically alter within the Union and that he had no intentions to "radically overhaul everything."

"My focus is more on being approachable and active", he added.

Overall there were 2907 ballots cast for the presidential vote. In an interesting turn of events, Tim Ellis was in fact trailing Lydia Blundell in the first round of votes, gaining 751 to Blundell's 790. However, after Rolph was eliminated after the second round, gaining only 596 votes, and Rowley after the third round, with 715, Ellis picked up a considerable number of second and third votes that pushed him to victory.

On the announcement of his election, the crowd responded with cheers and jubilation.

Commenting on his loss, Rowley said: "It is emotional, because we've done a lot for the Union. Tim knows the issues. This was coming for me. I spoke to Tim beforehand to put his mind at rest and told him he is a top runner."

Despite complaints of a lack of publicity and a notably smaller selection of candidates compared to last year, a late surge in votes meant that the total number of ballots cast came to 33,643. Nonetheless, this still equates to 2,000 less than the year previous, when over 35,000 votes were cast.

Non-Sabb Officers

Campaigns Officer
Andreas Gabrielsen
Disability Officer
Liam Haakon-Smith
Ents Officers
Chris Edwards & Ozge Bektasoglu
International Students' Officer
Leslie Tay
LGBT Officer
Emma Brownbill
Racial Equality Officers
Basim Al Ahmadi & Lawrence Binitie
RAG Officers
Baxter Willis & Rebecca Irwin
Volunteering Officer
Hannah Brearley
Women's Officers
Nell Beecham & Cat Wayland
YUM Chair
Jaime Riley
Senate Representative
Tom Rigby
Council Chair
Luke Sandford
NUS Delegates
Ben Humphrys; Alexandra Peck and Luke Sandford

Despite their being only two candidates, the race for York Sport President proved almost as popular, with over 2628 ballots cast. However incumbent Sam Asfahani won a landslide victory, gaining 1717 votes to McGladdery's 828.

Speaking on the night, McGladdery stated that if he "wasn't up against an incumbent the result might have been different", adding that Sam's well known name on campus was a contributing factor in his re-election.

Student Activities was equally contested, going into a second round. However, former RAG rep James Croydon secured victory with 980 votes, against Arthur Pitt's 892. James Anderson was eliminated after the first round, gaining only 476.

An emotional Robert Hughes was also announced as the new Welfare Officer, beating incumbent Laura Borisovaite by almost 150, while Graeme Osborn went on to win Academic Officer in an even tighter triumph, with only a 36 vote margin between himself and opponent Alistair Logan.

The newly elected Sabbatical Officers will take on their roles after the summer. Talking to Nouse on the election results night, Tim Ngwena, current YUSU President said he is "not sad to leave after two years. The nature of the role needs someone who represents students. It is only fitting that someone else takes over."

YUSU Sabbatical Team 2011/12

Tim Ellis

Ellis secured his victory on a wave of popul-ar support from his college Goodricke, where he gained over 300 votes. Now elected, he wants to increase communication between YUSU and JCRCs, with Sabbs attending their meetings, as well as working to bring two headliners to Freshers' Ball. Ellis has also stressed the importance of ensuring a smooth transition into the new democratic structure of the Union.

Student Activities
James Croydon

Croydon has pledged to introduce society vouchers for freshers, as well as giving Societies Committee the power to buy equipment.

Academic Affairs
Graeme Osborn

Osborn will focus on reducing staff-student ratios in seminars and push for a 24-hour library.

Robert Hughes

Hughes will put emphasis on year-round mental health awareness and wants to produce a "Joys of University sex" booklet.

York Sport President
Sam Asfahani

In his second term, Asfahani will continue develop the 4G pitches, lowering York sport charges and increasing club minibuses.

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anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

The figures of Presidential votes are incorrect... Don't do a vision, nouse!


anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

You only had to check your own stats from the elections blog!

Alcuin: 78, 90, 70, 66, 19
Derwent: 65, 60, 95, 81, 32
Goodricke: 54, 85, 62, 312, 12
Halifax: 99, 129, 246, 93, 21
James: 187, 71, 119, 69, 18
Langwith 34, 61, 55 40 15
Vanbrugh: 64, 116, 115, 76, 11


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