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John Galliano arrested and suspended

John Galliano has been arrested and suspended from Dior following anti-semitic row (Thumbnail credit Image:

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Rumours have been flying around the newsrooms this morning about the disastrous consequences of perhaps a little too much vino in Paris last night, that led to John Galliano allegedly being suspended by Dior just a month before revealing their new collection. Police were called after the designer was seen at the stylish bar La Perle in Marais last night, swearing and attacking a couple at the bar with anti-semitic insults.

However, there is still hope for the Dior collection - all is not as it initially seems. Vogue reports the incident as only 'alleged', and fashion insiders 'sleek' tell an entirely different story. Eyewitnesses report that Galliano himself was in fact, was the victim last night, the victim of poor style.

The Jewish couple alleged to have been attacked did not recognise John Galliano; they mistook him for a 'bum' and told him, "you're ugly, you're disgusting, move away from here!" Galliano apparently seemed unperturbed by the abuse, but simply responded with, "You're ugly, and you're fucking bag is ugly too". Following this (most likely true) statement, the woman's boyfriend decided to charge at the designer unfortunately not using the aforementioned handbag, but a chair as his weapon of choice.

Since the outbreak of the news, it has become more and more apparent that events that unfolded were, in fact, a lot less dramatic than the newspapers are reporting. The chair attack led to Galliano using only his words as a weapon against the couple, and fellow diners at the bar reported the only possibly racially motivated comment that the designer made was when using the word 'Asian' to describe the man. After the argument, the police arrived, Galliano was calmed by a few cigarettes, and willingly went with them to the station to give his statement.

Friends of Galliano have given statements that it is completely out of character for him to act violently towards anyone, as he is well-known for his "feminine side". Nonetheless, the Gibraltar-born, London-based designer is set to appear in court facing criminal charges, and it is reported that Dior have asked him to step down for the time being.

Still, the events seem to have left the residents of Paris' fashionable bars with a resounding message: if you can't be bothered with your bag, don't bother with us.

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3 Comment

frenchtulip Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

"you're fucking bag is ugly too" --> incorrect use of the abbreviation "you're." It should be "your fucking bag..." etc.
Just thought I'd point it out.

Hopefully Galliano will get back on his feet. He's a talented designer, for sure.


Harold Twiner Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

Please check and edit your articles, Nouse. This was appallingly written (in terms of grammar and spelling, not in terms of content).


Clara Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

Harold Twiner's comment appears a little severe in my opinion. I can see one obvious grammatical mistake and the article reads fluidly; I would certainly not deem it 'appalling written'.
I thought it was quite an enlightening article when compared with others that simply vilify the talented Galliano.


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