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Sam Asfahani - Manifesto

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Asfahani sets the tone of widening participation in Sport across the university, with ideas ranging from making it more affordable to ensuring that transport is easier more teams going to matches. His plans also deal with the new pitches being built at Heslington East and land acquired by Derwent College can be shared fairly among students. He sets out a clear, practical set of action plans.


  • Continuation of plans to lower and eventually remove York Sport charges.

  • Balancing the needs of students and locals for the four new 3G pitches on Heslington East while reducing pressure on the 22 Acre pitches we have now.

  • Possibility of a weekend college sport tournament for a university like Durham.

  • Wants to expand the fleet of University minibuses to reduce costs for clubs.

  • Ensuring that Derwent Space is more equipped for clubs to use it and that there is more flat space available on Heslington East.

  • Sport-related volunteering projects.

  • To make the website a focal point for sport at York.

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