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James Croydon - Manifesto

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Croydon says he is committed to co-operation, efficiency and fair play. He wants to make use of YUSU's ability to buy equipment centrally to bring down the running cost of societies. He would like to improve the information available to students on getting funding for their societies. He also plans to give students the ability to join a society for free during Freshers Week.


  • Give every fresher a voucher which will allow them to join one society for free. Societies would then be reimbursed by YUSU at the end of the first week.

  • Allow Societies Committee to buy equipment which would be held in YUSU Stores and could be booked out online by societies.

  • Provide information and training for students on fundraising and getting sponsorship.

  • Make YUSU Volunteering a core charity of RAG.

  • Create a Societies Week to showcase the work down by societies.

  • Undertake a review of the external expenses which increase the cost of events.

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