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A tweet away from London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is ever-nearing. Hannah Clugston checks out the new phenomenon of experiencing the event through Twitter, and the best accounts to follow (Thumbnail credit Image: Swamibu)

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London Fashion week begins in exactly four days. And it's not just our shoes that need polishing or our dresses that need ironing but the social networking sphere is preparing itself too. Journalists, designers and fashionistas alike are glamming up their Twitter accounts in preparation for the one-week clothing overhaul.

If, like me, you find yourself miles from London in a hoodie and threadbare leggings wishing you were actually front row at Christopher Kane or sipping champagne elbow-to-elbow with Paul Smith, now you can do just that cost free and from the comfort of your own laptop. Well, you can hear about someone else doing it over the wonders of Twitter.

Twitter works on two levels, providing useful information and personal experiences. So, plodding around campus London Fashion Week's account will usefully remind me that Erdem is about to begin followed by Burberry. Whilst Lorraine Candy (Editor in Chief at Elle) will give me a run down of her daily attire.

This might seem primarily useless, if I am not in London why do I need to know where Erdem is? And who cares if Candy is wearing Louis Vuitton or Prada? But Twitter has opened up the elite world of fashion to the everyday trainer wearer, allowing us a sneak peak into Henry Holland's dressing room and Daisy Lowe's handbag. We can instantly receive the news of revolutionary designs as they happen instead of having to scrape through a pretentious news article.

To be honest, a tiny part of me is glad that I will be working hard at my degree instead of being impaled on a stiletto or getting glitter stuck in my eye. The rest of me will be insanely jealous, but that jealousy is quelled by the genius of Twitter. On Friday I can guarantee that I'll be lying in bed covered in essay notes in my pyjamas and high heels flicking through my Twitter fashion favourites. And to help you through that pain, here are my top ten fashion week Twitter accounts...

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