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James College

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James College is one of York's largest colleges, known well for its proximity to the Sports Centre.

James boasts a popular bar, McQ's, which holds regular quizzes. Their unique annual 'Quad Dash' event is in the Summer Term, accompanied by a barbecue, Pimms galore, and sumo wrestling, overlooked by current Chair Tim Green.

The accommodation in James in varied: some en-suite rooms, where just six residents share a kitchen, overlook the edge of the lake, but James is also home to the illustrious 'Cell Block C' - now James N-Block - which sees 17 students sharing one kitchen; one oven and one hob. Its residents are known for holding their heads high, however, contributing to James college spirit.

At just a minute's walk from the Sports Centre, James accommodation is ideal for those looking to keep fit at university, or play competitive sports. The college is just round the corner from James Hall, a space often used for dance and indoor sports practice.

James is also located next to the Roger Kirk Centre, which is home to one of the two Costa Coffee outlets on campus. The Galleria restaurant within Roger Kirk serves both hot and cold meals, along with a variety of snacks and drinks. The large tables also provide a space for students to work at during the day, and for clubs and societies to hold meetings. The Roger Kirk Centre will be refurbished by October, so James residents can expect shiny new seating right on their doorstep.

James has its own computer room, laundry facilities, and large JCR with Sky TV. James College merchandise is well worth a mention as it has undergone a makeover this year, much to the envy of residents in other colleges. The biggest complaint from James College students: noise pollution coming from rowdy local ducks!

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