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At the start of last year Goodricke College became the first college to make the transition to the newly constructed 'Heslington East' Campus. It takes around 10 minutes to walk from the West campus - where most of your lectures will be held - to the East. Goodricke is currently the only College on the new campus, with Langwith College also due to move to Heslington East in 2012.

This year the Computer Science department, the York Law School, the York Management School, and the Theatre, Film and Television department are all moving to brand new buildings on the East campus. A central 'hub' building is also due to open, signifying the completion of the first phase of development on the new campus.

Before Goodricke College was transferred to Heslington East, its students resided in what was considered the worst accommodation on campus; now they have the best. Your friends in other colleges will be living in original, slightly tattered halls of residence, while you will be residing in modern and new surroundings. Every room in Goodricke has an en-suite bathroom and, trust me, every kitchen is the size of a palace. The College is made up of three residential courtyards, each courtyard having one tutor at hand to help if need be.

If all goes to plan, an ATM should be installed on Heslington East at some point this year. A 'mini Courtyard' (the main Courtyard being the Students' Union bar on campus) is also planned for Goodricke, though it is not known whether this will happen this year or next.

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