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University loses bid for York City Stadium

The University has lost its battle to be chosen as the location of the new York City Community Stadium

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The University has lost its battle to be chosen as the location of the new York City Community Stadium.

York Council instead chose Monks Cross, a location which had already been backed by York City Football Club's chairman, Jason McGill.

The decision was made this afternoon at a City of York Council's executive meeting.

A UGM, proposed by Jason Rose in May, had mandated YUSU to lobby the University and York City Council to make Heslington East the site for the new stadium.

In the shortlisted notes, the council felt that the Heslington East proposal had the advantages of having "excellent links for community sports and education with University".

However, the notes also said that the Monks Cross site would allow for "community focus", as well as a "potential uplift in land value".

Monks Cross also had the support had a "firm commitment" from the York City Knights and the City of York Athletics Club.

As a result, Councillor Steve Galloway said that the two clubs had secured the ability to "modernising both spectator sports and participatory sports facilities in the city".

He went on to say that "if the council approves the initiative, we will move as quickly as possible to take advantage of the opportunity which has presented itself".

In response to the news, Rose felt that "most individuals in the city, including clubs and pressure groups, are only interested in trying to secure a fit site for the club, and such are picking the easiest option and picking the option with the stadium already there.

"Some of the pros and cons listed are not fully expanded upon on all sites and the options haven't been explored in detail in this council meeting. There have also been mixed reports about the placement of athletics facilities."

Rose went on to say that despite the positive "initial response from the Council and Club", Heslington East wasn't given "the same credence as the other sites".

The earliest completion date for the project will be 2014. Despite having the lowest funding gap of the sites on the shortlist, there is still a funding gap of nearly £9.5m for the proposed Monks Cross stadium.

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Chris Posted on Tuesday 6 Jul 2010

I think that Monks Cross is a far better site for such a stadium. Transport links are pretty good out there, there are fewer local residents to be inconvenienced and it keeps visiting yobs away from campus


~S Posted on Tuesday 6 Jul 2010

The prospect of being next to a football stadium, funnily enough, doesn't appeal all that greatly.

Hurrah for the council.


Mai Posted on Wednesday 7 Oct 2015

I am happy to hear a report about Dan! You and and he are in our thuhogts. Boy, he's a tough guy! (Would he say he's a stubborn Norweigan? I know what you mean about having met the out of pocket for the medical for the year that's good news when you can have a procedure done and no more costs! Dan will be SuperDan next year!!!! (I think we just found his nickname!)P.S. Good to hear about the bars! I love due diligence like that!!!!!


Chris Posted on Tuesday 6 Jul 2010

I also wonder just how much we would've benefitted from the stadium


Ben McGilvray Posted on Tuesday 6 Jul 2010

Jason Rose is simply wrong - I spoke to the leader of the council and he said that the Hes East option was one which they were considering seriously and that it would be great to have the facilities for the use of students. Financially councils are currently under extreme pressure - obviously the case just didn't stack up for the Hes East site.

Incidentally, how many executive councillors did Jason speak to about this? Did he attend any meetings to press home the case?


Chris Posted on Wednesday 7 Jul 2010

Heard on BBC Radio York this morning that the Council has approved a PS3m investment (to be matched by a further PS6m from the Uni) in a competition standard pool on Hes East.


~ Posted on Wednesday 7 Jul 2010

Chris, I'm not sure that you actually know much about the various sites! And that swimming pool "news" is about 18 months late...

Monks Cross hasn't got better travel links - the #6 and #4 cover most of the city and both go past the railway. Extending the #4 route would give FTR a decent amount of money, take an extra 10 minutes and make Hes East better for travel. Plus it's not far from the outer ring road and has decent cycle connections (and has massive improvements coming over next couple of years as part of uni expansion).

The uni hasn't "lost the bid" - the bid hasn't ended yet - but the Council has named Monks Cross its favourite site as things stand. Nonetheless, Heslington East is still a close second and there's room for manoeuvre. And as for the "financial" aspect - it's supposed to cost the same at Hes East as at Monks Cross (except with Monks Cross there's the added cost of demolishing the current stadium). And we don't really have a massive number of people living out here in comparison - Osbaldwick and Badger Hill are relatively close but won't really be affected by anything other than traffic, which is much much worse near the hospital, northern ring road and Gillygate (and much more problematic near the hospital).

Finally, why am I "simply wrong"? I haven't said that Hes East isn't being considered seriously - I just said that in the report it wasn't given the credence it deserved. As Chris did, so the report said that Monks Cross has better transport links - and it just isn't true!

I talked to people on all sides, from the Chairman and Manager of York City FC to the Stadium Development Managers (or equivalent) of both York City and York City Council. I was not able to talk to the executive councillors as they didn't respond to my emails and I don't have their mobile numbers. I'd love the opportunity to speak with them but I'm unfortunately not a Councillor and can't get private meetings with people on a whim. Any help would be appreciated, however!

And there's still a chance with a Monks Cross stadium that the athletics would be on Hes Road - but apparently the athletics now have a "firm commitment" to Monks Cross. A lot has happened behind the scenes that I'm just not a part of. And there's a lot of "dealing" going on that I'm not privy to - but there's still an opportunity to push for Hes East and I'm planning on doing so!


dddd Posted on Wednesday 7 Jul 2010

Jason rose, why do you want to push for hes east to be the site?

I can understand the obvious benefits that we might get to use it (do we, and to what extent can any one answer?), but my mind seriously draws a blank beyond that.

I can't imagine hes east being able to deal with it. the traffic will be awful, for starters. Increase in crime (increase in people, and drunk/angry ones at that) from vandalism to assault & theft...it just seems very unnecessary to me.


David Posted on Wednesday 7 Jul 2010

Chris - your posts sound a lot more like a Dan than a Chris.


Gopika Posted on Wednesday 7 Oct 2015

Sue-Check with my Aunt Dolores to see if she wants to rent her downstairs apmtraent she is usually out at Beth's, so she might want someone at the house to watch over things, or she might not want to bother. You could also contact Beth directly and ask her if she and her mom might want to rent it. Close by and cheap!!!On a completely different topic checked out all the local watering holes on Roscoe this past Friday night and they are all wheelchair accessible and can handle large groups, so a pub crawl on Roscoe is very doable (meaning we can crawl back to the apmtraent)!!!Also, unrelated I haven't been on the site in a while but wanted to give everyone an update on Dan's status. He is over the halfway mark in his radiation treatments started week 5 this AM. He's doing very well even with a bad cold. He gets up at 4 AM to do his daily constitutionals and has to drink 24 ozs. of water before heading to Glenview for his treatment at 6 AM. Next, it is off to work in Hoffman Estates he has worked from home a few days but for the most part is in the office 5 days a week. The drive alone would do me in, but he is remarkably positive. He should be done in mid November and then his hip surgery is scheduled for December 3rd! After all the insurance cost for the prostate cancer, the hip is free!!! He probably can't join us the weekend of December 14th, but you never know beers are involved so he will probably hobble over!!! Thanks for all the prayer and positive thoughts you guys are the best!!!!


Chris Posted on Wednesday 7 Jul 2010

@~ Where on Hes Road would the athletics possibly be? I know quite a bit about the sites ta, there are 4 bus services that run to Monks x and a pretty good road, one that will be less likely to suffer from serious congestion when 4000 fans converge (unlike the bottom of Hes Lane which is gridlocked at 5pm every night). I imagine quite a lot has happened that you have not been a part of, seeing as you are a giant nobody.

What about the local residents? Maybe your deep pockets can compensate them, if not, you could organise some shitty Christian Rock band to calm their nerves.

The swimming pool news isn't 18 months late, if so, why is it the lead article on the Press website? Why was it on the news today? Why is it the main article on Nouse? Why are you such an objectionable twat?

@David Who are you on about? Ask the editor or whatever, check my email address and ip address.


Generic Passer-by Posted on Thursday 8 Jul 2010

Chris, if you don't have anything constructive or pleasant to say then piss off. Don't call someone a "giant nobody" or a "twat" as all it does is prove that you are both.

Trying to address the points as much as I can! Local residents will get access to fantastic sports facilities and improved roads, bus routes and amenities in general. What's the difference between Hes East and Monks X for local residents, other than that they're different local residents? You seem to just be objecting to the fact that it's Jason and not to any of the actual details mentioned. And even I know that the swimming pool thing you were talking about was part of the elections this year and was known about long before that so please try and get your facts right before you start swearing at people who know more about it than you.

As I said before, even if you have your facts right don't come here shooting your mouth off at everyone or you'll find that it does nothing except prove your own inability to be pleasant in discussions.


Chris Etheridge Posted on Thursday 8 Jul 2010

As a general point unrelated to the swimming pool, it seems that some people on both here and the Vision site are unable to hold a conversation without descending into personal insults. It's a shame really.


Chris Posted on Thursday 8 Jul 2010

My first post was pretty civil as indeed was my second, where I merely mentioned that I had heard something on the news that morning. The fact that the council are borrowing another PS1m to put towards the pool is new (reflected in the story on BBC York, the York Press, and even on Nouse) and significant, making the project all the more viable.

I was pretty frustrated by ~'s know-it-all attitude, suggesting that because I didn't hold his position I must have some gap in my knowledge. I have lived here all my life and studied here so feel I know the area from both the resident and student perspective. I have actually lived in both Huntington and Badger Hill and feel pretty confident that residents in the former are keener to have the stadium and that Monk's Cross is better suited with regarding infrastructure, both existing and planned.

The suggestion that ~ has facts is laughable, he has shown time and time again that he is happy to peddle nonsense opinions on every subject raised on Nouse, Vision, or the Yorker. Being prepared to offer an opinion on everything doesn't mean you actually know anything. As for being a big nobody, I don't pretend to be anything else, unlike ~ of course


~ Posted on Thursday 8 Jul 2010

Nobody is a nobody. Everyone has input into something and everyone has a voice - that's the entire point of the culture in which we live. I'm not more important than anyone else - but everyone is important. Actually bothering to raise the issue with people on every side of the argument - and I started by asking the Chairman of York City FC (and the others) what they thought of the various sites, and I started with a good knowledge of the Hes East project and current plans for the area. Ben spoke to the leader of the council, apparently, but you don't claim to have done any research other than "the bottom of Hes Lane which is gridlocked at 5pm every night". The outer ring road near Monks Cross is gridlocked at 5pm every night. Anyone who drives around the city knows that. University Road is gridlocked, and Gillygate, Micklegate, Fulford Road, Fishergate, Tadcaster Road, Malton Road and most areas of the city are busy.

Both the Monks Cross and Heslington East sites are *beyond* the edge of the city, where traffic will come from the outer ring road and cause less disruption to the inner-city traffic (compared to current site). And preferably people from York would use the bus system if it's good:

Both have a Park&Ride. Both also have the buses that go to both locations and a couple of non-First buses.
Hes East: The #10 goes all the way from Stamford Bridge to Nether Poppleton. The #6 goes via the Station to Clifton Moor.
Monks Cross: The #13 goes to Copmanthorpe.

There's minimal difference between them - but Heslington East has a slight advantage in that respect.

The crime near the current stadium isn't significantly higher than anywhere else so I don't think those concerns are really valid - especially for the university, with the buffer of the "Sports Village" and a virtual forest - plus our own private security people.

I meant "Hull Road" not "Hes Road" when I commented about athletics before; apologies.

"What about the local residents? Maybe your deep pockets can compensate them, if not, you could organise some shitty Christian Rock band to calm their nerves." Well, thanks for the personal dig. That really helps make your point undermine itself. And, again, I ask what the difference between Badger Hill and Huntington is. Similar numbers of people will want the stadium there and similar numbers of people will be affected in similar ways. What's the difference?

"The swimming pool news isn't 18 months late, if so, why is it the lead article on the Press website?...Why are you such an objectionable twat?" Because the media know what they're talking about. The story isn't that the Council have pledge money but that they've abandoned trying to find other sponsors and are pledging *more* money.

I haven't suggested you don't hold my "position" but have you actually talked to the people involved in the project? Ben did. I did. You appear to have only read the Press, which has been pretty biased throughout this story over the last few months (albeit very in-the-loop). Preparing to offer an opinion means that you actually debate the issue - and asking others who actually matter about *their* opinion allows me to speak with more knowledge than otherwise.

But I haven't said that Monks Cross is a poor option - I just think it's important to note that the report is leaning that way perhaps unfairly, and that the Gambian olympics team should probably have *one* working stadium when they come here in two years. But if athletics facilities are on Hull Road and the stadium actually gets built in the next few years then either site is appropriate, since Monks Cross has a good bus route to the university and would enable students to attend matches etc. more effectively than previously... but I still wholeheartedly believe that Hes East is the best site.


Chris Posted on Thursday 8 Jul 2010

To suggest that I only have the York Press as my source of information is typical of the condescending manner you frequently adopt. Debating the issue with you seems pointless because you have made your mind up and quite obviously believe that should be the end of the matter. The Burton Stone area of town does struggle with the current ground in terms of disruption and crime and I think if you actually talk to a decent cross-section of Badger Hill residents, you'll find that they are quite averse to the idea of having a sports village sitting alongside Hes East (which was unpopular and unwanted in the first place).

To suggest that the traffic towards Monks X is anywhere near as bad as at the bottom of Hes Lane is just silly, while York is busy all over, Heslington in particular is poorly suited to heavy traffic. Even if we accept that in terms of public transport, there is little difference between both sites, we both know that the majority of visitors will travel by car and in my opinion (and the opinion of most of the stakeholders) Monks X is better suited to coping with that volume of traffic.

As for the swimming pool, I merely mentioned that there had been something on the radio and once again, it was new, the council has increased its own financial committment to the project, which surely makes the pool more likely to be completed (by 2012).


dddd Posted on Friday 9 Jul 2010

"The crime near the current stadium isn't significantly higher than anywhere else so I don't think those concerns are really valid - especially for the university,"

you're naive to think that drunk people + york students are a good mix. a lot of people are quite pompous and will undoubtably get picked on, a lot of expensive stuff (bikes, laptops, etc) are left lying about. i don't really think it's fair for the 'alien' colleges either, like halifax and goodricke.

i have no idea why you're so keen on this stadium. you're desperate to fight for it?!


~ Posted on Friday 9 Jul 2010

Again, the concerns are not major - unless they're leaving their laptops outside the stadium then they won't come into contact with the people. How would it affect students more than the average member of the public? Most people have laptops or computers in their houses and yet 'drunk fans' don't go around breaking into residential areas and stealing computers. And, unlike the rest of the city, we have our own personal security organisation - how would we possibly suffer from that situation?

And I think that if you talk to a cross-section of Badger Hill you'll find that there is a cross-section of opinion, not least because they're not personally reading all of the Council reports or personally looking into pros and cons (and so will often agree with whatever friends, etc, say). There will be some who are educated and disagree with the plans and some who are educated and agree with the plans; that's how life works. It is likely to be a similar percentage of people to Huntington.

And, as said before, the roads around Hes East are being widened and improved. And, if you look up the Council traffic reports, the two biggest problem areas in the city are the Fishergate corner and the Gillygate strip. In fact, let's have a look at current traffic (since it's rush hour) - http://www.bbc.co.uk/travelnews/local/york.shtml

A19 Barbican Road (obviously, massive roadworks near Walmgate), Fulford Road, Upper Poppleton, Elvington and other places outside of York, Bootham, Windmill Lane (closed both ways)... Which is pretty much what I said, ignoring outside of York and ignoring roadworks. And remember that the University pretty much gets no traffic on Saturdays, whereas routes into the city centre are generally busy - since both sites have Park and Rides, they should both be fine.

On the other hand, most people visiting for matches will come from M1/A1 direction and the fact that both sites are on the far sides of the city means that it will clog up the outer ring road, especially if coinciding with a race day... but that's only really a problem if we see the new stadium matched by a decent surge in attendance.


Chris Posted on Friday 9 Jul 2010

It's clear you think you're right and so debating with you on most issues is pointless. It is the way that you always seem to think you are right and the sanctimonious manner in which you deliver the truth according to ~ that annoys people.

The traffic issue is a matter of opinion, but it is clear that much work would have to be done on the roads near Hes East. Personally I think that the bottle neck down at St Paul's Church is unsolveable. Disagree with me by all means, but don't present your arguments as if they are facts. They are not.

Why not actually go and speak to a cross-section of the residents of Badger Hill? I have (though not in a systematic fashion of course) and students aside (who seem pretty divided) the mood is almost entirely hostile to any further development on Hes East and the stadium in particular. Conversely, public opinion seem rather positive towards Monk's X. For me, the only real issue to be resolved is that of parking out at Monks X, though I am confident it will not be a problem.

Ultimately though, you have to accept that with so many other people taking the contrary position to yours, that maybe, just maybe, you are wrong.


Chris Posted on Friday 9 Jul 2010

Oh and did you actually look at that traffic report? A19 in Fulford, Barbican Lane, Lawrence Street, and Windmill Lane all heavy traffic. That was about two-and-a-half hours after rush hour. Had you looked at peak time, you would've seen that Uni Road and Hes Lane were also gridlocked (even though the undergrads have left), that's practically Hes East surrounded by traffic on three sides.

Huntington, Wiggington Road, Heworth and Malton Road all seemed fine though.


dddd Posted on Saturday 10 Jul 2010

"Again, the concerns are not major - unless they're leaving their laptops outside the stadium then they won't come into contact with the people. "

you're an idiot.

students can be carrying around a lot of expensive equipment at times- iphones, laptops, bikes, etc. muggings DO occur. the number of times i've sat in the charles and seen people leave laptops, phones, bags on their seats to go up and get drinks is unreal...atm there are simply students using those pub facilities (and some locals, obviously). imagine adding stadium visitors into that mix...a lot of stuff will go missing. heck, if i was a drunk visiting a student bar i'd be tempted nd all! THINK of local housing- a lot of student and equally important residential housing that drunk people have to walk past to get about. they're not going to be teleported back into town, are they? imagine the disturbance/litter/bull shit they'll have to put up with.

not only this, assault. mixing so many drunk people together is never going to be a good thing, especially with high-adrenaline events such as sports. assault, or arguably worse sexual assault, cases WILL rise.

jason rose i really think you've had the privilege of growing up in a crime-free bubble of naivety. i guess your christian rock escapades just showed that really. people WILL cause trouble, this new blend of people WILL see a rise in theft, assault, and vandalism. you are NAIVE to think otherwise.


Peter Iveson Posted on Saturday 10 Jul 2010

Before you all jump down Jason's throat, i think some of you need a reality check.

York City are a Conference football club, away teams bring about 100 fans who never cause any trouble, usually they just want a quiet drink before games and maybe somewhere to eat. York fans, bar about 20 of them, aren't hooligans. Drunk football fans looking for fights does not happen in the Conference, especially these days. The only trouble that would ever occur is if a team like Grimsby bring a big following and kick off, which is unlikely seeing as though police would have reinforcements for a game like that.

We are not taking about Man Utd moving to Hes East and playing Leeds every week

And, if you've ever been to a football match, you will notice that there's always traffic. Regardless of where the stadium goes in York there will be traffic and Hes East would certainly be a lot easier to get to than Bootham Crescent is.


Chris Posted on Saturday 10 Jul 2010

Peter, I agree that both Monk's X and Hes East will be better for traffic than Bootham Crescent.

It is hard to know for certain whether the crime around Burton Stone Lane is in any way related to the football or not (it is an 'interesting' location), but football fans do bring with them trouble, whether it be the increase of opportunist criminals who use the event as a smokescreen, football related violence, or simply the huge levels of littering. Even if the only problem is the latter, people do not want it on their doorstep.

I think you (Peter) are probably right in suggesting that hooliganism is probably not a major concern, but York City do actually have attendances of over 2000 week-in-week-out. I also remember one game (against Doncaster?) when fans pretty much destroyed Walmgate.


~ Posted on Sunday 11 Jul 2010

The traffic report is a LIVE report. At the time of writing, the problems were as I wrote them, comprehensively. Looking now, at 6am, it lists the A19 in Fulford (and how the hell is that anything to do with Hes East, I might add?), Barbican Road (and again, have you ever looked at a map?) - and more importantly, as I pointed out, places like Windmill Lane are BECAUSE THEY'RE CLOSED. You can't pin the blame on heavy uni traffic when it's because of roadworks. That would all be sorted. But, of course, the opinion is still technically subjective because I am unable to provide a traffic report for 5 years' time.

"jason rose i really think you've had the privilege of growing up in a crime-free bubble of naivety. i guess your christian rock escapades just showed that really."

Yes. I recall that all of the people leaving that gig started trashing stuff around campus. I don't really understand what you're talking about, frankly.

And seriously, when have football fans come out of a York City match and thought "better go and do some mugging"? I can't seriously believe that stealing laptops from students walking vaguely near it (on a Saturday afternoon) would even be a blip on the city's crime statistic?!

And with the amount of money that the Council are putting into it, I'm pretty confident that they can pay for people to clear up littering - it wouldn't be the largest of costs...


Chris Posted on Sunday 11 Jul 2010

Have I looked at a map? Of course I have looked at a map. It is exactly this type of response that makes you so objectionable. There will be three primary approaches to Hes East: Off the A64 at Grimston Bar (for visiting fans this is the most likely of course); through town for home fans (this will involve Lawrence Street/Hull Road or Hes Road - which is close to Barbican Road btw); the third is the A19 (either North or South). Let's not forget that the A19 runs past the end of Heslington Lane so that anyone on that side of town would use it, as would any York fan from outlying villages to that side of York or even those who simply choose to come off the A64 at that junction.

More pertinent of course is the A19 that runs from the North (down Bootham, past the current ground), which not only offers the only viable route into York and towards Hes East for the outlying villages but also the most likely route for next year's 'local' rivals Darlington (I know they probably will not be in the same leagues by 2014/15).

It is not the away fans that are going to cause the problems though is it? As Peter pointed out, you do not get loads of away fans (Darlington will probably bring quite a few down the A19 mind), the bulk of the 2000 fans you can expect on a match day will come through town. Some will obviously get the bus and any from Osbaldwick, Badger Hill, Heslington and a little beyond may even walk. The rest are going to be driving on the roads that lead towards Hes East from within the City. Lawrence Street/Hull Road, A19 then Hes Lane, Hes Road then Hes Lane.

These roads are going to struggle. Plus, while it is indeed roadworks that have closed Windmill lane, you give me one instance where major roadworks have been absent from York? I know they have been a problem out towards Monk's X as well, but the wider roads out there seem to cope a little better.


dddd Posted on Sunday 11 Jul 2010

no, the fact you have PS4k to blow and don't have the business acumen to regain that money, let alone make a profit, shows you are from great privilege.

you are a moron if you don't think that the sudden surge in people won't act as smokescreen for criminal activity. you cannot account for every fan, and you cannot assure me that not one fan would steal or damage property: it is best to assume the worst when assessing suitability. it may not contribute to statistics, but that doesn't matter. if some one's stuff is stolen, it's affected a york uni student then it's an undesirable amenity for our community quite frankly.

you are really irritating, i don't think i'll ever reply to another comment of yours on this site cos you really do my head in!


Sukhbir Posted on Wednesday 7 Oct 2015

Jim- I will definitely call you if I go on a pub crawl again if rellay serious drinking is involved I'll make sure Richard is there too!I also wanted to thank you for the book I LOVED it! I have started passing the book around my sister is reading it, then Susie Benker and then my cousin, Peggy. It hit so close to home it made me cry good tears, and all those references about places we knew and visited was incredible. If any other streeters want to read it let me know.


@dddd Posted on Thursday 15 Jul 2010

Doesn't show that he's from great privilege - just shows he has saved up well, which would show "business acumen". And I find his responses much more irritating than yours. Please use proper grammar. And you are obviously going to reply to another one of his comments on this site because you're the kind of individual who does, just as he is.


Chris Posted on Saturday 17 Jul 2010

No violence at York matches indeed



Local Boy Posted on Saturday 17 Jul 2010



Jason Rose Posted on Monday 19 Jul 2010

Indeed, I saw this and reconsider the point about no violence - that said, this happened in the city centre and not around the stadium and was controlled pretty effectively. Considering that this is about the worst that York sees, it's fairly tame. But, indeed, it shows York isn't as secluded as I suggested :p


Chris Posted on Monday 19 Jul 2010

You're also still wrong about the traffic. Have you not considered that most of the people visiting the ground will be coming through town as home fans and not from the a64 as away fans?