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Lancaster block York's four in a row with resounding Roses victory

The University of Lancaster have won Roses for the first time since 2007, beating York 157.5-105.5 on home territory (Thumbnail credit Sue Wynes, the Lancaster AU President, receives the Carter-James Trophy from Brian Cantor and Paul Wellings, the Vice-Chancellors of York and Lancaster, at the closing ceremony. Photo: Sam Newsome)

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Lancaster University 157.5
University of York 105.5

The University of Lancaster have won Roses for the first time since 2007, beating York 157.5-105.5 on home territory.

The victory ends a sequence of three successive victories for York and was secured early on the Sunday afternoon following home victories in the women's volleyball, basketball and canoe slalom events.

York fought bravely throughout the weekend despite many teams being forced to field weakened teams because of exam commitments, but they always trailed Lancaster after disappointments in the Friday and Saturday sport.

At times, good news for York seemed scarce but they excelled in the rugby, with a clean sweep of wins, snowsports, where only a controversial decision to stage a deciding run in the snowboarding denied York all twelve points, and the racquet sports.

Emily Scott, the York Sport President who competed in five different sports, was upbeat despite losing the tournament. "I'm really chuffed with the overall result," she said. "We broke the 100 points mark, which was good for us, and there were lots of fantastic performances."

Her opposite number, Sue Wynes, could celebrate a fine weekend for Lancaster's teams and a smooth-running tournament, which culminated with cheerleaders, fireworks and wild celebrations.

"It is the best weekend of my life," she said. "It is brilliant. The teams have won it for Lancaster as it was so hard to tell who was going to win."

05022010_Roses_Sam NewsomeIMG_6846

Some of the entertainment at the Closing Ceremony. Photograph by Sam Newsome.

Lancaster dominated the football fixtures, plus recorded valuable wins in the water polo, fencing, darts, pool, ultimate frisbee, table tennis and judo. They were awarded twelve points by default after the cancellation of the rowing regatta.

Sam Asfahani, the York Sport President-elect, vowed to bring the Carter-James Trophy back to York next year, but stated that he wanted to restore fairness to the competition by staging it outside of exam weeks.

"You know how competitive I get, and seeing this has only added to it," he said. "It's a shame for Emily [Scott] because she epitomises Roses and competes in so many events. If anyone deserves it, it's her. Next year, though, we'll win hands down."

Michael Payne, the Lancaster University Student Union President, added: "I've loved having York over here, absolutely brilliant. It shows we have so many talented students."

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