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Mixed afternoon for Netball Club

It was two wins out of three for York's Netball Club on Saturday afternoon, with victories in the seconds and thirds but defeat for the firsts (Thumbnail credit Photograph by George Lowther)

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Hearts were in mouths and tears were in the eyes of the netball team as they were met with a substantial crowd and the challenge of overcoming the home team in the Main Sports Hall this afternoon.

Initially, it seemed that the adrenaline was overcoming the thirds, as they started the first of the three matches. Going down in the first quarter by 7-1, it was apparent that the team would need to strike the correct balance in moving the ball down the centre third of the court. However, this was soon rectified as the team got used to the pace of Lancaster and the combined shooting of Lisa Griffiths and Olivia Coward (at Goal Attack and Goal Shooter respectively) was outstanding, making the final score 42-34. It was a comprehensive victory that ensured that the pride of the captain, Amelia Prestage, rocketed.

With the brilliant support of 2nd team member Laura Longworth's mother, who was sporting a T-Shirt reading "York cut the mustard," the second team started strongly, with Cleopatra Jones making some amazing interceptions at Goal Defence. Throughout the quarters, York went from strength to strength with impressive tactics and gameplay meaning that the lead increased throughout, with the score being 27-17 at the end of the third quarter. Despite some poor defending from the Lancaster karate club, the home team could not dampen the enthusiasm of York meaning that the final score was 37-22.

The pressure was therefore on the firsts to make it a clean sweep. The home side started strongly with an early 6-1 lead, however there was still all to play for, with Lancaster going offside in the shooting circle numerous times. However, despite impressive marking from Grace Marsden at Goal Keeper, and the tenacious spirit of Sarah Smith at Goal Defence, the overall strength of the Lancastrian attack meant they broke away to secure the lead, as outside, the heavens opened.

However, the victory was not a reflection on the first team themselves, as they continued to battle hard throughout, and had depleated numbers. Despite the final score being 51-27, the UYNC as a whole can be proud of their efforts at Roses and their overall performance this season- it is the attitude of the players which leads to their many successes.

Team Lists

1st- Sarah Fisher- Captain (GA), Grace Marsden- Vice Captain (GK), Kay Masterson (GS) Rebecca O'Dwyer (WD) Cesca Dessain (WA) Elizabeth Cowell (C) Sarah Smith (GD)

2nds- Sophia Sahin- Captain (GS) Cleopatra Jones- Vice Captain (GD) Abigail Weighill (GA) Lauren Furniss (WA) Josephine Brayshaw (GK) Laura Longworth (WD/C) Lorna Davies Colley (C) Sami Briggs (WA) Rosie Mughal (WA)

3rds- Amelia Prestage- Captain (C), Kate Copson- Vice Captain (WD) Ellie May (GK) Caroline Aldridge (GD) Tess Webb (GD) Khadija McBane (WA) Shadyn Nikzad (WA/C) India Perry (GS) Lisa Griffiths (GA/GS) Olivia Coward (GA/GS)

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2 Comment

UYNC Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

The second team's final score is incorrect, it was in fact 44-26.


Sophia Sahin Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

final score for the seconds match was 44 26


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