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Football firsts frustrated in nightmare conditions

York men's football firsts endured a torrid time this afternoon, losing 3-1 to Lancaster in almost unplayable conditions. (Thumbnail credit Photo: George Lowther)

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York men's football firsts endured a torrid time this afternoon, losing 3-1 to Lancaster in almost unplayable conditions.

With torrential rain before and during the match, many speculated that the game would have to be rescheduled. Yet the decision was made to go ahead and, as a result, the first twenty minutes were fractured and scrappy.

York suffered as they attempted to play their usual brand of on-the-deck quick passing football. Lancaster pressed hard and, after twenty minutes, had a deserved lead. Yet York responded well, with Dan Cox and Conor Brennan linking together excellently to allow the latter to find the back of the net stylishly.

York then began to look the better side; Lancaster were clearly having difficulty with Conor Brennan. Wet conditions led to some hard slide tackling, and Lancaster conceded a number of free-kicks in dangerous areas. Yet York were unable to convert any of these chances to goals. At half time York knew that they had been the better team overall, and captain Mark McLeod vociferously encouraged his players to take control of the fixture.

Yet a deterioration in conditions meant that York were never able to regain the fluidity that they showed in the first half. Falling behind early on, they were unable to create any clear cut chances until near the end of the half. However a Lancaster goal in the last minute of the game ended York's hopes of defending their Roses title.

Club president Greg Gardner said he was "extremely disappointed" at the result: "We were the better team but failed to capitalise - story of our season unfortunately."

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3 Comment

Alex tringham Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

I set up connor not coxy get your facts right
Stop makin things up


Henry Cowen Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Hi Alex, I was watching the football with Leigh and in his defence it was pouring with rain. This made it impossible for him to make notes and thus he had to write the report from memory. If it makes things better I do remember the role you played in Connor's goal, it was a great ball. Apologies.


Barbarian Scouser Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Sorry cowen la, I just really care about journalistic integrity.


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