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Close defeat for York Ultimate at Roses

York's Ultimate Frisbee team lost by ten points to nine in a thrilling encounter on Friday night against Lancaster. (Thumbnail credit Photo: Sam Newsome)

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York's Ultimate Frisbee team lost by ten points to nine in a thrilling encounter on Friday night against Lancaster.

The indoor game was furious and aggressive, neither team being more than two points behind the other at any point.

It started off positively for York keeping up with the 'Fish', the Lancaster team, at every hurdle. After being kept out of the end zone thanks to a frustrating opposition defence, it seemed like York wouldn't be in the match at all, Lancaster forcing York to give away possession in an attempt to score.

However, York were playing with lots of aggression and going for every disk. Eventually this paid of as Jack Mills scored for York to bring things even at four points a piece.

This was the just the start of a series of alternate points being scored by both teams. John Carter was the hero for Lancaster, putting Fish ahead 5-4 and then 6-5 by outplaying York on the open side of their defence and exploiting the line.

York brought it back to six a piece though, thanks to a great throw along the whole pitch which found Jamie Abernethy, the York captain, free of his marker by a good three metres. After this, York called a time out for a much needed break and to try and secure the two Roses points for the White Rose.

The York captain led by example again after the break, keeping his team in the game at 7-7. Again, the Yorkshire side threw a long, in swinging disk across the full length of the pitch, Abernathy catching it in the very back corner of the end zone. Luckily for York, Lancaster showed great sportsmanship and didn't make any fuss on what was a close call.

Unfortunately, the 'Fish' scored two points in a row with only four minutes left. They took a 9-7 lead thanks to a great catch from the Lancaster number 20, scoring whilst sliding on his knees to catch a long scuba throw - the York defence were left flailing and helpless to do anything.

The match had a thrilling conclusion though as York brought the game back to 9-8 with just 40 seconds left on the clock. York kept their cool whilst in possession around the end zone and, after a foul had been called, calmly reworked the disk in the hands of Abernethy again in the back left corner.

Lancaster only had to keep possession to win though, and things seemed out of York's hands. However, they gave the disk away with an ambitious full pitch throw. In response, York were quick to try and score themselves, Jack Mills just missing out on the end of a fantastic throw by Steve Eyre. As a result, possession was given back to Fish and they worked the disk calmly into York's end zone to take the lead at 10-8.

The game wasn't completely over yet though, and again Abernethy scored for York with moments to spare, bringing the score to 10-9. With only five seconds left though, there was nothing York could do to bring back the deficit completely.

Sam Grimshaw from Lancaster explained how it was such a thrilling encounter: "They were trading points most of the way. We played really well, especially against York's defence. For me, it was a really good game after a year of development through different tournaments."

After the match, Jody Martin from York seemed to agree: "It was a highly spirited game in which everyone played well. The crowd loved it, and I think the end result reflected the game. Bring on Roses next year!"

York line-up: Steve Eyre, Simon Fox, Jamie Abernethy (c), Rachel McCulloch, Dave Butler, Jack Mills, Deborah Sharpe, Cameron Godfrey

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A Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

His name is Abernethy. And maybe he should go professional, then he could afford to buy his housemates a new ricecooker.


B Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

You'd think you'd know the names of people on your team...!


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