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UKIP were formed in 1994. Since then, they have met with some success, earning 16% of the vote in each the 2004 and 2009 EU Parliamentary Elections. However, they still stand accused of being a single issue party, with withdrawing from the EU their main concern. Their 17-point election manifesto aims to refute this. Withdrawal from the EU still looms large in their sights, but is joined by other areas of focus, such as fishing and transport. Their more notable pledges include:

  • Saving £120bn by withdrawing from the EU.

  • Introducing a 'flat tax' on income of 31%, with income up to £11,500 free of tax.

  • Increasing military budget by 40%, expanding the Army by 25% and the double the TA.

  • Introducing a right to public referenda on 'important issues'.

  • Introduce an immediate five-year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement.

  • Ban the burka and veiled niqab in public buildings and certain private buildings.

UKIP, a party who have strenuously denied accusations of being a racist party, will be glad to field Judith Morris as the UKIP candidate for York Outer. She runs a business in York providing English Language and activity courses for foreign students from around the world. She promises to try to bring respect and honour back into politics, and to properly represent the interests of the constituency.

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