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The Green Party campaign for the up and coming General Election aims to embody their message "Fair is worth fighting for". Party leader for both England and Wales, Caroline Lucas MEP maintains that the Greens wish to stand apart from the "identical main parties". Also, she wants to abolish the preconceived tree-hugger label -promising to focus on other prevalent issues, as well as the environment.

Having been an active member of the party for over 20 years beginning as a press officer in 1987 and working up to become the Party's principle speaker in 2003, Lucas found the Greens "image problem" was something she absolutely wished to contend with. Lucas is one of 300 Green Party candidates for the election, with Andy Chase standing for the York outer constituency. The Green's spring conference in February promised a "realistic outlook", and currently securing 3.88% of the vote they wish to firmly establish their goals for this election - they are not going to form a government but aim to make an "historic breakthrough" and get their first MP elected.

Their primary mission is to eradicate the country's poverty and high unemployment rate. To achieve a sustainable and stable economic infrastructure the Greens wish to prioritise the creation of an extra million jobs and 350,000 training opportunities in a variety of fields. An immediate £44bn package of measures would include workforce training, investment in renewable, public transport, insulation, social housing and waste management. Their "Living Wage" policy fights for a National Minimum Wage of 60% of net national average earnings for workers - as well as a mass renovation of 37,000 homes and the cut of the average working week down to 35 hours aim to improve both living and working conditions.

To confront the hardships facing the UK's elderly population, the Greens aim to ensure that all are entitled to receive a state pension of £170 weekly - along with the formation of a free insulation programme successfully equipping 4 million homes.

The Greens also propose also would abolish prescription charges, re-introduce free eye tests ensure NHS chiropody and dental care readily available for everyone.

The Greens will officially launch their election manifesto, at the Hotel Metropole in Brighton, on 15th April.

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