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The English Democrats Party (EDP) was founded with the aim of advancing the interests of the English people. Robin Tilbrook, its founder and chairman, describes the party as 'neither right nor left wing', but comparable to the SNP in Scotland. This election will see the party field 120 candidates in an effort to build on its electoral success at last year's European Parliament elections where it gained 2.1% of the English vote. The party, which does not have any MPs, is campaigning on a manifesto of establishing a devolved English Parliament and withdrawing from the European Union.

The Party believes that the devolution of powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has created a democratic disparity. This can only be offset by an English Parliament and First Minister wielding equivalent powers to uphold English welfare. They also seek an end to Government subsidies for Wales and Scotland

They also believe that the European Union has become ineffective and disagree with a political entity that undermines the independence and sovereignty of European states.

Currently they are a member of the Alliance for Democracy, an alliance comprising a number of other parties dedicated to fighting corruption in Westminster. EDP candidates will not stand against the candidates from the Jury Team and the Christian parties.

At present they are not fielding a candidate in York Outer.

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