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Ngwena takes Presidency for second year running

Tim Ngwena has won his re-election as YUSU President (Thumbnail credit Photo: Sam Newsome)

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Tim Ngwena has won his re-election as YUSU President.

Voting results for the six candidates, Tim Ngwena, Oliver Hutchings, David Levene, Roberto Powell, Matthew Freckleton and David Hansen, were announced on Saturday night at The Courtyard, along with the results of all the other YUSU positions. Voting for President went into the fifth round, with Ngwena gaining 431 votes over rival candidate Hutchings.

Speaking to Nouse on the night, Ngwena stated that he was "so pleased" to be elected, and that he didn't know "what [his] first promise would be" because he was "so excited".

Online voting for YUSU candidates opened on 8 March and closed on 12 March. Almost one in three undergraduate students voted in the election, with 32 per cent of undergraduates voting in total. Speaking about the other five Presidential candidates, Ngwena claimed that "they were all great competition", saying: "We all knew from the start that it would be close and it was, right to the end." He added that the campaigning between them all had remained "clean" throughout, and that "everyone gave 100 per cent".

Ngwena stated that he had started thinking of re-running for President about eight months ago when he had "already settled into the role", but did not decide to run definitely until last month. He believes that running for a second year is necessary as a "much longer time" is needed "in terms of making actual, real change for specific people and groups."

He stated that his campaign had gotten off to a slow start, being launched on the Thursday after campaigning had officially started rather than on Monday along with all the other Presidential candidates.

His campaign was based around "the same image and ground as last year", but Ngwena believes that those who voted for him were looking for "more than just policies and personalities". Speaking to Nouse, he thought that students this year voted for someone who they knew "would be able to handle the range of issues which will crop up" and which wouldn't be covered in candidates' policies.

He also added that students will vote for someone that they "trust", the person who they believed "was most capable of taking them through the next year."

For the remainder of the academic year Ngwena stated simply: "I'm just going to be doing what I am supposed to be doing." This includes ensuring the smooth running of the handover for Part-Time Officers, and working with newly elected and current Sabbatical Officers.

He went on to say that he expects "a lot of change" to be made over the summer "when students are off campus", and that he will be focusing on "planning between now and the end of the summer term" as a priority, moving to concentrate on "execution over the summer holidays."

Non-Sabb Officers

Tom Martin
Nell Beecham

Janey Stephenson
Charlotte Phillips

Environment & Ethics
David Clarke

21 Plus
Stephen Kenney

Anthony Richards
Stephen O'Ryan

James Croydon
Jonathan Hare

Luke David Sandford
Suzy Dodd

Racial Equality
Mandi Madavo
Winnie Amoaku

NUS Delegates
David Levene
Sam Westrop

YUM Chair
Chris Young

Ngwena finished by saying that this next year would be "really important, busy and challenging" and that he saw his main challenges as funding cuts and the changing demographic of the University. He added that "the demographic at York is one of its strongest assets", explaining that it is one of the reasons "why students keep coming" and stating emphatically that "we have to save it."

In the first round of voting for President, Ngwena won 950 votes, with Hutchings, Levene and Powell taking 762, 535 and 518 of the votes respectively. Freckleton won 383, and Hansen was the first candidate to be taken out of the running with only 185 votes.

The second round saw Freckleton as the next candidate to be eliminated with 404 votes. Levene and Powell were closely matched at 557 and 531 votes each. Hutchings came second with 798 votes, and Ngwena won the round again with 995.

The third round left Levene, Ngwena and Hutchings as the final three candidates, after Powell dropped out with 579 votes.

The final two candidates to remain were Ngwena and Hutchings, who topped Levene's total of 715 votes with 1,259 and 944 votes respectively.

Ngwena won over Hutchings by 431 votes, winning 1,554 compared to Hutchings' 1,123.

Ngwena will be the first YUSU President ever to be elected to run for a second term.

Dan Walker won the position of Democracy and Services, with 1,372 votes. Chris Etheridge came second with 875 votes, and YUSU Ents Officer, Sam Daniels, came third with 698 votes.

Nick Scarlett won the hotly contested Student Activities position over Rachel Hesselwood, Katy Unsworth, and closest competition, Luke Malkin, after gaining
1, 004 votes and running a potent campaign complete with card-board towers.

Incumbent Ben Humphrys triumphed as Academic Officer, after serving for a term this year as Welfare Officer. He beat biggest rival Jason Rose, current YUSU Campaigns Officer, by 295 votes.

Former Vanbrugh Vice-Chair, Laura Bo, triumphed over LGBT Officer Peter Warner-Medley for the role of Welfare Officer.

Andrew McIlwraith withdrew his candidacy for Welfare Officer after claiming that his friends had entered him as a joke.

Sam Asfahani won 1,357 votes over only rival Rob Newton's 1,119 to complete the new team of Sabbatical Officers.

YUSU Sabbatical Team 2010-2011

Tim Ngwena
Votes: 1,554

Ngwena is the first incumbent President to seek and win re-election. Scooping Goodricke, James, Vanbrugh and Wentworth, Ngwena was greeted by a wave of cheers upon news of his victory. His main objective is to re-focus the strategic efforts of the Union.

Democracy and Services
Dan Walker
Votes: 1,372

The exit polls proved to be accurate, as Walker triumphed over Chris Etheridge and Sam Daniels after winning an unprecedented 349 votes from his college Goodricke, after successfully moving his hoards of freshers to the new Heslington East campus.

Student Activities
Nick Scarlett
Votes: 1,004

RAG Charities Liaison Officer, Kids' Club Co-Coordinator and YUSU Volunteering Secretary Scarlett is well-rehearsed in student activities and his policies include safeguarding the popular Kids' Club scheme and re-introducing the SWAP initiative.

Ben Humphrys
Votes: 1,121

Humphrys was the second successful incumbent sabb
of the night, as the current Welfare Officer seeks to transfer his experience to a more academic remit.
He says he "can't wait to work here for another 12 months and just get on with it."

Laura Bo
Votes: 1,049

Bo is the only female sabb to take office this year. After winning the hotly-contested election against LGBT Officer Peter Warner-Medley, Bo is now keen to build on YUSU's current welfare activity. She hopes to her focus on stress relief, and mental and sexual health issues.

York Sport President
Sam Asfahani
Votes: 1,357

Exit poll favourite Asfahani swept to victory as York Sport President after gaining a wealth of experience as the co-founder of York's American Football Club and the Development Officer of the York Sport Committee. He gained 1,357 votes over rival Rob Newton's 1,119.

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