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Digging deeper financial holes

You can't help but feel sympathy for Jason Rose; it really hasn't been a great week for him

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You can't help but feel sympathy for Jason Rose; it really hasn't been a great week for him. After finding out he had lost out on the hotly contested position of Academic Affairs Officer, he had to wake up on Sunday morning not only greeted by election deflation but also minus two thousand pounds in his bank account.

On a more serious note, it really does reveal a critical flaw in the system that he has been allowed to get into this position, especially considering his good intentions to bring music back to Central Hall. It's all very well for YUSU and the University to shift blame between themselves, but the fact that the Head of Commercial Services admitted to being completely disconnected from the students who organise events reveals how student welfare is merely an after-thought in the face of potential profit.

As the concert was organised completely separate from YUSU, the finger of blame can easily be pointed in the direction of the University. However, it is a tad dubious that YUSU looked on from the sidelines, especially as it became increasingly more apparent that this would be no great money spinner for Rose. Surely their role is to step in and intervene to protect a student from digging themselves deeper into such a financial hole?

It seems this is another incident to add to the alarming trend of the University becoming more of a business, than an institution with an actual interest in the students that walk its halls. After all, whatever you may feel about Rose's decision to spend his childhood savings on organising a campus event, not what you might term the wisest of investments, you still have to admire his unrelenting positivity. While there were flaws in Rose's plans, the biggest flaws lie within YUSU and the University who must take a large portion of the blame.

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