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Elections rules - OTR, for one, is bored already with them, and there's still 2 weeks to go until campaigning begins. Still, candidates would do well to take good note of Returning Officer Brett's rules and regulations. I'm sure no-one wants to suffer the consequences of jumping the toilet advertising gun, or commit the most tempting of sins and fire out that mass email.

But a quick peruse of the official YUSU Elections Handbook throws up some interesting contradictions.

"Everyone will be talking to people, have posters, stickers, badges, Facebook groups, flyers and t-shirts so how are you going to make yourself stand out?", asks a section on page 24 entitled 'Tactics'. Interesting - and how are T-shirts going to be costed, is OTR's first query. For the record, the official budget is now £35, a £5 rise on last year.

But then, on the very next page, OTR reads:

9. Publicity must be printed at the YUSU printroom, the use of other printers will lead to disqualification.

Now the big question, surely, is "What constitutes as publicity?" Because, as far as I am aware, Your:Print doesn't do t-shirts. Or, indeed, posters larger than A0, that some candidates might choose to print themselves on campus printers, and stick on large pieces of card. The grey area grows with every example.

Candidates in previous years have used such larger-than-life posters, OTR even heard of Rory Shanks almost getting arrested for stealing broken down boxes from a Tesco loading area. Others have used clothing of debatable legality daubed with election slogans or surnames - how does this 'publicity' fit inside clauses 8 and 9 of the Rules and Regulations.

The answer, of course, lies with Bretts - who I'm informed won't be back on campus until Week 8. Ultimately, he will decide what is ingenuity and what is illegal. Interestingly enough, he most certainly benefitted most last year from the ruling that made cardboard posters made from "illegally" printed sheets of paper legal. One wonders if it will be the same this time around. OTR eagerly awaits the first showdown...

In other news, a helpful candidate pointed OTR in the direction of perhaps Tom Scott's magnum opus of micro-management - his beautifully presented 2009 Elections Report, which he compiled post-Elections last year.

It's essential reading for any would-be winner next month. Of particular note are the stats showing voter turnout and voting trends.

Page 6 shows the answers - Derwent leads in terms of turnout as a percentage of population, but the college's actual potential is ultimately dwarfed by Halifax's 30% turnout, at three times the size - sew up the Halifax vote and you're halfway there. On the other hand, Wentworth is an untapped mine of votes; crack that college and a flood of unrealised potential is yours.

The breakdown by year (also on page 6) surely reflects the impact of online campaigning; despite the huge numbers of posters in kitchens and across campus, first-year turnout is a disappointing 10% lower than that of third-years. However, it could also be argued that most of the candidates are in their final year.

Then, for all those planning a final flourish during voting week, think again. Page 7 is a stark reminder that the election is won and lost during Week 8, with almost half the votes being placed in the first few hours of Monday morning, Week 9. If you're slow off the mark, it might be game over.

And one last word of wisdom from Mr Scott: "There were also allegations of campaigners interfering with rival candidates" publicity," he concludes, before stating that it is "difficult to prove given that it"s impossible to legislate for Acts of Porter or Acts of Drunk Student."

Well there you have it then, that's the way to win: Buy your campaign team a few crates of Special Brew and let the havoc commence.

That's only a potential idea IN MY OPINION, mind.

A few final remarks. Roberto Powell has declared his official intentions to run - OTR suspects a Presidential bid. Also - candidates are reminded that nominations are all done online this year.

OTR was sat in the YUSU Reception late on Monday afternoon when a confident David Levene breezed in. "Can I have an application pack please?" he piped up, beaming from ear to ear. The YUSU staff member looks non-plussed. Levene's smile is unwavering: "An application pack, for a nomination?"

"It's all online" comes the reply. "Oh. Oh. Oh right, yes, of course." Of course, David, of course.

Sign-up online at http://www.yusu.org/election/nominations

Gossip and rumours to elections@nouse.co.uk

The opinions expressed above are not representative of either those of Nouse, or of YUSU. They are the speculations and personal views of the author who is not a member of the editorial team, and should be treated as such.

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An onlooker Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

I'm pretty sure all of the candidates will be well aware of the rules and nobody will risk breaking them.

Another prominent candidate made the same mistake as Levene, the fact its online hasn't been very well publicised.


David Levene Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Haha, I knew you'd take a crack at that!

In my defence, like quite a few candidates I thought it was an either/or, and the sight of the all-powerful Henry James Foy sitting behind the YUSU Reception desk did throw me a bit!


anon Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

dvaid levene is such a joke.


fed up with yusu Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

typical yusu, messing the rules up! i'm fed up with yusu, i wish someone would set up their own rival union... that would see a change in the work output/ethic of YUSU.

otr... i heard the new election handbook was written by tim ngwena, but he's also standing. sounds like an inside job to me! always is with the union.


Levene Lover Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

David Levene is amazing! He has great hair, among other things...


comment above Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

i hope that is'nt roberto, he sounds like a right idiot.


Better in Bed Levene Lover Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

He is mine bitch.


Luke Sandford Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

I await this rival union with baited breath - trust you will be President then "fed up with yusu"?


Rodriguez Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Guys I'm really confused. My housemate keeps making lewd comments and won't stop walking around the house wearing only oven gloves to hide his masculinity. It's really disturbing! I don't know whether to confront him about this or to pretend that it's not an issue. Last night for example I was on the phone in my room and he burst in and started to rant and rave about national debt for half an hour! I don't feel comfortable in my own home. Please help.


Spy Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

One of the Student Activities candidates seems to be spending a LOT of time with the current officer, some favouritism perhaps?


Luke Malkin Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Are you talking about me Spy? I have a new love for RAG - similar to Hitler's obsession with Stalingrad and theory that if he took it, he'd win the war. In my case, I take RAG and I take the Sabb!

Note from moderator: this probably isn't Luke Malkin


Chris Etheridge Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019


This is just a quick message to everyone I haven't ever met but haven't yet added on Facebook.

Vote for me, campaign for me. I am your Obama.

Moderator: This probably isn't Chris Etheridge


Christopher Etheridge Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Please note that the above comment was not posted by me.

Chris Etheridge


Anon Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

But it is true, Chris.


Anon 2 Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

What is this assertion based on?


Luke Malkin-ator Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Indeed, Etheridge may have a good amount of facebook friends. Fair play to him, they're all doing it! What I find absolutely disgraceful is when people use RAG as a means to election victory! Perhaps Im being cynical? Maybe I'll decide to get heavily involved in committee during my second term of my third year at uni. I wonder what ~J will have to say about this?


Christopher Etheridge Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

I am happy to take criticism and respect your opinion very much:). However, I honestly haven't added many people on Facebook of late; perhaps at most 4 or 5. Either way, I apologise if I've offended or annoyed you.

Best wishes



A. Comedian Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

A: Knock, Knock
B: Whose there?
A: Luke Malkin
B: Luke Malkin who?
A: Luke Malkin joins RAG committee conveniently in the run up to his YUSU campaign

Q: What's the difference between Luke Malkin and a Banana?
A: A banana wouldn't join the RAG committee in his second term of his third year.

Q: How many Luke Malkin's does it take to run for Student Activities?
A: 3. One to update his music fan page, one to do his fancy footwork dancing and one to join the RAG committee in his final year.

Q: Why did Luke Malkin cross the road?
A: To get to the RAG meeting, which he now goes to as he loves charity and not because he is running for a sabbatical position.


Tom Birch Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

I don't think I'm alone in thinking that A. Comedian is the best thing that's ever happened to this comment thread.


Luke Malkin Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

OK the RAG thing may have backfired.... me and ~J are going to perform another 'charity' dance at Central Hall. This should boost my ratings! I may also be a celebratory guest at Derwent's 'Take me out' tonight. Watch this space!

Anyway, can we move back to slating Powell - I've had enough of being pounded on this thread.

Note from moderator: this is probably not Luke Malkin


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