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Sam Daniels to join D&S race

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Sam Daniels has exclusively announced to OTR his intentions to run for the position of Democracy and Services Officer, ending weeks of speculation over his election plans.

Sam, current YUSU Ents Officer and former Alcuin Ents Rep, has been keeping his cards close to his chest until now, and had been well-fancied by many a few weeks back to be eyeing up a run, but has been reluctant to declare according to some, and totally against it according to others.

Which means, with D&S suddenly flavour of the month, Sam will face off against early candidate Dan Walker and former Student Activities shout Chris Etheridge. And there's still 6 days until nominations open.

Alcuin JCRC has consistently provided strong Union candidates, but bar Rhianna Kinchin's victory last year, a string of high-profile former members, such as Nadeem Kunwar, Tom Langrish and Ed Durkin - notably losing out in this very race last year from Sam's current position - have failed to turn JCRC positions into YUSU ones.

Sam will know from Ed's run last year that Alcuin support alone won't get him elected - and like Chris will need to make inroads into Dan's enviable Hes East support. And while Ed was unsuccessful last year, Sam's Ents background will certainly stand him in good stead in his bid to become the Freshers and Summer Ball Tsar.

In more candidate news, Caroline Brown looks set to run for YorkSport President, squaring off against Adam Shergold and Sam Asfahani in the race to succeed Emily Scott.

OTR isn't going to lie - it's not too up to speed with Caroline and her policies and background, but thankfully some helpful commenters have informed me that her sporting prowess is as a tennis player, and in line with her penchant for fancy dress, has done some great work for RAG.

A quick peruse of her Facebook profile tells me that the third-year Vanbrugh Psychology student ticks all the volunteering boxes, with links to RAG, Student Action, Kids Camp and Tenteleni, but doesn't have a huge amount of sports experience. Perhaps something of a dark horse in the race, but she certainly shouldn't be written off. Caroline, apologies for overlooking you thus far. I can assure you that OTR loves all candidates.

Finally, thanks to all of you for reading and commenting, your support has seen OTR's hits soar to top of the pile here on nouse.co.uk. I really appreciate it.

And yes, non-Sabb positions coming soon. Send me your fancied candidates.

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5 Comment

Caroline Fan Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

I am excited about Caroline's campaign.... however, it has already had an effect on her table tennis playing. Over the past year Caroline has fallen from Vanbrugh number 1 to Vanbrugh number 2 having been overtaken by Kate Taylor (YUSU welfare candidate).

Her lack of effort on socials may have also lost her crucial votes. She promised team mates she would dress as a tree yet turned up in normal clothes.

This is NOT what we need from a Sports President.

More effort please Brown.


ex-senator Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Sam Daniels ftw!


~J Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Kate Taylor for Welfare!



Sam. You can run, but you will lose to the MILLER MACHINE.

Steve Miller for D & S woop! woop!

Upholding democracy. Providing a service. Miller 2010. Believe...



Oh and http://stevemillerfordands.blogspot.com/


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