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Shaking trees, catching apples

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In my opinion, putting in my opinion in every sentence to make sure that you, educated readers, know that what I am saying is in my opinion, seems a little superfluous.

But superfluous it is; just in case you thought everything on here would be gospel. I hope we're all on the same (opinionated) page now.

Talking of gospel, it seems IMO (Can I get away with that? I wait and see) that the allegation posted by Off The Record on Sunday regarding Tim's candidacy is all truth. He's approached a number of my sources regarding the running of his campaign, so IMO we can take that as a big go-ahead.

David Levene has told me that he's only going for the Presidential position, contrary to my opinion that he might look elsewhere if faced with a tough race. IMO the two comments from Ollie Hutchings yesterday look like he's definitely gearing up for a campaign. IMO three varied candidates there.

IMO the purpose of this blog is to get people interested in the elections, so as to maximise the chance for students to engage with the candidates, and campaign fortnight itself, and should hopefully boost attendance at Hustings and other events that formerly attracted only, IMO, the YUSU hard-liners and friends of candidates. If anything, this blog - IMO - will increase voter participation, and not the opposite, as some have suggested.

More rumours to come tonight; D&S and Student Activities, where lots of candidates seem to be taking tentative campaign steps in recent days, in my opinion. IMO, it's looking like a potential 5-horse race for Student Activities, and a 3-horse race for D&S.

In terms of the incumbents, Lewis Bretts can't re-run at the moment, as he's slated to be the Returning Officer, but Matt Burton was in this position two years ago before giving Anne Marie Canning that role at the last minute and handing in his nomination form. Who knows. Rhianna Kinchin could re-run, but in my opinion, and according to most people, she's not looking for another year at the desk.

The opinions expressed above are not representative of either those of Nouse, or of YUSU. They are the speculations and personal views of the author who is not a member of the editorial team, and should be treated as such.

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2 Comment

In the Know Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Five horse for Student Activities? I know of six. Haven't heard of any for Democracy and Services though. Nor Welfare (aside from the obvious) and York Sport (aside from a Nouse man).

I think this blog makes, at the very least, entertaining reading.


Oliver James Hutchings Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

No idea on whether or not I'm running yet, so don't read too much into yesterdays comments. I think you were right about my position in the other blog, except as opposed to it being 'if the others arn't up to scratch', it'd be if I feel in my considered judgement I could do as well as the others who are definitely strong candidates. It was late, I saw a post citing something said a year ago that I always thought was a bit out of context and another criticising Roberto and unsuprisingly couldn't resist being a pedant, you should know I'm always like this Henry. You'll know when I know myself, trust.


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