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Jury Team

Described by The Times as an 'X Factor party', the Jury Team selects its candidates via a public vote.

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Described by The Times as an 'X Factor party', the Jury team selects its candidates via a public vote. The party has no manifesto, and no specific policies. Instead, it aims to bring together a collection of independent MPs who are then encouraged to vote as they think the people would like them to, not as the party whips instruct them. Anyone can put themselves forward to be a candidate for the party, and candidates are then selected by public vote. The party is fielding three candidates for Yorkshire and Humber.


Barbara Hibbert
First is secondary school teacher Barbara Hibbert, who focuses on social justice and education, saying that in order for social mobility to be achieved, 'it is essential to make education affordable and accessible for all'.

Anthony Hooper
Former Principal Lecturer of Politics at Huddersfield University Anthony Hooper is the party's second candidate. Born in the region, Hooper directs his attention towards foreign policy where he is pro EU, recognising a country's 'duty' to those around it.

Ben Saxton
The final candidate that the Jury Team will field is Ben Saxton, a customer care manager from Sheffield who describes himself as 'a normal citizen who wants the Yorkshire people to have an input into Europe'.

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