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Chaos and Cheerleading

Well it's a bloody good job that this year's tournament didn't go down to the wire, because nobody left Central Hall with any semblance of what had gone on for the past hour, let alone the preceding three days.

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Well it's a bloody good job that this year's tournament didn't go down to the wire, because nobody left Central Hall with any semblance of what had gone on for the past hour, let alone the preceding three days. With the final lines of Jerusalem ringing out with all the confidence that only comes from Carling and Strongbow, the majority who braved the 80-odd trophies to see Lacy pour the majority of his trophy pint down his shirt emerged from the closing ceremony of
Roses 2009 wondering just what linked medieval re-enactment society with air cannons and streamers.

The whole thing was a tad surreal. From the cross-dressing nun who was waved away with contempt by Brian Cantor to the airlifted trophy that looked like something out of Fear Factor, it was as ridiculously brilliant as the manner in which York sent Lancaster back across the Pennines with overwhelming ease.

Even Cantor, typically a man of poise, reportedly turned to YorkSport nutcase Alex Lacy during one of the more confusing segments to plead: "What's going on, what's going on?" Lacy, for the record, set him at ease with a hearty laugh.

Greg Dyke, God love him, tried his best to bring some kind of order to the proceedings, but even his attempts to work the crowd with his geezer-like charm were lost amongst the rapidly-descending atmosphere and chants of 'ITV, ITV'.

Surely Mr. Ernst & Young, with a tougher job than Lancaster's lacrosse goalkeeper would explain the extravagazna? A pro at handling such a non-plussed audience, he had a stab at being hip and trendy but it wasn't to be. A few shouts of "Can I have a job?" later, and he was back in corporate "winning is great for learning" mode. Still, we' ll have your dosh for next year, thank you very much.

Lacy, who Dyke described as "awful... as awful as Jo Carter" at Croquet, had a mare trying to detatch the trophy from it's harness, while throughout Tom
Scott's 'Are you ready to rumble?' voice boomed out with faux-significance.

Still, it was certainly more exciting than the droll, repetitive affair of graduation, though one hopes that more people arrive on stage to collect their winnings in July.

Though perhaps graduation could learn something from this impressive though altogether bizarre closing ceremony. Not winched-in degrees or air cannons for every student, but the spectacle that everyone braved 30 minutes queuing in the rain to see: Cheerleaders.

Did we care about the history bollocks? Did we really find the rugby banter funny? No. But get these black and gold Energizer bunnies out everywhere. Did you see the jealousy oozing from DanceSoc's faces?

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8 Comment

Laura M, Hornet! Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Energizer bunnies, I love it! Fab weekend all over I think, well done to everyone!


Anon Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

I think the 'rugby banter' was just plain rude, and if I'm quite honest, I felt ashamed to be a member of this university. York absolutely wiped the floor with Lancaster, once again proving us to be the better sportsmen and women for another year running. And what happens? Some people decide to ruin this by whipping out their genitalia half way through the closing ceremony. Be proud guys, be awfully proud...


Sarah (hornet) Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

yaay i'm glad people liked it!! also quite glad i missed rugby genitalia...


Alex Lacy Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Actually, I've got to stick up for rugby here: I thought their banter was pretty spot on. It just fit with the whole ceremony, and it wasn't really inappropriate at any point (except perhaps the quantity directed at the E&Y partner, though he was still beaming after the event). I didn't see any penis either, just some nipples. Everyone likes nipples. I think this filled what would have otherwise been a shortfall of the ceremony.

Plus they had a good sing to Jerusalem. All in all one of their finest weekends I'd say...

Once again, huge congrats to all the clubs- including capoeira, gymnastics and cheeleading. In fact, congrats to everyone involved in the event. GO YORK!


Kitten Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Finally a chance to prove ourselves to everyone. We aren't typical cheerleaders who just shout at the side lines, we work hard and it paid off judging by the dance soc apparantly oozing jealousy! Good work girls, Im proud :) xxx


Anon Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Oh dear Alex. This is worse than I thought if you actually condone this behaviour and think that "the banter was pretty spot on." What spot did that hit exactly? Did it add anything to the closing ceremony? No. It meant that the audience was drawn away from the splendid performances by capoeira, gymnastics and cheerleading and instead focused on some drunken louts with a megaphone.
It is a sad day for York Sport if you think that this behaviour is acceptable.


Richard Mitchell Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Aside from the live performances, the videos were spectacular. Best I've seen at any official York occasion.

The rugby guys were hilarious, particularly when prompted by Tom Scott about their "tradition of Roses closing" they stood up and started to get naked. They even had the good grace to be quiet at the right moments. I can see how it went a tad too far for some people's taste but I enjoyed it.

Mr Ernst and Young held on to the tough crowd for a surprising amount of time and there must be something about them that's kept him coming back for the past 4 years.


A Non E-mouse Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Actually Anon, I think Alex has a point. The Roses weekend is a celebration of sport - it's not a dour-faced funeral. I think fancy dress, social drinking and singing club songs is in keeping with the weekend. Of course, the rugby club were good enough to hold their tongues at the right moment, and their twist on the "tradition of Roses closing" joke was very funny. I personally don't think that they overstepped any mark, and as Chancellor and VC, I think Dyke and Cantor have probably seen much worse from students.

Kudos to the Hornets for a very polished routine, too - as well as all the dancing acts.


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