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Women edge basketball thriller

York's Basketball Ladies secured a spectacular win in a Roses classic yesterday afternoon at the Sport's Centre (Thumbnail credit Photo: Sam Newsome)

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York's Basketball Ladies secured a spectacular win in a Roses classic yesterday afternoon at the Sport's Centre. Brilliant shooting from Christin Kirchhuebel and a stunning performance from Sarah Gouveia helped York to emerge victorious in a close and exciting game.

York were the better team throughout - showing quick movement, accurate shooting and solid defence - however regular fouling allowed Lancaster to stay in the game through free shots. However a lethal period in the second quarter and good concentration throughout the second half the meant home side were able to hold on to the lead and take the victory.

The opening stages were tight, with both teams defending competently and unable to find the hoop. Yesterday's netball star Sarah Pycroft scored a fantastic basket near the end of the quarter but, largely due to a series of Lancaster free shots, the visitors left the court 11-9 up.

York came out with a bang in the second, instantly moving ahead with two quick scores. The impressive Daphne Barkshire extended this lead, with a stylish basket on the counter - much to the large crowds delight. Lancaster fought back well in the middle of the ten minutes, but some excellent shooting from the confident Kirchhuebel sent York into half time with a 23-17 lead.

Lancaster huddled close throughout the interval, while a relaxed home team practised their shots. This moment of composure worked for the Red Rose, and within minutes they had cancelled out the lead. It was only down to some late baskets that, with one quarter remaining, York had a narrow four point lead.

In the final quarter York showed the sublime basketball they had threatened to produce all match. Sarah Gouveia won the affections of the crowd with her almost unbelievable work-rate - epitomised when after a painful fall she instantly sprang up and scored, only then to fall to the ground again. Lancaster were getting points, but so were York and when the trailing side called a time-out with two minutes remaining York were 39-35 up. The instant basket from York captain Maria Janssens, who played well throughout, put the result beyond the visitors and her team mates only needed to wait a little longer for their victory to be confirmed.

Janssens said she that the "tough game" was a "good way to end the season." She said she was "really pleased" with the result in which her team had always looked the most deserving. The points might not have mattered at this late stage, but the crowd went wild for this strong display of quality over a scintillating four quarters.

York: Sarah Gouveia, Daphne Barkshire, Claire Dinan, Susan Robinson, Christin Kirchhuebel, Kate Smith, Emma Dinan, Sarah Pycroft, Maria Janssens (c), Kate Missenden, Amanda Strickland

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Elena Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Keep in mind we (Lancaster) only came with 7 players due to illness, injury and exams- and we were actually in the lead for most of the game (albeit narrowly), contrary to what this article implies. We were very evenly matched up though, and York had a great game and did deserve to win.


Uncle Steve Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Way to go Dolly


From the States Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Vince Lombardi
It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up.

Kudos to the Team from York


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