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Snooker team pocket a 5-0 victory for York

York whitewashed Lancaster in the pool, winning 5-0 without losing a single frame in all fives matches on Saturday (Thumbnail credit Photo: Kinho Pizzato)

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York's snooker team comprehensively defeated Lancaster in a scene reminiscent of Hannibal's annihilation of the Roman Army at the battle of Cannae. Not only did York win the competition 5-0 but by doing so without losing a single frame in all fives matches they shot an arrow through the hearts of the opposition that will live long in the memory of the Lancaster players who witnessed the massacre unfold.

The battle began amidst a tense atmosphere at the Fulford Conservative Club as York's snooker players prepared to play their part in Roses 2009. It began with President Mike James who got York off to the perfect start with some excellent shots to take an early lead. As the game neared its finish the Lancaster player buckled under the pressure by missing an easy blue leaving the cool head of Mike James to capitalise and take the game 2-0. The foundations for the rout of the Lancaster team were set.

Luck was also on York's side as Matt Robson benefited from a couple of fluke shots to go on to another 2-0 win while unbelievable scenes occurred on the opposite table when the first frame in the match between York's Steve Bradley and Lancaster's Craig Charles a.k.a 'Luckbox' went to a respotted black.

After a couple of tentative shots Bradley had the first clear opportunity to win the frame but was unable to capitalise. However, even as all appeared lost, the white ball bounced off the cushion, hitting the black ball and sinking the black into the opposite pocket to win the frame. The aptly named 'Luckbox' was evidently not as lucky as he had hoped. Not even the real "Dave Cinzano Bianco Lister" could have made the difference and clearly nothing could stand in the way of the onslaught being inflicted by the York team.

Bradley then went on in the second frame to seal what had been a close game with an excellent break of 20 to take yet another 2-0 victory that would have even had the old conservatives off their seats in excitement. York thus held an unassailable 3-0 lead and the competition was effectively over.

York's Greg Taylor and Luke Fleet also put in excellent performances in the remaining two games to rub salt into the wounds of the already demoralised Lancaster players with two more 2-0 victories that marked an outstanding display by all of the team in yet another win for York in Roses 2009. No doubt such a defeat will send shockwaves throughout Lancaster's snooker halls and it is rumoured that many of the players have since gone into hiding.

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Mike Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

It's Mike Walsh, not Mike James!


Sam Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

The presidents name is Mike Walsh, not Mike James.


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