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Indoor football firsts deliver the goods for York

In the indoor football both the men's and women's firsts ties were won by York, whilst the men's thirds and seconds, as the women's seconds, saw Lancaster victorious. (Thumbnail credit Photo: Shaun Morton)

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In the indoor football both the men's and women's firsts ties were won by York, whilst the men's thirds and seconds, as the women's seconds, saw Lancaster victorious.

The men's thirds started off very physically, with Lancaster holding a clear size advantage. York took the lead, only to get overpowered by the opponents, and were soon trailing 4-1. Though a skillful turn on a defender and a well placed shot provided York with a lifeline, Lancaster extinguished all hope with another two goals, taking the point with a dominating 3-7 result.

The men's seconds, also showed more resemblance to the physicality of an ice hockey game rather than an indoor football one, forcing the referee to have words with a series of individuals. Again, like the third's, York took the advantage with a powerful hit, though Lancaster responded with a brace of their own. As the score line read 2-1, the Lancaster goalie fumbled a free kick and put it into the back of his own net. Oh dear. Thoroughly displeased, he deemed shouting at his teammates was the optimal solution. Yet, once again Lancaster hit back with another two goals, and, though York grabbed a clever third with a narrow finish, it wasn't enough to take the point.

After the seconds' and thirds' failings, it was time to bring out the big guns: the firsts. This time it would be Lancaster who would pick up a very early lead, powering a strong shot past the keeper's attempt to parry it. However, Dan Hyde, showcasing some lovely skill, beat two players and set up Udy Onwiduke to equalize. The game had a high tempo and, unlike the previous encounters, unnecessary gladiatorial physicality was replaced with a vast amount of skill. However, before the half, Lancaster broke down the left wing and rifled a shot into the near post, and York trailed as the referee blew his for the break.

The half time talk did the trick - excellent combination play between Delaney and Hyde, playing a neat one-two, set up the latter to bag the first of his two goals. York kept peppering the opposition target, and it paid off - Christie Cormac, somehow, got out of a very tight corner, ran at the keeper and unleashed a left-footed thunderbolt into the top corner. That cracker was swiftly followed by a James Grey sublime turn and hit on the half-volley. Though Lancaster were rattled, they did manage to pull one back.

Unfortunately, it would be the last sign of hope. Delaney tapped the ball into the back of the net, after which Grey, on a Messi-esque pitch length run and dribble tallied his second. Finally, Hyde and Schulz added another two to make it 8-3. Comprised mainly of the Futsal players that made a superb run to the BUCS Championships finals in March, York were clearly the more technically talented side.

The women's seconds were badly beaten by a very superior Lancaster side. Their backline let them down, unable to contain the opponent's two most offensive players, who combined for seven of their side's goals. With a score line of 8-0, York still showed some flare and managed to get a consolation goal, however, Lancaster bit back and got one more before the end of full time, taking a point with a painful 9-1.

It was up to the women's first's to make amends, and, though they conceded an initial goal courtesy of a defensive mix-up, they put on a tremendous show for the remainder of the game. Keeper Hayley Smith, or should that be Hayley 'Iker Casillas' Smith, pulled off stunning save after stunning save, sending the crowd into frenzies. Inspired by their keeper, York kept attacking and hit the woodwork on several occasion. Then they finally got their their prize.

An excellent through ball by Smith set Gaby Stewart one-on-one to slot cooly past the goalie. Stewart then proved why she was an Arsenal Junior and, reminiscent of Thierry Henry, she took on the whole of the opposition team, dribbled through with remarkable ease and fired in a third. Even though Lancaster managed to pull one back, Stewart was the hat-trick hero, increasing York's lead to 4-2. Fiona Wallis blasted in a fifth and, as the game was in its dying moments, Stewart got her fourth. What a performance.

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