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York storm to overall victory in Roses karting exhibition

The university's Karting club lead from the front to take the first and second podium positions in their Roses Exhibition race on Teesside yesterday.

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The university's Karting club lead from the front to take the first and second podium positions in their Roses Exhibition race on Teesside yesterday. Competing against Newcastle, Durham and Hull - Lancaster were unable to raise a team - the White Rose transferred every ounce of their driving experience into points, adapting best to constantly unpredictable weather conditions. With frequent driver changes within the three-member teams adding another element of excitement, York's first team of Dan Maddox and Christian Wood - they entered the race despite being a driver short - reached the chequered flag first after 101 laps. They were followed home in second by the second team of Matt Grum, Tony Tong and Jamie Garside.

Having produced a sterling performance in the practice and qualifying sessions, Wood roared away from the start line and into the lead by the second corner, keeping him well-clear of the unpredictable mid field as the race developed. The tussle between Durham and Newcastle for second position assisted York further, as both were reprimanded for their aggressive driving techniques and served a short penalty in the pit lane. The second team capitalised fully, streaking past the North-East entrants into a second place they wouldn't relinquish.

Shortly after the first of the driver replacements, accompanied by heavy refuelling, a short, sharp rainstorm practically secured York's one-two finish. The reduced tyre grip played into their experienced hands, having practiced regularly on the circuit, and the White Rose teams passed through the field with ease. Once the inclement weather had passed, interesting tussles started to emerge on the drying track, with York's fourth team of Sophie Cockman, Michael O'Neill and Paul Braham interchanging positions with karts from 8th down to 10th position whilst also lapping back markers.

Following a second round of driver replacements, the race finally settled into a pattern, enabling York to comfortably round-off their impressive drives. The club certainly weren't expecting such a result based on this season's performances in the British Universities Karting Championship and their inexperience of competitive racing compared to Durham and Newcastle.

York Karting Club President Dan Maddox told Nouse: "All in all a great day, though it's a real shame that Lancaster don't have any team to field, as some points for our performance would have been great! But, this is the first time in at least three years Karting has appeared on the Roses calendar at all, so we're all really pleased with the teamwork between our committee and York Sport to arrange the inter-uni race as an exhibition."

The full results:

1 - York, 101 laps
2 - York, 1 lap down
3 - Hull, 2 laps down
4 - Hull, 2 laps + 5.68s down
5 - Newcastle, 2 laps + 18.774s down
6 - Newcastle, 2laps + 30.215s down
7 - York, 3 laps down
8 - Durham, 3laps + 12.117s
9 - Durham, 4 laps down
10 - York, 4 laps +4s
11 - Hull, 6 laps down
12 - York, 7 laps down
13 - Hull, 8 laps down
14 - Hull, 9 laps down
15 - Durham, 10 laps down

With thanks to Dan Maddox, Club President

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Si Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Pretty obvious we wouldnt field a team when it was something York just decided to do and we have no Karting club or society


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