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Roses 2009 LIVE: Friday

Live coverage of the opening day of Roses 2009

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Richard Mitchell Posted on Thursday 29 Oct 2020

We still need to refresh to get new comments ;-)


Thomas Nissen Posted on Thursday 29 Oct 2020

Hi guys,

Thanks for the fantastic blog. I am gutted to be missing the badminton because of an afternoon exam but this is making the pain slightly better (and the revison slightly worse).

Well done Mixed A and Mens B!

Tom Nissen
Badminton Pres


anon Posted on Thursday 29 Oct 2020

"Lancaster's Shawn Stubbins will take on York's very own Gordon Jump"

is Shaun not York???


Confused Posted on Thursday 29 Oct 2020

Why do the eminent journalists of Nouse have a copy of the Daily Mail in the office? Won't Sanchez be turning in his editorial grave?


The Haiku Jew Posted on Thursday 29 Oct 2020

Dampened by the damp? Surely you can do better than that Woolf. It doesn't even need to rhyme


Jane Grenville Posted on Thursday 29 Oct 2020

Still in my yellow steward's shirt. Alex got very upset when I asked for a pen to write 'Not a' above 'Steward' on the back of his nice new shirt but I didn't want to be asked questions I hadn't a hope of answering. The ever-resourceful Caroline, my PA, has liberated two safety pins from name badges and the 'Not a' sign is now neatly pinned to my back. So please don't ask me any difficult questions about where the women's 3rd tiddlywinks is playing - I dunno.

But I am pleased to see York pulling ahead as the afternoon wears on. The Registrar and I were gutted to note a score of 10-11 at one point - you see how we interrupt high-level discussions to check on the state of play. 28.5 - 11.5 is MUCH more acceptable. Keep it up!

As for a Daily Mail quick crossword - shame on you! I did a major training session on cryptic crosswords with one of you only last week so sort yourselves out and get into the big league, Nouseteam.


Alex Posted on Thursday 29 Oct 2020

RE: Raf Sanchez (Editor 2007/8), what happened to Nouse's hilarious 'Editor Emeritus' title? Is that reserved for Heidi?


Jim Bulley Posted on Thursday 29 Oct 2020

You're welcome to the mead. And the Guinness.

Just try not to break anything or annoy my housemates too much!


Brigadier of haiku Posted on Thursday 29 Oct 2020

More haikus and less
about england cricket and
walcott or whatev


ex-tog Posted on Thursday 29 Oct 2020

great to see roses live is still going! like how you're including pics in the feed this time round, good work!


Jason Rose Posted on Thursday 29 Oct 2020

Not a bad effort
Brigadier of haiku
Excellent first day!


Chris Northwood Posted on Thursday 29 Oct 2020

>> We still need to refresh to get new comments ;-)

Your wish is answered Mr Mitchell; tomorrow's liveblog will also stream comments.


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