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York slip behind following Roses canoe events

York must overhaul an eight-point deficit this weekend after a disappointing and controversial defeat for the canoe club in the opening Roses events on Saturday.

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York must overhaul an eight-point deficit this weekend after a disappointing and controversial defeat for the canoe club in the opening Roses events on Saturday. There are plans to contest the outcome of the women's canoe polo fixture after York were left unable to field a team because of exam commitments, having already sportingly yielded to Lancaster's demands to bring the event forward one week.

There was frustration too in the canoe slalom races, staged at the Garstang club in Lancashire, with first place finishes for Tim Lamb and Rachael Spanton counting for little as Lancaster filled the second and third spots to claim overall victory, and four points in the tournament tally. York entered the competition in excellent form, but found themselves hindered by a lack of numbers due to the rescheduling.

With the women's fixture forfeited, the open match was the only canoe polo played, resulting in a 12-0 defeat. Once again, the distance involved in playing on Lancaster's campus meant York had little choice but to field an understrength side. Tom Jarvis, playing in his first competitive game, was York's star performer.

The abandonment of the women's canoe polo was all the more frustrating as York won the event in 2008. The club as a whole have struggled for match practice this season, after being omitted from the York Sport budget lists, meaning local facilities have proved difficult to secure for training sessions.

York's efforts to recover the early shortfall begin on Thursday, with the men's seconds' cricket fixture.

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Jason Rose Posted on Sunday 9 Aug 2020

Staged in Lancaster? >.>

But it's fine - York will win everything else :P


Matt Carter Posted on Sunday 9 Aug 2020

I would just like to point a few things out to those reading this incredibly biased article! Firstly on the slalom, Tim Lamb did indeed take the first place but the second and third placed competitors from lancaster were only a second behind and in the ladies rachael spanton was joint first with a lancaster lady and once again the next placed was a lancastrian only a second behind! So with the way the times are recorded this would give lancaster a strong position!
With regards to the polo, I know that york girls won last year but with the way the lancaster ladies have been training this year to prepare for this event they were just as dissapointed to miss out on the match and the trashing that york would have got in that game!! and considering the score in the open game last year I don;t think even a full strength york side could have beaten us!
I don't want to take anything away from those yorkie's that did come over, they competed hard and maybe the results would have been closer with more of them available but this was definitely lancaster canoe clubs year!


Naomi Lever Posted on Sunday 9 Aug 2020

And you call this article biased...

Given that YUCC bent over backwards to accommodate Lancaster's exam period, less unsporting talk of 'trashing' would be welcome. Not to mention a better grasp of the conventions of standard English.


JR Posted on Sunday 9 Aug 2020

First is still "I beat you" to second and third, even if they're a second behind. A gold medal is worth much more than both silver and bronze in the olympics, so I'm not sure of that point.

Second and equal-first in a two-horse race isn't "definitely lancaster canoe clubs year"... That's not how it works.

Obviously both teams were strong but if York can't compete in some of the events then I don't think that it's the training causing the difference. I'm not saying that Lancaster wouldn't have won and I'm not saying they deserved a fair amount of the points but if we can't field a team because the date was moved and it's during our exams, it seems a little unfair!


Nick Posted on Sunday 9 Aug 2020

As someone present at the event I will happily state that this article is awful no matter how you express this. What It ignores is that both sides ha a great day competing and in Slalom and Polo. The phrase 'was the only canoe polo played' indicates my first point, the 'friendly' after with mixed teams and an odd but entertaining 6-6 draw and an own goal! The idea for slalom is that you need a team and thus a top 3 average promotes more people having a go and not just the few top paddlers. 12-0 is unfortunately the result of circumstance but those from York playing for the first time did really well and their effort was lost in the score. I for one think that Tim did a great job in the Slalom and given the tough (shallow course) everyone else did as well. What really annoys me is the bits that made the day, like the random dog interrupting Rob, Will scoring an own goal after rolling up or the bbq organised by Rich might get ignored because someone wrote this.

Both clubs are off to the Alps together in the summer and I for one would hope the York AU provides more support for a decent club that helps get more people kayaking!


Timmy Posted on Sunday 9 Aug 2020

Cheers Nick! The Friendly was ace, we need to do stuff like that more often!

You will of course have to correct me if I'm wrong, but I'll point out that this non-standard system of scoring for Slalom was in fact introduced by York University for the 2005 Roses - a time when York routinely beat Lancaster 12-0 every time we met, and Lancaster frequently struggled to field a full team.

But oh well, these things come and go in cycles, I have no doubt that in another few years it'll swing back the other way again. It'd be dead boring if the clubs never changed!

Anyway! It was cracking seeing you all again, good times! See you later this summer in the Alps!


Kaz Posted on Sunday 9 Aug 2020

Hey all

I think the main problem here is that this article has kind of spoiled what was genuinely a very good day. I for one had lots of fun and even got a bit of a suntan.

Yes, it is a shame that more of York couldn't be present, but I do not recall forcing anyone into changing dates. In fact, I think we asked once. Moreover, lots of us were disappointed we didn't get to travel to York as it now means we won't ever get to attend an away Roses - and we really had to work hard to sort out venues and times last minute so that the event could go ahead at all! Its just upsetting that we tried our hardest to sort out a good day's competition to then read an article like this.

My main point is that it was awesome seeing you all again :) I enjoyed the banter, the abuse and can't wait for the Alps. So whatever this article, and other people who weren't actually present, might say - it was all in all a good day. Maybe we can have our own Roses in the Alps - with an inflatacross?

(But this time I would prefer to not be sunk in a polo boat resulting in lots of blood and bruises - Tim.)


Barry Posted on Sunday 9 Aug 2020

i put this challenge to you yorkies.
You have a year to do it....
Bring us a full strength womens team and we'll see what happens
Looking forward to it?! I AM


Tony Posted on Sunday 9 Aug 2020

At least we can spell News...


Jason Rose Posted on Sunday 9 Aug 2020

Thanks for that Tony.

Just as an aside:
2007 - York got best journalist, best paper, best reporter, best feature writer and website of the year in the Guardian Student Media Awards. Lancaster got no awards.

2005-2006 - no awards for Lancaster. York scoops runner-up newspaper, columnist of the year and sports writer of the year.

2003-4 - LANCASTER WON TWO AWARDS! Yay; runner-up website and runner-up critic. Congrats, guys. York won, during those two years, back-to-back Journalist of the Year awards, back-to-back Newspaper of the Year awards (and also won in 2002), runner-up small budget publication, reporter of the year, runner-up feature writer of the year, diversity writer of the year and travel writer of the year.

Lancaster is fantastic; Roses is going to be fantastic; may the best man win... but don't ever try to insult our best-in-the-country student media!


Rosie T Posted on Sunday 9 Aug 2020

Hello everyone that CAME to Roses!!

I really enjoyed meeting you guys and am really looking forward to the Alps.
I hope to see those newbies to polo in Roses next year, you really got the hang of it by the end- I couldn't believe that some of you had never played!
The slalom was great fun! I was pleased that my job as safety is secure as no-one went over, let alone got stuck in the weir of death.
Some cracking runs for everyone and great times that have not even been mentioned since they crossed the finish. But there are some times that should have got recognition, as a best time does not have to be the best on the day, but a great performance from the person paddling.

The polo was very disappointing for me personally when I discovered that York could not get a girls team and that there was only room for about 6 or 7 on the mixed team.
I was disappointed- until I got to the pool side. I saw polo from a completely different perspective after that- one of a supporter- and I loved it! I saw the energy that every player put into the game. The Yorkies that played did York proud! They kept the pressure on throughout the match. Then, even though they were tired after the first game, most still got back on the water to have a friendly with those who didn't get to play in the first game and I was pleased I got to wear a yellow BA and play a FUN game of polo!

I personally think it is a shame when an article like this appears, admittedly if the tables were turned then I'm sure that Scan would have reacted in the same way. The article itself, like all 'good' articles failed to mention some key elements about the day that were only experienced by those that were there, but as long as those who attended can remember them and put the other negativity surrounding it behind them, then we can safely say that this years Roses was fun for those who participated!

I hope to see you soon and we should get together on a river sometime!?

See you on the water!



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