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Tim Ngwena wins 2009/10 YUSU Presidency - How it happened

Live coverage of YUSU Elections 2009 from Nouse

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Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we saw history made. Congratulations to all candidates.

I hope you've enjoyed tonight's live feed. As another election reaches its close, with door safe turning on the lights and the exodus of student fleeing the hall, we see YUSU, the elected and the elect, celebrate the success of the year past, and the expectation of the year to come.

Many thanks for keeping up, and it's goodnight from us all.


As Tim Ngwena met with backstage reporter Jones he seemed relieved and relaxed. As two months of hard work come to a successful end in Fusion and the elections Ngwena looks forward to going home and going to sleep. He looks forward to delivering on his campaign pledges, not wanting to let down the student body that elected him.


Tim thanks all the candidates. Oh my god - what an election! "It's time for me to deliver on my promises."

INCREDIBLE! The first black YUSU President. Incredible.


Langrish 1190 - 1308 Ngwena



Langrish 1118 - 1201 Ngwena


First preference votes then...

Langrish takes Alcuin by a (predictable) mile, Derwent, Langwith, Vanbrugh (by ten votes) and Wentworth
Ngwena takes Goodricke, Halifax and James
Bushby gets a distant third place.
Bradley and RON eliminated. Oh well.



Here we go. Thunderbirds music is on...


Bloody hell. This is tension. And real tension. Not 'oh shit, some guy in a pirate suit might win' tension, but 'oh shit, two really good candidates are going head-to-head' tension. I can't predict it. Neither can the rest of the Nouse team. The room is packed. The song is entering its final, soul-destroying chorus. The tension is mounting...


Jones catches up with Lewis Bretts, who is relieved and overjoyed. He intends to spend the rest of the night lining up Sambucas on the bar, and he plans to drink so much that he may need that temporary cash point he's been talking about. Bretts also took the opportunity to admit that if he was a fruit he would be a banana.


Tension tension tension. Most people are trying not to chunder up their last four VKs, and the scene resembles the average Courtyard 'Drink til you die to improve our profits' Quids Inn. Still, it's elections, so sod it. Just no boos if Bushby wins. In fact, scrap that. Boo like you do when ANOTHER Eastern European country gives us 0 at the Eurovision Song Contest. Talking of shit music, the Final Countdown has just come on. And it really is...


Excellent stuff from Jones there. She's like Bridget, but much better. And she was in Fusion, because she has amazing legs.

Anyhow, back to inter-result banter. Bushby, who should probably go find an ice-bath in case Elvis comes to announce his victory, is fighting with the DJ over the music choices. Punch him.

As in punch Bushby, not the DJ. I love Gallery-esque chart shite. Wiley? Wearing my Rolex? I love it.


More insider information from backstage reporter Charlotte Hogarth-Jones. This time she catches up with York Sport and Student Activities winners.

A crying Emily Scott feels "amazing, ecstatic and overwhelmed" and is looking forward to relaxing, having been "on the edge" all evening. She says she can't wait to meet all the clubs and committee, but she does need to concentrate on her degree a bit first.

Overjoyed and overwhelmed Rhianna Kinchin admits to feeling shocked and stunned, but her victory "really hasn't sunk in yet." She wants to thank all her campaigners, and she can't wait to "get the ball rolling" in Student Activities.


Lady Gaga blares out to the vastly inebriated crowd. "My name is Lady Gaga... and this is my hauuuuuuus"

Who will win? Who will guide our Union to bigger and better things? Who has voted? Who is reading? Who is awake? Who isn't pissed? Who? What? Where? Why? Langrish... Ngwena... the others....


Only President left, and it's Foy to guide you through to the end. Would you believe it - the exit polls have been right all night - will President buck the trend? Remember, Langrish was predicted a victory by only 4%...


Well well well. Bretts defeats a YUSU-stalwart in Durkin, a JCRC Chair in Sharp and Georgie P, a solid ISA bet. Kudos to Bretts, amazing campaigning - and who can write off Tom Flynn's role in this win; he ran a tight ship


The second round sees Bretts with 1096, Durkin with 686 and Sharp with 541...

And another round, it's Brett's v. Durkin with 1199 v. 800.

A clear victory with Bretts, who praises the Tom Flynn effect and the way in which he's helped his campaign. A fruit and veg stall on campus here we come...

And in true Democracy and Services style, the sound of 'Fix-up, Vote sharp' echos across the hall. Good times.


The candidates for Democracy and Services are announced, to a plethora of cheers, and of boos...

BUT...the first round of results stand at...

Bretts: 1023
Durkin: 629
George P:out

And it's gone to a second round...


Alex Lacy paces by the Nouse blogging offices and salutes us with his Vk apple. Now if that's not praise...


It's hugs all around on the dance floor. As Dave Sharp sweeps Ed Durkin into his arms it's good to see that candidacy hasn't soiled these two's relationship. Durkin then moves on to a long embrace with former Alcuin Chair Erik O'Conor. An emotional night for him perhaps?

Smiling confidently Rory Shanks is now prowling around the dance floor, happy to flit from group to group showing off his skills. Looks like he's enjoying his new found freedom!


Presidential candidate Bushby has just graced the dance floor alone, with VK in his hand and looking anxiously over the crowd. Searching for a presidential crown perhaps...?


Mr Foy announces that he's off to YSTV to be doing his bit...make sure to watch him people. It'll make him very happy.

The dancing is generally getting more fluid and the singing louder, but with Democracy and Services up next, it's sure to be an exciting one.


President and Democracy and Services coming up then - two super, super-tight races. Tom or Tim? Ed, Lewis, George or David? It's going to be nail-biting, LGBT-style. I'd rather be Rory Shanks to be honest. At least now he can go and get slaughtered.


Colin Hindson tells me he was right about Rhianna. "IT WAS HINDSON WOT WON IT!" Quite.


Shanks is drowning his sorrows dancing with Joey Ellis, ex-YUSU hottie. Shanks told me this week that he is planning a trip to Hong Kong in a Land Rover should he lose. He should probably start looking in Autotrader now. He tried to explain this to Tom Flynn, who responded 'But isn't there a big ocean in the way?'. No Tom, only a small channel. It must be intellectually taxing being a lecturer.


So an incumbent is deposed! Shanks will not join Leyland in taking another year in the YUSU chair. Congrats to Rhianna though, an excellent campaign. She told me this evening that her and her brother flyered everyone leaving the cinema on Friday night at 23.00. That's effort, and it looks like it has paid off.


As Kirton is eliminated, let's see the scores...

Kinchin: 1135
Shanks: 839

It's Kinchin by a clear win. She congratulates all her campaigners and looks forward to a good term. Congratulations to Kinchin. Special K all the way.


And Student Activities now...another hotly contested...Shanks? Kinchin? Kirton?

Kirton: 430
Kinchin: 1024
Shanks: 747's up to another round...


To calls of 'Scott Scott Scott!' we have the result of the second round...

Scott: 1192
Johnson: 434
Leahy: 252
Sneddon: 269

And it's Scott! An emotion speech...Jo Carter would be proud.

Now it's YorkSport President up next...this one's hotly contested too, so stay tuned...


Johnson: 432
Scott: 1188
Sneddon: 368

Seems to be a clear leader from that..but a second round is up


More snaps from the camera of George Lowther:

Ben Humphrys accepts his new post as Welfare officer

The pressure gets to Scott

A grinning Leyland is happy with her success


The atmosphere has turned to one of a Club D or similar, with the masses congregating on the dance floor for some of the eternally appealing cheese. It's packed and everyone is loving it...just another few minutes and we'll have some more announcement for you.


Miss Hogarth-Jones has been hard at work getting interviews with our new YUSU officers...Charlie Leyland confesses herself "so excited...I thought I hadn't campaigned half as hard as last year...but I can't wait to get in with things, I know what needs to be done." Reassuring stuff there from Miss Leyland.

One student has commented: "This is the most exciting elections I've seen it's kept me on the edge of my seat."
It's most definitely been close. We've got some more Sabb positions coming up, so keep tuned in for more...


Some brilliant music coming out now, Feeder and Whetus provide a welcome break from the constant hippety hop dance music.

Suddenly blog central has been surrounded by dancing bodies. With impeccable work ethic Bulley, Mirzaii and Turner soldier on whilst Messrs Fransman, Noice, Sanchez and Woolf take the ladies for a spin on the dance floor.

It's alright for some!


Some more hot pics for you lovely people!

LGBT winners take the stage
IMG_5763 - Copy

Alex Lacy proves that he's not redundant yet

Looking very glitzy and glamorous


Another interesting nugget of information for you...a member of the Nouse team, circulating throughout the dance floor has learnt that PapaG, otherwise known as George P, is seriously considering running for another year if this one is not successful. Interesting stuff..


Reports just in...Charles Bushby looks nervous, positively sick. Not good times. The floor is sticky enough already.

And some funnies in from our very own Charlotte Hogarth-Jones. She reports that Anna Bucks isn't too pleased with Alex Lacy for breaking some important YSTV set. Oh dear. Someone isn't getting a Christmas card..


So with the second round up Coyle is eliminated. Pallas gets 768 to Humphrys' 937. That's the second time Pallas has lost for this position. Ouch, it's gotta hurt people.

Congratulations to Humphrys, the speech is short, but he's happy.


Now it's welfare up for grabs. This is highly contested, so let's see how it goes. Humphrys, Coyle or Pallas? Hang on one second and we'll see.

Coyle: 598

It's going to a second round everyone...


So, with both Academic Officer and Welfare Officer up for grabs next, what can we expects? Leyland is uncontested and a strong candidate, but Welfare is hotly contested, with exit polls revealing a potential close race between Humphrys and Pallas. How will is go?


Bulley here with the down-low from our newly elected officials.

Student Action winner Rachel Hesselwood admitted to being "like really excited" but is off home to revise for her exams next week. She says she is particularly looking forward to "meeting her new committee."

Fry and Stones are reportedly "very very pleased", have had a lovely night and can't wait to get the RAG committee working as a team.

LGBT winners Vince and Medley are still shaking from such a tense election, and can only feel relief at the moment. Their immediate plans include drinking and crying, but they look forward to putting their policies in action next year.

It's Academic Affairs and Welfare up next folks, some good quality sabb action forecasted!


More chatter from the floor - the drinks are flowing and people are increasingly prepared to go off-record. One current and one former sabbatical are predicting that Langrish is going to take the presidency by a whisker. But is this just the last prediction of the Union insiders before a nasty shock?

In separate news: liberal values are being militantly enforced tonight. Adding to the post below a crowd member shouting homophobic insults during the LGBT election got in a shoving match with a female LGBT supporter. He was summarily evicted by Doorsafe, YUSU's finest.


Thunderbird Shanks is here. "I don't watch Thunderbirds. I lived in Hong Kong. We watched Chinese Cartoons instead." Wow. Elitism and Racism in one sentence. Or two, in fact


President Scott just popped over to let us know that LGBT really came down to only 1 vote. Maybe the closest one tonight!


Vince and Medley take to the stage giving an inaudible but very emotional speech. I'm sure they're very happy with the elections etc.


Another contested position, LGBT Officer. Madavo and Ball take on Vince and Medley in the closest election yet. Vince and Medley take the lead in the second stage, by only 2 votes. The final break down is 822 to Madavo and Ball and 824 to Vince and Medley

A fight has broken out with the bouncers dragging out a member of the crowd, who had been shouting homophobic insults.


The first contested part-time position tonight will be RAG, with Fry and Stones facing up against Chew. The winner and new RAG officers are Fry and Stones, with 1346. 342 to Chew and 118 to RON.

Fry and Stones give a very quiet speech. I didn't hear it.


Thats 1475 for Hesselwood and 187 for RON. She takes to the stage in a high pitched screech, and is looking forward to the next year.


Student Action Officer up now. Rachel Hesselwood uncontested in this one...




The dancefloor is now, finally, looking filled, and there's no a vodka and lemonade in sight. Next to us, Vision have been spied looking watching the feed on our single laptop. Inspirational maybe?

Just 10 minutes until our next update now, and a short update from our presidential candidates. We asked how they were feeling. Forerunners Ngwena and Langrish commented:

Tim: 50/50, quietly confident, but very quiet.
Tom: I just want it to be over now, to be honest.

Well, as some more one-hit wonders sound out across the dancefloor, we can but wait until the next installment. Keep tuned.


Some interesting chatter from the floor: one presidential candidate and one former sabbatical officer are both convinced that Rory Shanks is doomed to fail in his re-election bid. Both said that while Shanks has the incumbent's advantage he hasn't campaigned nearly hard enough against a determined Rihanna Kinchin. Added to that he graduated as undergrad years ago and doesn't have the friends vote Kinchin can count on.


Candidate mug shots:
Daniels and Ellis

Etheridge and Rose


Thomas and Ali get 1485, with RON scoring 265...well done to them.


Women's officer up next...this is uncontested, so hold tight people...


Bulley back again. A quick word with Presidential hopeful Grant Bradley reveals that he has given up hope of winning tonight. He thinks its going to be a very close call for "candidates who actually have a chance", he wishes them the best of luck.

Cornock, new Disabled Officer says she's off to create an online forum, and Rose and Etheridge, the RON-fearers, feel "priviledged" to have been elected. They're going to "get wasted with no money" apparently. Good luck with that.


Foy's back. Some seriously awkward dancing going on from the YUSU-types - is it their dedication to the Thunderbirds act, or just a lack of rhythm? I'm going to go with both, as Shanks tries a 'Soulja Boy'


Nouse reporters on the floor have heard that one presidential candidate and one ex-sabb officer are predicting a loss for Rory Shanks tonight. We'll have to wait and see if they're right.

A gaggle of YSTV Presenters are now seizing the dance floor, taking advantage of a break from the action.


Jason Rose and his infamous costume speak on the election victory


Environment and Ethics and Womens' Officer coming up at 11, both also uncontested positions. So far nothing controversial has happened, and there's nothing in the exit polls to suggest it will with these two, but you can never tell...

Does Tom Scott think this year or last year was more stressful for him? "This year. Jesus. This time last year I was playing cards. I really didn't think I was going to win." The music seems to be overpowering him, though- he's gone briefly home "to put some earplugs in". Will this affect tonight's results? Obviously not.


Charles Bushby is charmingly inebriated. "Did Rose get RON'd?" he asks about the Campaigns Officer position. "This evening's going to shit," he says upon learning that they did not. Still, he seems confident, if not entirely steady on his feet...


Another comfortable victory for the uncontested Entertainments officer position, too, with Sam Daniels and Suzi Ellis cruising to victory 1525 to 274 RON.


...And a victory for Claire Cornock for Disability Officer, with 1480 votes to only 165 for RON. Entertainment next, another uncontested position.


Just Chris Etheridge and Jason Rose up for this position. RON is doing unusually well here- more than one in four votes, but they're still through with a comfortable margin. Rose is in full Thunderbirds gear: ten points for effort. They gracefully accept their victory. Disability next...


Nicky Woolf here, joining the Nouse blog team here on the very edge of the YUSU results arena in L/028. Currently live are myself and Jim Bulley, and the next results to be released will be for Campaigns Officer, any second now.


We've got an interview with the latest winner, David Levene, who won both Union Chair and NUS delegate. He says he's "very, very drunk", but explains that that's just for "moral support". He deserves it: he's just won two positions in a row. He's still on the ball with policy, though, planning to "set about the UGM rebranding process" and pointing out that "Council's undergoing changes which need to be implemented as efficiently as possible.



An awkward circle of dancing candidates seems to have formed in front of blog central. Matt Pallas and Ella-Grace Kirton are both there throwing some shapes, with Jason Rose seemingly undecided whether to join in or not. A hushed consultation with candidate partner Chris Etheridge seems to have persuaded him to go for it. Not exactly his forte though..


Bulley back again here. Thunderbirds really are go here in LN/028. The prize for the most impressive effort has to go to Campaigns candidate Jason Rose, who appears to be wearing an actual navy suit, complete with white stash and hat. The most effort for sure, maybe he has too much time on his hands?


Hindson has just informed me that in his failed bid for the Presidency in 2006, the exit polls predicted him a win. So don't go counting your chickens, Langrish


Colin Hindson, former Socs and Comms Officer is here now. Who is going to win Student Activities I ask?

"I'd guess Rhianna, based on her effort"

I must say, he doesn't sound too sure. But is anyone? And where is Rory?


Interview with Levene to come, but have just been informed by my intrepid News Editor that if you google 'Election night live', Nouse is the fifth hit. Exciting. Especially when you consider the polls going on in East Timor right now....


Grace Fletcher-Hackwood, former AcWelf Officer, just popped by the Nouse stand. She's here thanks to Labour Soc - though not from society funds. Still a good socialist, our Grace.

Shes "Here to support Matt and Ella" and thinks it will be "really close between Matt and Ben. Jenny hasn;t got the background and experience to back her up."

And if Coyle was to defy the critics? "With the networks and mel to support her, it's a good service, so it's able to function even without experience. But it's a much better service if it's run by someone with experience in a welfare role."


The next announcement will be coming at 10.30, and don't worry, we'll be here to chart it all.

The candidates are coming in thick and fast too. A little snippet from Charles Bushby for the record:

"You can't take life to seriously, if Langrish doesn't win this, he'll cry."

A challenge perhaps? We'll just have to wait and see...


A witty joke from our new Union Chair...

"How many student politicians does it take to change a lightbulb?"
"Only one, but they need a chair."

One he prepared earlier there.



A wee speech from Levene has he promises to 'do his best.' Thanks David.


Chair on Union council. Now, Levene was unopposed, so there's not going to much suprise here people, I warn you now.

Yep, he's through with 1314 votes, compared to 337 for RON. Congratulations for Levene.


Derwent favourite Oliver Lester's has made it, as has David Levene...


Now it's announced that Jamie Tyler and Rhianna Kinchin are through now...


With 10 candidates, it's complicated one. But, we've got Bretts, Langrish and Leyland through on the first rung....


And Tom Scott has taken to the mic to announce the first results, the NUS delegates going to the Blackpool conference...

Hold tight, it's coming..


Welfare candidate Jenny Coyle has approached the Nouse desk with a complaint. Apparently, the bar in L/0/28 doesn't do 3 VKs for £5. Can Mr Burton please rectify this? The people are unhappy.


The masses are gathering into L/0/28. Unfortunately, we still only have two girls on the dancefloor. This time there's no vodka and lemonade though.


Our local gossip-monger has been amongst the masses...we present to you his findings. Not only is Matt Burton sporting a somewhat dubious costumes, but Jamie Tyler and Alex Lacy are joining him in his antics. The trio had taken some dust suits, dyed them blue, and put them on. Nice.

And Jeanette Bond, one of those important ladies from YUSU has come as Lady Penelope.

Tom Scott has just taken the stage to announce 5 minutes until the first announcement. He's not in costume though. Shame.
Hang tight, we're almost there.


So let's cast our mind back to last year...

Tom Scott was predicted to win by an absolute shedload in the exit polls. He did go on to secure the presidency, but by a much smaller margin. Other than that, the exit polls were all correct, save AU President, which was so complicated even a keen YUSUer like me couldn't work it out. Tyler and Burton strolled to victory, as did Leyland and Shanks. Looks like an even easier stroll for Charlie tonight, but what about Rory? I'm excited. I hope you all are too.


Roaming Hack Sanchez (Woolf is at the bar) has informed me that deposed AcWelf 07 Officer Grace F-H is angling for a Nouse interview. We'll have more on that when we get it. Jim, Sian and I don our respective safety helmets...


Dancers... Vision... Whatever next?


Presidential candidate Tim Nwegna has just passed by, telling us al to 'keep it cool.' Will do, Tim.

And the dancefloor is finally populated. By two girls, dancing around a vodka and lemonade. Classy stuff ladies and gents.


And Vision have arrived, just in time. Slightly confused as to the location of their blog, but I suppose we'll see in time...

The candidates are slowly making their way into the arena otherwise known as L/0/28. Jenny Coyle is on the absinthe. Her words, not mine.


Foy's back- Well YSTV was fun. I can assure you now that words are far easier to work than cameras and sound. Lots of nervous candidates and campaigners in the bar. Langrish, however, looks pretty laid back.


As more and more candidates arrive Democracy and Services hopeful Lewis Bretts is spotted wandering through a still empty LN/028.

Ents Tech have proved their efficiency, those pizzas were demolished in record time!


News just in...Grace Fletcher Hackwood as graced the Courtyard with her presence, supporting Welfare candidate Matt Pallas. Let's just hope she doesn't bump into a certain Bushby campaigner again or Door Safe might have to step in for a second time...


To add to the beautiful arrange of costumes we have already, Matt Burton himself has just passed by the blogging station sporting a Thunderbirds-style sash and a rather suspect blue belt...after the smarties helmet last year, things could only get better...


As our very own Mr Foy heads off for a brief YSTV performance Bulley, Turner and Lowther are left to enjoy Ents Tech's private rave with our many pints lined up in front of us.

Candidates are beginning to arrive. Humphrys and Carr have been spotted at the bar and Tyler is modelling a very fetching Thunderbirds costume. The parties really getting started over here!

Reply to Oli Lester: The pirate is yet to arrive, but you will be pleased to know that drinks are well and truly allowed in LN/028. There's even a bar in there, complete with ice cream.


The night has well and truly begun for the Ents Tech boys. Pizza and Fat Boy Slim, they look in their element.


"I've got a long time to wait, I'm trying not to think about it. I'm feeling pretty excited though." Candidates are keeping things brief tonight, not revealing too much. Know how to find out more? Keep logged on and watch YSTV. We'll be with you all night.


Miss Rhianna Kinchin is currently in residence at the Nouse blogging office, deep in discussion with Mr Foy. How does she feel about the exit polls I wonder? Feeling confident? Time to interrogate...


The bar is open ladies and gentlement, Langwith is filling up and the night is officially underway. The first results will be announced at 10.00, with the NUS delegates being the first to find out their fate. Who will make the elusive team of 9? Langrish? Lester? Batula? Only time will tell...For now, I suggest some VK.


A large freezer full of ice cream has arrived at the bottle bar. This night just gets better and better!


George Lowther arrives armed with flashes, clamps, lenses and cameras, he looks like a portable Jessops.

It appears Ents Tech know how to throw a party. With lights flashing around the room, loud music shaking every surface and the promise of pizza on its way these guys look set for a good night out. All 5 of them.


And there they of sartorial elegance, those YSTV presenters.


Two reporters from an alien news body just attempted to gain access to the election results hall and were turned away by door staff. Sad times for unofficial online blogs tonight...

YSTV's election feed should be going live any time soon. Tune in to watch the beautiful Anna Bucks and her dream team chart the reactions of all the winners and the losers online at


As Flo Ryder blares from the speakers, the finishing touches are being put to the hall and the portable bar in the corner is getting its fill of VKs. It can't be long now.


Here's how tonight's going to work. It's Henry James Foy here, and currently blogging alongside me is Jim Bulley and Sian Turner. Chris 'Tech General' Northwood is on hand to stop it deteriorating into webshite, and 'Gorgeous' George Lowther will be shooting all night. Old hands Raf Sanchez and Nicky Woolf will be liberally spreading their satire over the blog, and Charlotte Hogarth-Jones will be getting all the reactions, Cat Deeley style, from the winners.


Trying to explain Single Transferable Vote to an Environmental Science student here. It's proving difficult - I have a sneaky suspicion that a lot of the science behind the winners tonight will go over people's heads.


The bar's closed, apparently. That sounds like a great way to maximise profitability. Doors open at 9pm everyone - with the first results at 9.30. Don't worry if you can't make it though, Nouse will keep you up to date throughout the night.


Pretty empty here - tension building. Peter Kidd, YUSU Health and Safety Officer is prowling around like a parking officer. YSTV are hoping he doesn't pop his head into their building site.


So the exit polls show a potential narrow victory for Langrish over Ngwena and a close race between Rory Shanks and Rhianna Kinchin for Student Activities. Eager to see how it'll be played out? Stay tuned and we'll keep you updated.


News just in...the exit polls have been released. Mr Henry James Foy is eagerly tapping away at his laptop. "It's going to be close," he reveals.


Ladies and gentlmen, welcome to YUSU elections night 2009, brought to you live by Nouse and YSTV. We'll be here throughout the night, bringing you up to the minute results as the positions are released. At present, Langwith bar and L/O/28 are looking pretty sparse, with Ents Tech setting up amidst the flashing of strobe lights.

Later this evening YSTV will be reporting live, with exclusive interviews with the evening's winners and losers. You can watch them online at

Stay tuned and we'll keep you updated as things hot up.

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Candidate Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

im on my way whoop whoop


Grant Bradley Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

I'm setting off in just a little while, had a rough day at work and could do with a large drink before heading to face the music!


Oliver Lester Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Has the "presidential" pirate announced whether drinks will be allowed to be consumed in L/028 yet?


jamie Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Matt Pallas is a welfare candidate.


Sian Turner Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Apologies, we'll get that corrected.


Chris Lewis, for EntsTech Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

We're glad you're enjoying the EntsTech entertainment. We always aim to please...

...although as I write the lighting board has broken.



Post-it. Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Why is Henry not on YSTV, it's getting suspenseful without him.


Alex Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Make sure you keep Sanchez well away from Vision. Grace might have to break up a fight this time.


Alex Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Bloody hell, YSTV bird is posh. It's like 1950s BBC news.


Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Bloody hell HJF is fit, it's like newspaper editors from Hollyoaks.


Timothy Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

"But it's a much better service if it's run by someone with experience in a welfare role."

Says Punchy "I shouldn't have to resign!" McPunch.


Gareth Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Do you want to argue with her, Timothy?


LoL Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

lol at Jason Rose in his 'costume' ....


Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

just generally lol at Jason Rose?


Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

The women's officers seem a bit wasted.

I truly feel represented.


Katie Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

The Women's officers were completely and utterly sober, they were just very very excited!


.. Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Charlie, on the other hand, was so drunk that her speech was amusing to hear :)

Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Could we have a photo of Henry please?


Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Get YSTV to interview Buzzbee! I want to see his drunken ramblings.


James Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Such a shame my vote for RON with Jason Rose wasn't enough...


Grant Bradley Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Just to clarify my quote, whilst tonight may mark the end of my presidential campaign, it certainly isn't the end of my involvment in YUSU. after spending two weeks telling you to 'get involved', I intend to follow my own advice!


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

How drunk is Bushby! I heard he was on a park bench all day with some White Strike 'preparing' himself for the evening ahead and Mr Taylor's rants


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

What would have happened if the LGBT had turned out to be a dead heat?


Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Grudge match.


Richard Mitchell Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

The constitution doesn't say... intriguing. Maybe it's specified in the definition of "Single Transferable Vote" that they use.


Jason Rose Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

The Returning Officer gets the casting vote. It was explained in the election briefing and is constitutional - Tom Scott writes down voting preferences and seals them to be opened in the case of a dead heat on the night. I would HATE to be in that situation if it ever occured!

Richard Mitchell Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

I thought that might be the case but wasn't sure as I couldn't find it.

Given his quote about it only really coming down to one vote, perhaps he did have to exercise this right in the LGBT election?

Chris Northwood Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Tom Scott said in his interview with YSTV that he (as returning officer) gets the deciding vote in a tie


Jim Bulley Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Yep, the Returning Officer has a deciding vote.
If I remember correctly the officer makes their decisions the night before voting opens. These are then kept in a sealed envelope until results night, which Saul would have opened in the case of a tie.

Gareth Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Is Tom Scott a pirate tonight?


Nonny Mouse Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

"I lived in Hong Kong. We watched Chinese Cartoons instead".

I don't understand how that's elitist, let alone racist!


Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Not enough media focus on our gorgeous Nouse editor. More please.


Nouse Are Idiots Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

"I lived in Hong Kong. We watched Chinese Cartoons instead".

That's not racist you idiots.


Alex Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

"liberal values are being militantly enforced tonight."


William Attwood Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Henry James Foy? Henry James Fit!


Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Second that.


Zofia Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

I am wreck


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Put a cork in it


Zofia Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

How about...NO


Zofia Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019



VERY pleased for Peter and Elanin Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

As the name suggests...

Very very well deserved-but the closeness of the race goes to prove that experience and passion almost gets lost in elections. A catchy song really CAN help you (almost) win an election.

I have personally watched Peter especially slog his heart out for a year for LGBT now. The duo deserved a win...

Kinch to win now! x


Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Thank you YSTV for gracing our screens with HJF.


dUCKFACE Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

No Im the one with a face like a duck


Zofia Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Duckface for President


Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Henry James Foy for president.


Zofia Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

How does Henry James Foy feel about people who have faces like ducks?


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Why is everyone as pissed as me?!!!!!


Ciara Masterson Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Well done Senor Foy & Co., the light humour is appreciated as I sit in my bedroom essaying to the sounds of plebian York enjoying hen nights and other pointless middle-age booze-ups in Reflex. Tell Messr. Fransman to at least pretend he has a job in Nouse and crack on with some blogging instead of dancing with the ladies.


Tabinda Khilji Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

WOOOOOOO RHIANNAAAAA!!!!!!! I'm SO pleased! A VERY VERY well deserved win!


Marcus Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

"Who was that man who could move his chest?"
"Oh that was marcus"
"tell me he's got a career in that"



A. Catsambas Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

"Ed, Lewis or David"?! What about George?


Jim Bulley Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Sorry A, Typo.

Change has been made.


jamie Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Photo caption error: for the second time tonight lgbt is not the same as welfare. Ben is Welfare.


Tabinda Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

LOL @ Marcus


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

come on timmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!


Henry VIII Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Did anyone catch that text on the ticker of YSTV?


Lovely stuff.


A. Catsambas Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

How many votes did George get?


Tabinda Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Gutted for Ed. Bretts will be amazing however. Well done so far....

What time are they announcing president?


anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

george got 344


Anjli Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Foy, behave.... x


Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Foy, don't behave!


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

get in!!!!


Richard O'Neill Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Well done Tim, very closely fought election!


Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Why didn't Grant win??? I demand a recount!!!


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Exactly what I was thinking!! How could Grant Bradley not have won?!?

It's been rigged!!


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Thank you Foy and team, a very enjoyable live blog!


Tom Flynn Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

"(00.47) He should probably start looking in Autotrader now. He tried to explain this to Tom Flynn, who responded 'But isn't there a big ocean in the way?'. No Tom, only a small channel. It must be intellectually taxing being a lecturer."

I don't DO geography okay?!!!!


Kit Dixon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Yet again the people I was supporting have lost (except Emily WOOO!), but this is still a strong YUSU team, congratulations to them, and good luck.


anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

incredible! the first black yusu president! i voted for change did anyone else.

this is sarcasm. who cares if the president is black, white, purple or martian. this isn't america. i really don't know any racist uni students, do you?

i think we all voted on policies so please don't make this about race.


Dan Taylor Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

1 in 4 of Jason Rose's votes was RON! Disappointing though I find this, I think it says one heck of a lot as well as being very, very funny.

Digs aside, congratulations to all the candidates for winning. Shame about Charles, Durkin and Johnson. I also think Langrish fell to a smoothly fought publicity game, but Tim will (hopefully) be a capable president and do a great job.


Richard O'Neill Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

I voted RON for quite a few positions, not because I didn't feel the people were good for the role, but:
a) because there were SO many roles I didn't feel informed about what most of them do or who the candidates were (afterall, it's hard enough choosing just between labour and conservatives)
b) because a lot of them were just one person I didn't want to just blindly vote for people, they were going to get in anyway (have we ever had RON win?)
c) it's kind of my way of saying "I want to exercise my right to vote, but am not sure who to vote for / don't feel this position is properly contested" etc. as if you abstain I would probably go into the 'apathy' pile.

But on what I saw as the main ones I voted. I was talking to a friend about the idea of having a core committee chosen by us meaning it's more hotly contested, and then possibly this committee give interviews and decide who is going into the minor roles. He said that would just reinforce YUSU cliqueness, so I don't know. But if in our government you had to vote for EVERY cabinet member and secretaries of various departments who would even bother? You vote for the party you 'trust' (i.e. the least bad one :P) and they decide which ministers have the best experience to do the job for better or worse.

I guess the simplistic way of looking at it is if there are 15 different positions to vote for you spend a third less time becoming informed about the positions and the people running for them than if there were just 5 positions. And you also get the problem of uncontested positions and in the case of the RE officer, positions that noone at all runs for. I could have run for that and regardless of how capable I am I would have probably got it. (That's not a dig at the newly elected SU guys, honest!)


James Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we saw history made. Congratulations to all candidates."

Get over yourselves... he isn't Obama about to make great changes. Yes, he's black but this is a multicultural University and always has been...


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Pipe down in the back


Linda Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Can people please use the forums properly and not express opinions about ducks and/or duckfaces.



Kit Darcy Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019



Dave Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Did anyone else not vote for Bushby owing to the support of Dan Taylor?


Indeed Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019


A little amusing that Dan is mocking Jason for notching up 25% RONs given

a) How poorly his own candidate did

b) That if Dan were to himself run uncontested for a YUSU position the RON figure would be closer to 95% than 25%


Jason Rose Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Considering that Bushby got 28% more votes than Bradley and that not only had Bradley been the rank outsider all along but that he was last in all polls and that the Yorker's exit polls suggested that Bushby would be 150% ahead...

And that Dan Taylor said that Bushby would be right up there all along...

Well, we know that Taylor's occasionally wrong. I was expecting the highest RON of the night (perhaps related to the fact that Taylor has this vendetta thing going on) and the final vote was about right. As long as my popularity increases during my time as Campaigns Officer, I will be most satisfied with how I've fared - if it drops further then I've obviously failed. At least I'll have had a YUSU position before the end of my degree though, and I don't even have any real aspirations for them. "Jason Ron" 1:0 "Menergy Taylor"

In response to the other comment... "But if in our government you had to vote for EVERY cabinet member and secretaries of various departments who would even bother?"

We don't even get to vote for Prime Minister!

But no, I think that having YUSU sabbaticals dictate who gets the other positions is unnecessary. Perhaps the non-sabbaticals could be elected at a different time, could be elected by their committees (i.e. by the college reps) or some other formula but the system isn't *that* broken so I suspect that it's an "if it ain't broke don't fix it" situation, even if there are some problems.

If you think it's a real problem, however, by all means email, or submit a UGM constitutional update. The constitution is on the YUSU website under "union" if you would like to see it! And I'm sure that a number of us would happily help you out with it and debate pros+cons publicly! :)


DB Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Is it really worth claiming a "1-0" when all you've done is be voted into a position which quite frankly, isn't that impressive but, better yet, more than one in four thought you couldn't do?

I might re-evaluate my logic if I were you...

Dan Taylor Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Bushby's campaign raised awareness regarding YUSU, accountability and the like. Incidentally, I suggest you check your maths regarding The Yorker poll. Not only is your percentage calculus wrong, but the findings of both polls were wrong as they usually are and have been during my three years here. If I'm not mistaken, Nouse had it to Langrish by a whisker and The Yorker to Ngwena by a much larger margain than he eventualy won by. What they say regarding Bushby and his eventual vote % is thus almost irrelevent.

"At least I


Chris Northwood Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

You are mistaken Dan. <-- Our poll put Ngwena in front, but by a considerably larger margin than he finally won by <-- the "exit" poll put Langrish in front, but only by a whisker

There is so much statistical analysis fun that could be had with the vote results - one I'd love to see is a per-day breakdown of the results.


Dan Taylor Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Perhaps I am confusing the 'exit polls' with the standard polls taken during the campaign. This supports my point that polls taken vary and often don't replicate the actual result.

Last year, Tom S won hugely on the exit poll inspite of The Yorker that gave Nads a big lead. This year, the exit poll was incorrect and the one taken by Nouse previously was more accurate.


Christopher Etheridge Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

In my view, the time for debating election results is now over. People will always have different preferences regarding particular candidates; such a situation is natural in all elections.

I also think that all those who stood for election, or who participated in any of the election campaigns, deserve a pat on the back. Both Dan and Jason should be commended because each has made a significant contribution to the recent election. YUSU needs people who are prepared to stand for election, and candidates need campaigners.

Finally, regardless of the number of RONS both myself and Jason received in the recent election, I feel we are both capable and willing to try our best. I would prefer to be judged on the progress we make as campaigners over the next year; if we aren't successful over the next year then criticism will be fair.


Thank you! Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Finally a moderate and mature response amongst all of the mud-slinging.


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