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The standard of the campaign is high - now it's down to the student body to make the most of that, so VOTE!

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I've been following the YUSU elections through the good offices of YSTV and (of course) Nouse. The standard of the campaign is high - now it's down to the student body to make the most of that, so VOTE!

The view from Hes Hall is not, as is sometimes characterised, that students are an irritating pimple itching the surface of the august academic body. Rather, it is that students are an essential part of the governance machinery of the University and that they need to be represented well.

Let's take that thought in two bites: first, representation. I/ we/'the University' need to be confident that the sabbatical officers represent the views (in all their diversity) of the students. This means that it is not a beauty contest - you have to vote according to the policies, not the personalities, on offer. Please read/watch/question all the candidates and understand what their platform is before you vote. And then VOTE!

Secondly, you need to be represented well. There are those who will read my previous paragraph as a commentary on last year's election so let me set the record straight. Your 'pirate' president understood at hustings the need to listen and respond thoughtfully and has developed those skills very well indeed to negotiate extremely effectively in and out of the committee room. He has led a very dedicated team, with the result that, among other things, the Union has demonstrated its commercial credentials, has addressed its governance review, has overseen a superb Rag week, has got library hours extended, has got Sports Centre hours extended, has provided a powerful voice in the rent review, has funded the shortfall in Student Action finances by a successful petition to central coffers - and I could go on.

Representation is not about confrontation with 'the University', but about ensuring a) that the interests of the student population are kept at the forefront of the thinking as decisions about inevitably limited resources are made, and b) that good ideas filter upwards (watch out for the pharmacy, coming soon to Market Square).

Don't under-estimate the importance of the Students Union to the quality of your time at York - and don't think that it all just happens, whatever your involvement. One last time - please take the time to engage with the campaigns and VOTE!

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