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Student Activities hustings shows all is to play for

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As Rhianna Kinchin, Ella-Grace Kirton and Rory Shanks lined up to speak at hustings yesterday the combination of new and old faces made for some interesting presentations. Whilst the experience of Kinchin and Shanks was increasingly obvious, spectators were also impressed with the well presented new approach of Kirton.

Kinchin gave an emotional speech, centered around her experience in YUSU and JCRCs, experience which was unfortunately later topped by Shanks. Using emotive but largely redundant statements such as "I listen to students" and "YUSU is you and you are YUSU" she definitely impressed the audience, who cheered her off at the end. The use of Special K as a campaign prop belittled Kinchin's efforts, but her presentation was good and she remains a strong candidate.

Kirton was a political outsider before hustings yesterday, where she proposed a swathe of ideas she described as "fresh". Regardless of how similar these "fresh" ideas were to Kinchin and Shanks' policies Kirton gave a good speech and explained herself clearly. Her inexperience did cause some problems in the question round, where her responses were a little less coherent and a little more panicked that YUSU veterans Kinchin and Shanks. Overall Kirton provides viable opposition to the YUSU clique.

Whilst Shanks definitely emerged on top after hustings, the competition is still very open. His quick and snappy responses to questions showed his experience, especially as he handled questions about projects which he had started. Whilst Shanks strengths were clear to all those in attendance, many will have left with the feeling that with his approach may be going stale, and something new is needed.

Although Shanks led the debate with his confidence and charm, his policies may not be as popular as the newer approach of Kinchin and Kirton.

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