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Candidates confirmed for upcoming YUSU elections

The official list of candidates for the upcoming YUSU elections was published this afternoon. A total of 20 students are contesting the 6 sabbatical positions.

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The official list of candidates for the upcoming YUSU elections was published this afternoon, with 47 students registered for election. Nominations are now closed and candidates can begin campaigning next Tuesday. Sabbatical Officers, part-time Executive Officers, NUS delegates and a Chair of Union Council will be elected in Week 9.

The race for President will be between Tom Langrish, Tim Ngwena, Grant Bradley and Charlie Bushby. Current YUSU Policy and Campaigns Officer Langrish had looked to be uncontested but now faces tough competition from Fusion chair Ngwena, rowing team member Bushby and URY show host Bradley. Despite rumours to the contrary, Rory Shanks, YUSU Societies and Communications Officer will not be running for President.

Shanks will be returning to run for Student Activities Officer this year, a new position similar to the work he did with societies last year. Shanks is contested by another current officer, YUSU Training Officer Rhianna Kinchin and third-year student Ella-Grace Kirton.

York Sport President, formerly Athletic Union President, looks set to be a five-way tie as the most contested position this year. YSTVs York Sport Presenter Emily Scott, York Sport Tournament Secretary Gemma Johnson and York Sport Treasurer Michael Leahy are running. They will be contested by candidates Michael Sneddon and Kath Mildon.

The new position of Democracy and Services Officer, similar to the current Services and Finance Officer, is set to be another well-contested position. Candidates lining up to compete for this position are YUSU Entertainment Officer Ed Durkin, ISA Welfare Officer George Papadofragakis, former Halifax Student Association chair David Sharp and Lewis Bretts.

The current position of Academic and Welfare Officer has been split into two, with incumbent officer Charlie Leyland running uncontested for Academic Officer.

The position of Welfare Officer is closely contested, with three very able candidates competing. Current YUSU LGBT Officer Ben Humphrys, former YUSU LGBT Officer Matthew Pallas and Tanning Soc Chair and Vanbrugh JCRC member Jenny Coyle will compete for this position.

Claire Cornock will be running uncontested for the part-time position of Disabilities Officer, with David Clarke & Jade Flahive-Gilbert running for Environment and Ethics Officer. Iszi Chew is running against the pairs Helen Fry & Zoe Stones and Sarah Goss & Will Scobie for RAG Officer, whilst Rachel Hesselwood is standing uncontested for Student Action Officer.

LGBT Officer candidates are also standing in pairs this year, with Mandi Madavo & James Ball running against Elanin Vince & Peter Warner Medley. Sam Daniels & Suzi Ellis stand uncontested for Entertainments Officer, as do Chris Etheridge & Jason Rose for Campaigns Officer.

Ellie Kuper-Thomas and Amal Ali will be running for the position of Womens Officer and no candidates will be running for Racial Equality Officer.

Labour Soc Chair David Lavene is running uncontested for Chair of Union Council, and candidates for NUS Delegates include: Ali Allana; Michael Batula; Lewis Bretts; Daniel G. Carr; Rhianna Kinchin; Tom D. Langrish; Oliver Lester; David Levene; Charlie Leyland; Kath Mildon and Jamie Tyler.

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Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Tanning Soc? Is this some kind of joke.


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

.....er, who on earth is Grant Bradley and what has he ever done for the uni?


Richard O'Neill Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

He's a second year management student, one of my classmates. I didn't realise there was criteria for running for president (your comment came off a bit bitchy, maybe that's just the internet though). He's a very nice guy.

Anyway, I'm not here to defend Grant, I'm sure he can do that himself :p just giving some balance to what appears to be a little dig at a very genuine, nice guy. If you don't like him you could have always run for president yourself, anon ;).


Kate Taylor Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

No. It was a new society, ratified last year. It promotes safe tanning and donates profits to Skin Cancer Research UK.


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Tanning soc is serious, her campaign is a joke!


Anon Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Clearly Tom Scott was too much for us all - one year after voting in a candidate who promised that he wasn't part of the 'YUSU clique' or inside crowd, we (or at least the good folks directing us here at Nouse) are lauding two candidates, because they "have YUSU experience, ideal for taking on the responsibilities of a new position". Clearly the continuing comment (as one would expect from balanced journalism) - that, alternatively, a new role could just as easily benefit from being pioneered from a new perspective (or that the third candidate has also been involved in YUSU activities in the past) - fell through the cracks during editing. After all, all three Welfare candidates are 'able' in the author's opinion, is that not the case for Activities? Clearly also some remiss grammar is responsible for the tailing of two of the sport candidates to an apparent 'also ran' position.

It would also be rather wonderful if Nouse were to actually do a serious in-depth analysis of all the candidates, citing individual merits and demerits, rather than emphasising the official positions each candidate currently holds or ever held - but that, I suppose, would be to naively assume that YUSU elections are not largely popularity contests anyway (Cap'n Scott again).


Chris Northwood Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

This is just an introductory article written on a tight deadline following the release of the candidates list! Many candidates are best known as a result of their current positions in YUSU and other societies which is why we've included it in this article.

We're printing our biggest ever 60 page edition in week 9 which will include more in-depth analysis of all candidates with a special 6-page pullout guide. I'll also be cracking the whip for our news team to get as much coverage of all the candidates as possible, so rest assured - our coverage will not be simply "emphasising the official positions each candidate currently holds or ever held".

And as for the popularity contest comment, well you may be on to something there - but I'm forever a cynic :P

Chris, Technical Director


Jason Rose Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Yeah, Nouse don't want to ruin their own newspaper by putting the best articles online four days before the 'paper is out, do they? :P


Katie Williams Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Just to clarify, Amal Ali and Ellie Kuper-Thomas are running a joint campaign and not competing against each other.


Grace Fletcher-Hackwood Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Good luck everyone. (Can't stay away...)


madrin Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Yes good luck everyone, and remember Welfare candidates: Try not to punch anyone!


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