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University rises seven spots in Times league table

The University of York has risen seven places in the Times Good University Guide, coming ninth in this year's rankings.

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The University of York has risen seven places in the Times Good University Guide, coming ninth in this year's rankings.

After a poor showing last year in which the University was ranked 16th, York came one spot below Durham and one above Bristol, with a final score of 736 out of 1000. The table was topped by Oxford for the second year in a row.

YUSU President Anne-Marie Canning welcomed the news, saying: "This is excellent news for the university. I'm absolutely ecstatic. I'm dancing."

A University spokesperson could not be reached for comment.

York scored 77% in the student satisfaction category. Writing in the Guide, Editor John O' Leary said: "Adding the new measure to the existing set of entry scores, research grades and graduate destinations has brought big changes in some tables because the most satisfied students are not always at the most prestigious universities."

York did not top any individual subject tables but performed well in many. The Department of Chemistry was ranked fifth in the country while History came sixth and English eighth.

The departments of Electronics and Education Studies, which both saw a 44% drop in applications this year were ranked 21st and 34th respectively.

Full information is available on the Times Good University Guide website.

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3 Comment

Steve Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

Excellent news - and with the sports centre refurb we could go higher again next year seeing as York is always disadvantaged by the lack of money in which it spends on facilities.


Student Education Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

Yes, I've looked at these stats, and while they may be statistically accurate, many of the Education Studies are limited to specific factors. For example; if you look at what the rankings are bassed on, you have to base that information against every other university. That's assuming this is what is most important to that individual.

So if my preference is finding a good all round University that has a very good Student Education Finance program, then it's clear to see where my priority of Choosing a university will be.


Jason Rose Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019


Anyway, nobody thinks that the Times Guide is accurate and the new ranking system is deliberately engineered to make "their" type of universities seem better, according to the common conspiracy theory. In which case it is irrelevant how we rank but how we either get prospective students to make their choice or how we change the way in which universities are ranked.

12th (5 above are University of London and one is "School of African and Oriental Studies, though) on staff-student ratio, 7th on Research Quality, top 25 on facilities spending, top 10 on numbers completing etc...

But those that have stricter exams, like us, end up lower on the list and the completion is surely down to the students and not the institution? It seems strange to me that we should be down there. I've never seen St Andrew's ranked higher than us on a good league table.

Their graduate prospects and student satisfaction are the only things higher - by their own rankings we're the better at educating and researching, and even spend more (though I'm not sure why that is the criteria. Spending isn't always reflective of quality)...


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