Concerns raised over rogue landlords

The University Student Services Committee has raised concerns over the current manner in which private landlords target students.

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The University Student Services Committee has raised concerns over the current manner in which private landlords target students.

Landlords who have signed up to the letting scheme run by the University feel that they are losing out to rivals that are targeting students before them.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Students Jane Grenville, who also chairs he Student Services Committee, said: "Landlords who advertise through [the University] feel that they are at a disadvantage as we don't allow them to advertise until February. Many students will have already signed up with landlords that have targeted them as early as December or November.
"We are really anxious for people to hold off until the spring term," she added.

"We are anxious for two reasons. One, early landlords often charge higher rents; and two, people are getting into groups before they have sized each other up," explained Grenville.

Landlords have been encouraged to join the University's scheme, which guarantees properties that have passed all the mandatory health and safety guidelines.

YUSU President Anne-Marie Canning, said that non-affiliated rental companies have been illegally advertising properties on campus. "People don't know that their advertising should be pulled down. College tutors are being taught to tear them down," she said.

The Student Services Committee, which met last week, has also agreed that rises in ultility prices should be passed on to students, beginning next term.

The University will absorb rises in the price of water, electricity and gas up to 4%, but, should the price rise further, the costs will be added to the rental bill for that particular period.

"When bills go up at home, I have to pay them. Increased charges always get passed onto customers. If we are going to produce competent citizens, students need to realise this happens in the real world," said Grenville.

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Chris Northwood Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

Sinclairs are notorious for targeting students early, yet they're allowed to advertise on the YUSU website?


Matthew Pallas Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

Problems with pushy letting agencies? Students being forced into looking for and signing contracts on houses too early?

Where ever could I have heard this before?

Oh yeah... my election campaign...


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