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An event drenched in grandeur college sports day certainly is not.

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Wednesday June 11th 2008

Whilst enjoying the three or four days of summer that York brings us every year, students at our university reluctantly turn their attention to college sport for the ever treacherous College Sports Day. An event drenched in grandeur it certainly is not - the standard turnout consists of the people who are either waiting for their turn to battle in the tug of war contest or have sprained their ankle warming up on the spectacle that is the "athletics track". However, don't write it off completely just yet.

When many of us were at school, the highlight of the day wasn't the 100m sprint or the long jump. It was one of the more jovial events, like the Parents Race, or for some of the more exclusive schools - the Chauffeurs Race. We flocked around these events because nobody had any idea what was going to happen.

This is exactly why people should go to College Sports Day, because it's always a step into the unknown. The athletics club as far as I can tell generally has somewhere between three and five people who go for a run every couple of days for most of the year. From what I've gathered, and I might be wrong - they don't have the strongest sports club on campus. However, for the casual members of the athletic club and the people you always see on the running track at stupid o clock in the morning, this is their time to shine. This is their Wimbledon.

The average Joe plays tennis for two weeks while the action is playing out on centre court then forgets about it for the rest of the year. It's exactly the same with College Sports Day - we get interested in athletics briefly while the sun is out in week nine then forget it again. Perhaps our lack of enthusiasm about athletics is why the track and surrounding playing surfaces are in such a state of disrepair, although judging by the farce that is the new gym - a complete revamp will do more harm than good.

In essence, what I'm saying is... take a wander down to College Sports Day - it's effectively the University of York's egg and spoon race.

On a side note, it was nice to see that the Germans still aren't doing themselves any favours. After their match against Poland last week (which went without any hint of invasion... of the pitch) several hundred Germans were arrested for shouting Nazi slogans and being general idiots. Congratulations, you won a football match. You still lost the war.

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2 Comment

Nothingtodeclare Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

What an unnecessary jibe at Derwent Rugby...

And also...top marks for writing a blog entry on the blindingly obvious - that College Sports Day is essentially just about fun...well congratulations, have a great big medal. Maybe write about something useful for a change.


Anon Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

"Germans were arrested for shouting Nazi slogans and being general idiots. Congratulations, you won a football match. You still lost the war."

How anal are you?


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