Day 1 - as it happened

A blow-by-blow account of the opening day of Roses 2008

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CURRENT OVERALL SCORE - Lancaster 44 - 45 York

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The Men's Darts has finally got underway, following the eventual 7-2 victory for Lancaster in the Women's event before the boisterous crowd of 300.


Our man at the Darts says that the Women's event is still going on, despite the fact that Lancaster have already won the 5 matches needed to secure the best-of-nine victory and the two points. Mens to come.


If you missed the drama and excitement of the Indoor Hockey matches this afternoon, you can read our report here.


The Men's Darts is underway down in Pendle Bar - win that and York will go into Super Saturday with a 3 point cushion. But, lose it and Lancaster will hold a one-point lead. Whatever happens, York have taken the day. Great effort all round.


Strong contender for quote of the day: Someone reading tomorrow's timetable while watching the rugby - "Christian Worship? Why is that worth no points?"


Disgusting tales of sabotage being told by Politics Editor and Rugby 2nd team player Alberto Furlan. When he came to Lancaster for Roses 2006 in his first year, a group of Lancaster rogues burst into the lecture hall where the York players were sleeping, and chucked a bucket of pasta bolognese all over the room. Naturally, some York players thought that the mix was vomit, and thus began to vomit themselves. This created a rather repulsive domino effect, until a large proportion of the hall were retching over the floor. Needless to say - they didn't get a great night sleep. Let's hope there are no repeats this year.


All is quiet on the Western front. With half an hour to go until the Men's Darts gets underway, all the Nouse reporters have crashed in the office. Surrounded by empty sandwiches packages, cups of coffee, discarded laptops and wooden pallets (see 11:06), we're all reeling from 10 hours of solid reporting. Still, there's two hours of Darts and lots of pints of Lancastrian Lager ahead of us.

19:35 Lancaster 44 - 45 York

Oh dear, the commentator's curse has struck. Lancaster have won the Women's Darts by 5 matches to 2, giving them 2 points and closing the gap once more to one point. All eyes to the Men's event then.


I'm still reeling from Adam Shergold's incredible knowledge of Darts euphemisms. Who knew?


Well well well. With only 4 points left today in the Darts, York have a 3 point lead. That's pretty good considering that Lancaster began the day with a 14 point lead. Still, wins for Lancaster 'at the oche' would give them a slender one point lead overnight.

19:29 Lancaster 42 - 45 York

No worries - the final whistle goes in the Hockey and York have hung on for a 3-2 victory. Two precious points for York then, and that puts daylight between the teams for the first time in a while.


It's getting a wee bit tense down at the Mens Hockey. Three-nil up at half time, it's now 3-2 thanks to a goal from Lancaster striker Philip Schachk. The crowd are going mental.


In case you missed it, or couldn't decipher what happened from our blog coverage, check out a report of the Rugby Sevens matches played this afternoon here. York picked up 4 points and Lancaster 3.


Comment here from Lucy James, the York Women's Swim Team Social Secretary: "The lads did really well, and so did the women, considering that two of our top performers were not on top form as they are recovering from injury." Damn injuries. I used to be a swimmer once, you know. I'd like to say that injury forced me to quit but it would be a lie.

19:18 Lancaster 42 - 43 York

Swimming results. York Men have taken the spoils with a 38 to 24 point victory, but the women's event was won by Lancaster with 41 points to York's 23. Overall, that means both teams pick up 2 points, and the score stands at 42 - 43 to York


Gilbault has been beaten for the first time - Alex Hall has put one past York's super goalie from a short corner to make it 3-1.


While the Mens Hockey team take a breather, you can check out match reports from the Frisbee, Rugby and Squash events that took place this afternoon by following the links on our homepage. Sports Aficionado Adam Shergold has been bashing them out. Not literally. They were crafted with care.


York's Jenny Coyle has unfortunately just lost 2-1 in the 6th Womens Darts match, leaving Lancaster one victory away from winning the event. It's 4-2 overall at the moment with 3 to play.


Will Gibault is the super-goalkeeper who is defying Lancaster's best efforts in the Hockey. "Best player on the pitch," according to Woolf. Better than Ilka?


Foy is back on the case here in the SCAN cave. Sanchez is off to go and get some air. Half time in the hockey - and it's still 3-0. That'll be two more points for York if it stays the same.


Ilka Krieger, who single-handedly destroyed York's Women, is said to be despairing at Lancaster's gradual hemorrhaging of goals in the Men's game. "Why do the boys always lose?" she asks.


York have scored a third time, Adleman again - this time in a solo from inside our half. Our goalie is twisting and turning "like something out of the Matrix", says Nicky. 3 - 0 just before half-time.


The play is pretty even in the Men's Hockey 1sts but our goalie is miles ahead of theirs. Keep them out, keep them out.


The phone in the office is literally to croak when it rings. It sounds like a duck being stepped on. In worse news, it looks like Boris Johnson is on course to become Mayor of London. According to senior Tories they are "99% certain" he'll win. The world's gone mad.


Rich Adleman has followed Watson and scored for York off of a short corner. It's 2 - 0 and the York crowd is singing again.


York's Ed Watson has opened the scoring in the Men's 1sts Hockey. It's a small step towards restoring the Hockey Club's pride. Come on, York!


Some swimming results: York has won the Men's Butterfly, despite one of our competitors being disqualified for a false start. Lancaster has won the Women's backstroke. It's close.


The atmosphere in the sport's hall is tense as the Men's 1sts prepare to fight it out in the same space in which the Women's 1sts were just humiliated. Our correspondent reports that the team are strong in the attack but weaker in defense. They're apparently an aggressive and will need to be in facing a triumphant Lancaster.


Some interesting happenings at the darts. Heena B has won 2 - 0 for York, meaning the overall score is 3 - 2. The interesting thing is that this time last Heena was playing for Lancaster and is known on the York team as 'the Convert'. A welcome addition she is too as York seems to slowly turn the tide.


York just lost the Women's medley relay but we've won the Men's. We won't know who wins the 2 points until all the disciplines are done.


Alison Walker of York's Women's Darts has won 2 - 0, meaning the current score in the darts is 3 - 1. If Lancaster reach 5 it's all over and they take the 2 points.

18:37 - Lancaster 40 - 41 York

More bad news. The Women's Hockey ended 12 - 0 to Lancaster giving them 2 points and putting them one behind at 40 to York's 41 . Goals 11 and 12 were scored in quick succession with Krieger setting up both just before the final whistle. A dejected Carter said: "I cannot express in words the total humiliation of this. Let's hope the men can do better."


Back to the Hockey where it's 10 - 0. Our correspondent can't find anything to say and is just making noises of despair. One grunt for every Lancaster goal.


People are warming up for the short course swimming, set to begin any minute now.


They outmaneuver a Lancaster defender but the shot is wide.


The whole office flinches every time the phone rings. But now York has a penalty.


A valiant attack by Jo Carter nearly scores. But doesn't.


It's 8 - 0. We're going to stop reporting on the Hockey, as it's too depressing. Our staff are getting under the desks and rocking back and forth in despair. It's become 9 - 0 in the time it took me to write that. Has Jo Carter got Ellis and Canning in defence? What is going on?


Krieger has scored again, leaving York trailing 7 - 0. "She's too fast for the York side," says Nicky Woolf - our sidelines correspondent.


Half-time is over and Lancaster have exploded back into play. They've assaulted the York goal but haven't scored.. yet.


It's half-time in the Women's Hockey and York are still flailing. The current score is 6 - 0. Ilka Krieger, the Lancaster star, says: "The team are awesome, we are playing really well." Carter is going to have rally the troops in a big way to reverse this. Is this a premonition of an overall 'gunking' to come?


York's third player in the darts, Lisa de Meyer, lost 2 - 0. The Lancaster Women now lead 3 - 0. We need to turn around the current trend and stop Lancaster reaching a crucial fifth win.


The onslaught continues in the hockey where the score is currently 6 - 0. Ilka Kreiger (German for 'war') is Lancaster's star player, scoring 3 in the last few minutes. We're going to stop answering the phone for fear of more bad news.


4 - 0 now in the Hockey. "We're getting annihilated," summarizes our correspondent. Come on, Carter.


It's 3 - 0 to Lancaster in the Women's 1st Hockey after only a few minutes. AU President Jo Carter, playing in the match, has said she's "a little concerned".

18:00 - Lancaster 38 - 41 York

York's women have won both the Kata (Karate Style) and Kamite (Karate Fighting) but the men have lost both, meaning it's 2 points each and a current overall score of 38 - 41 to York . SCAN's editor, our host Joe Beech, has arrived to report that in the karate "someone got seriously kicked in the balls. I was just standing on the sidelines screaming 'Tear his fucking head off!'" What a ledge.


York's Anna Perrot has lost in the darts meaning York is 2 - 0 down. First to 5 wins. The bar staff at Pendle, where the darts is being played (think Langwith bar, but with people and without asbestos) are predicting a crowd of up to 300 for the Men's darts which starts at 8.


We're getting some more results in from the karate now. York has won in the Women's Karate Fighting, winning 2 bouts out of 3. A dominant Lancaster side has high-kicked its way to victory in the Men's though, winning 4 matches out of 5.


I'd like to give a quick nod to our competitors on this lovely summer Friday (it may not be lovely anymore, there aren't any windows in this office). Vision's Tom Sheldrick is stoically trekking around Lancaster's massive campus, snapping away with what looks like disposable camera. And to The Yorker, whose interestingly punctuated blog (example: In all the excitement i forgot to say it was mens hockey 2nds. York on the attack ooooooo what a goal from Newton. 4-2 to the Yorkie) has a mysterious habit of updating its results exactly two minutes after we do..


Carys Hyden has lost in the first match of the darts. Eight matches to go.


Now to the karate. In the Women's Kata York has won 2 - 1, but we've taken a drubbing in the Men's where we lost 4 - 1. God knows what s Kata is but it sounds less confusing than the Kumite, which is coming up in a minute.

17:31 - Lancaster 36 - 38 York

York has won the Men's 2nds indoor hockey, with both sides scoring a late goal to bring final score to 4 - 3 and the overall Roses score to 36 - 39 to York . A strong start to the first day.


There is a bit of ruccus in the hallway outside the office. I didn't get the context but one of Lancaster's SU officers has just loudly denied being a holocaust denier. Right.


Carys Hyden is tied with her Lancaster opponent, 1 leg each in the first match of the darts. 9 singles matches will decide who takes the 2 points.


Lancaster have scored in the Men's Hockey, bringing the score to 3 - 2 but there isn't long to go.


The karate is finally starting after a long delay as we wait for the judges to arrive.


Back to the hockey. It's still 3 - 1 but all the play is in Lancaster's half. York player Richard de Boltz says: "We're doing well and playing 100% more physical then they are." It's looking good.


York Women's have won the first frame of the darts. More to come soon.


More news from the Men's Squash which is still going on. James Tweddle is losing 2 - 0. The overall score will be 4 - 1 or 5 - 0 to York depending on what happens.


For those of you getting upset by the slowly waning professionalism of this blog: the Guardian bloggers covering the London attentions are also getting a bit stressy as it looks more and more likely that Boris Johnson may have won in London. God help us but I suppose after the Pirate we shouldn't really be surprised.


Things are getting a bit chaotic as the phones of our various correspondence begin to die under the pressure. We'll keep the scores rolling in thought, by carrier pigeon if needs be.


Back to the Ski Team for a minute where the York Women's have won 3 - 0, but there are no points attached. This is the end of the skiing, which has been a triumph for York. The Lancaster captain said: "It's been a good competition, very enjoyable and I look forward to next year when we're going to beat you." Brave words, a bit optimistic. Don't they know how many Yorkies spent a 'season' skiing in their gap years, right before saving some kids in Africa.


The Blitzkrieg begins. It's 3 - 1 to York in the Men's Hockey. Lancaster's goal was a brilliant strike whereas York just capitalised on their mistakes. Goals are goals, we can't be picky.


Lancaster supporters are trying to put off our Men's Hockey 2nds by sounding an air raid siren, but they fail and we score! It's 1 - 0 to York. In the immortal words of the Daily Mirror: Achtung, Lancaster. For You the Score is 1 - 0.


Some pictures coming in now: a shot from from the Rugby 1sts earlier on this afternoon


York have got a penalty corner in the hockey, but they've botched it. The score is still 0 - 0.


Laurie Swann has won in the Men's squash, making it 4 - 0 with one game to go. Our boys are on a relentless march to victory.


Indoor hockey set to begin momentarily. York is huddling and talking tactics. The tension is mounting while Lancaster piss about playing with their balls. Our correspondent Henry Foy seems mesmerized. We haven't heard anything from Anjli and karate in a while. I'm getting a bit concerned.


The Men's 2nds are stepping up in the indoor hockey. The atmosphere is leery and jovial on the Lancaster side, high on their triumph in the Women's match a few minutes ago. They are being met with a quiet confidence by their York opponents. For those of you worrying about what's become of Nicky I can report that he has returned to the office and is bringing his full weight to bear on important task of working the phones.


Laurie Swann is 2-1 up in the final game of the Men's 1st squash. We've won the first three matches and already taken the points.

16:40 - Lancaster 36 - 38 York

Word coming in from the dry slopes, the York 2nds have won 3-2. Race captain Max Hardy says: "I'm pretty pleased... Rob Wallace [2nds Captain] has done really well." He certainly has, and it's another 2 points to York and we're in the overall lead once again

16:37 - Lancaster 36 - 36 York

The Women's 2nds indoor hockey has ended in a 2-1 defeat for York giving Lancaster another point and bringing the two sides to a level pegging of 36 - 36 . We'll have them in the karate, though.

A word from AU President Jo Carter: "I'm feeling good, pretty happy. A bit gutted about the cricket [aren't we all] but pretty confident overall." And the prospect of getting 'gunked'? "It's not going to happen".


York has scored in the hockey! 2-1 but looking like too little too late.


Karate warms up are beginning. York won this last year, but only after hospitalizing a Lancaster competitor. They might want their own back in 2008. Speaking of, there are a number of garish posters all over Lancaster campus threatening to 'gunk' York AU President Jo Carter if we lose. Quite unseemly.


Still 2-0 with three minutes to go in the Women's hockey. It looks like they have it in the bag but, again, only worth 1 point. Lancaster have been consistently in control. "They're just quicker," says a dejected York supporter.


I'm afraid the drama of the last few minutes has proved too much for Nouse's heavy-weight commentator Nicky Woolf and he's stepped aside for some air, leaving me, Raf Sanchez with a damp seat and reporting responsibility. It's all kicking off in the Women's indoor hockey where Lancaster are currently dominating 2-0 in front of large and very partisan home crowd. More to come soon..

16:20 - Lancaster 35 - 36 York

We should have heeded the signs. Our cricket 2nds have lost after a promising start, ending the match 69 all out, missing their targeted 88. A disappointing result for them and for York. It's only worth 2 points though, which means that York maintains the lead: 35 - 36 is the current score.


For the first time ever, York has fielded a snowboarding team to Roses [I think]. The team was raised exclusively for this event, and the first time any of them had ever touched a dry-slope was yesterday, for one hour's practice. With that in mind, their 2-1 loss just now is pretty impressive! It's worth no points, in any case. Bodalicious, dudes!


Squash scores: Tom Davenhill and James Birkhead won in straight sets, following on from Paul Atkinson's earlier win. 2 matches are still in progress, but we've done enough to secure us those important points.

16:12 - Lancaster 33 - 36 York

Bur all is not lost! A surprise - especially to me, as our correspondent in the squash courts has been out of touch - win in the men's squash gives us 4 points, and takes the overall score to 33 - 36. Scores to follow. We're in the lead!

16:07 - Lancaster 33 - 32 York

Vague and worrying news from the Equestrian. Lancaster's 1sts team have won, giving them 4 points, but York's 2nds team won, giving us 2, and taking the overall score to 33 - 32.


Lancaster Union is significantly more interesting than York's. A very scary bald man with a voice uncannily like that of the right honorable mister Matthew Lacey just marched by shouting about "bloody accountants". Oh, and there he goes again the other way.


Oh dear oh dear. Our correspondent Anj Raval by the tennis court overhears a disillusioned Lancaster student saying "I wish I was back in York this year; the atmosphere here is rubbish." He probably misses the crazy geese as much as we do.


York's man of the hour, Cameron Downing: "Charlotte [Taylor, his partner], was awesome. It was a brilliant game. What a comeback. In the first set, we played like cardboard cut-outs, but we brought it back..."


We have sent our man on the court, master Henry James Parker-Whittingstall McFoy into the dressing room to interview the winning tennis pair, Downing and Taylor, and get some crowd reactions. Watch this space.


Oh my. General secretary of Lancaster Union John Smith was just in the office, and at the news of York's snatch of the initiative he makes dark mutterings of fire alarms being set off to deprive our valiant athletes of their much-needed rest. Fear not though, for nouse is ever-vigilant. We are currently deactivating Lancaster's entire fire-safety system.


Significantly less interestingly, the golf score is confirmed as the final golf pair, Harder and Waite, have lost by 6 with 4 holes to go. Their defeat doesn't affect York's overall victory on the green, however. The 4 points are ours, don't worry.

15:50 - Lancaster 29 - 30 York

Downing and Taylor have done it! Final scores 0-6, 6-3, 7-5. What a gripping game, and 2 points apiece to York and Lancaster.


Love-40 York. Match point.


YESSS! York win the point after 7 returns to deuce. It's 6-5 in the final set. Lancaster are guaranteed 2 points after the 4th seed match, but York get the other 2 if Downing and Taylor can take this crucial game. I don't know about you guys, but I'm hooked.


Disaster! Lancaster pull back a surprise triumph in the 4th seed match, winning 7-5, 6-4. The 3rd seed match couldn't be closer; Downing and Taylor are still 5-5 in their final set. Advantage Lancaster...


Ok. This is the tennis situation. York and Lancaster have won 2 games apiece. All eyes are on the 3rd seed, Cameron Downing and Charlotte Taylor, currently 5-5 in their 3rd and final set. York can afford the loss, but a win here would guarantee us at least some points.

15:40 - Lancaster 27 - 28 York

News just in: Our intrepid skiiers over at the Rosendale Ski Centre have won 4-1, propelling York into the lead 27-28, and we're told that the tennis is looking good too. The skiing 2nds are hopeful that they can follow up the 1sts success. The white rose wins on the snow! Go figure.


The situation on the courts is tense. Our tennis 3rd seeds are currently leading 5-3 in their third and final set. If they win, a win for the 4th seeds would be enough to secure us the points and put York in the lead... Meanwhile, the 6th seeds Ioanna Garbola and someone called Chris - nice journalistic investigation, Foy - have won 6-4, 7-5.


The first result is in from the men's squash singles. Paul Atkinson has won the first of his 2 games, 3 sets to 2. Big-up to the boy in pink.


If anyone has any specific questions, just post a comment and we'll get our team into action answering them if possible... We're here to help.


The tennis second seeds put up a brave fight but couldn't beat Ozzy's serve. Charlotte Gregory seemed distracted by unpleasant banter from the Lancaster crowd. Poor show, chaps. Their final scoreline was 7-5, 6-1.

15:26 - Lancaster 27 - 24 York

In calmer news, York's golfers have consolidated their earlier scoreline to win. One pair is yet to finish, but to all intents and purposes the points are ours. The score now stands at a nailbiting 27-24. A decisive win in the tennis now would put us ahead...


In the tennis 2nd seed match, Charlotte Gregory's serve has been broken by a stunning series of returns, we hear, and it looks like we might lose if we can't keep up with their man. On the upside, though, York 5th seeds won 6-3 7-5, giving York and Lancaster 1 match apiece, and while it looks like the 2nd seeds, it looks like we're going to win the 3rd seeds; "Downing is on fire", says our man Foy. The atmosphere is electric, as all the rugby audience join those watching the tennis. The formerly calm atmosphere is shattered.

15:23 - Lancaster 27 - 20 York

The last rugby 7's result is in, and it's not a good one. York mens 1sts, the last to play, failed to maintain their energy and have lost 22-10. A respectable scoreline, but not what we'd hoped for. The score now stands at 27-20.


Midway through the second half of the rugby 7's men's 1sts, York trail Lancaster 15-5. But wait! Danny Spacey sets up James Wilson to bring the score up to 15-10. Former YUSU Prez Rich Croker is on the edge of his seat watching the match, and praying that York will use this newfound momentum to good effect.


In the 3rd seed tennis, Lancaster won the first set 6-0, but York won the second set 6-3. The third set has just begun with a beautifully accurate shot from Captain Downing. Captain Foy's on the case.


More tennis: In a much slower game than the 1st seed, Lancaster won the first set 7-5, and are currently in the second set. Lots of big dramatic forehands going on in that game on both sides.


Information incoming about the tennis. The mixed doubles first seed, L-H and Browne, have lost their match 6-1 6-2, due to some amazing lob shots from the Lancaster man- our Foy in the field is chasing him now to find out how he does it.

15:00 - Lancaster 25 - 20 York

Here are the results we've been waiting for in the rugby 7's. The York mens 2nds rugby team won 33-12 in a hotly contested game in which a Lancaster player was sent off for some kind of unidentified misbehaviour - details later. At the same time, the womens' 1sts won 14-5. This takes our overall score to 25 - 20. The men's 1sts game is happening as we speak. Or rather, as I type.


A York win this weekend would be very interesting indeed. While the two ancient foes are currently drawing, at 21 wins each and 1 draw, a York win on Lancaster's home turf would be the precursor to Greg Dyke's team pulling decisively ahead, assuming we can win at home next year. There's precedence; York beat Lancaster on their home turf back in 2002, while Lancaster haven't beaten York in York since 1985. This could be the weekend that we break the deadlock.


Scores are coming in thick and fast now. These opening matches are crucial; a decisive lead here will stand either York or Lancaster in good stead for a successful weekend. In the mixed doubles tennis down the hill by the train-tracks, the 1st seed, Less-Hallstein and Browne have lost their first set 6-1, and the 2nd seed, Thompson-Glover and Gregory, are currently neck and neck 3-3 in the first set. It's anybody's game and, at the moment, it's anybody's Roses. Exciting stuff!


A little teeny tiny tidbit to make us feel a little better: The last squash game is over, and it's another York victory. Does that help? No. Does it gain us any points? Nope. But does it feel good? After that last rugby score, it eases the pain a bit to know that at least we firmly planted the white rose all over the squash courts...

14:37 - Lancaster 25 - 17 York

More rugby, and it seems as if the last match's uncanny omen was in fact a bad one. York women's 2nds have been annihilated 33-0 by a brutally efficient Lancaster side, taking the overall score to 25-17. All the 1sts games are yet to come, though, so we're going to try to read the tea-leaves in the office to divine the possible results...


Golf, and Sharp'n'Dexter (slick names, guys), have won by 5, and Parker and Trinnitt are up 3 on the 15th hole. Unfortunately and Waite and Harper are 4 down. Things are looking good for the white rose on the green.

14:29 - Lancaster 24 - 17 York

The first of the rugby 7's games is over already. Our men's 3rds have romped to victory, making the overall score 24 - 17, which miraculously is also the score they won by. Is that a sign? Are the gods heralding a York victory?


Cricket update: York look like their initial momentum has gone, dallying as they are now at 14 for 2 out. Captain Nick Banner is quietly confident, though. "It'll be ok," he said. "We've got the men to do it." I hope he's right.


The rugby 7's games have all kicked off, and there are a lot of points at stake. It's been a wet few days, and the pitch is muddy as a very muddy field full of big heavy people with studded boots all trying to shift an elliptical ball from one end to the other by pushing each other around. Which is a coincidence, considering that's exactly what's about to happen to it.


Following the victory in the squash, the tennis mixed doubles teams are confident that they can deliver more white-rose victory. "This is the strongest the team's been at any time since I came to York," said team captain Cameron Downey, who led a similar squad to success in last year's Roses. He will partner Charlotte Taylor, and the other York pairs are: David Less-Hallstein with Caroline Browne, and Pete Thompson-Glover with Charlotte Gregory. Downey can certainly talk the talk; but can he and his team walk the walk? Or rather, play the, uh, tennis? Game on.

14:02 - Lancaster 24 - 16 York

Great news from the womens' squash! York have grasped the initiative, clawing the score back to 24-16. In a game described by watching AU tournament secretary Matt Knight as "epic", Jess Hunter beat her Lancaster opponent 3 sets to 2, while Joanna Augustus and Jenny Calder won in straight sets. There is a match still in progress, but it doesn't matter; the points are in the bag. It's looking up for York...


After bolting their lunch and washing it down with a well-advised cup of Earl Grey, York have opened their batting promisingly, taking them to a swift 7 runs for 0. If they can keep up this performance, they should have no problems. But can they?


Tensions are mounting as the rugby 7's prepare to kick off. Both teams are quietly confident of victory. They can't both be right. They can't both win. That would be preposterous.


Accusations of foul play abound as it is suggested that making our cricket 2nds bat after lunch puts us at an unfair disadvantage. Will the boys from the white rose fight off their food-bloatedness and get those crucial 88 runs? Or will they be overcome by indigestion? Only time will tell.


...And here they are: The womens' 1sts third seed have won their match, winning 3 games out of 5. The first seed are 2-1 down at the moment, but battling valiantly. "Jo Carter cuts a lonely figure in a room next to the squash courts, nervously studying the order of play," says our correspondent.


Panic in the office as, with correspondents exiting left, right and centre to chase this afternoon's sports, Nouse Editor Raf Sanchez sees a friend of an ex-girlfriend who, and I quote, "threatened to beat him up". He quivers under the desk as we await the first squash results.


Exciting news from Blackpool Cricket Club, where the York 2nds have just bowled-out the last Lancaster batsman, leaving them 87 all-out. They will now take a civilized break for lunch, before York steps up to bat with everything to play for. Remember, the York 1sts yesterday were all-out for 80- can the 2nds do better? Stay tuned...


Hmm. Foy has left this seat disturbingly sweaty. Another Golf update while I mop it dry: Sharp and Dexter are still 5 up after 10, Parker and Trinnitt are 3 up after 10.


Ah! Woolf and Sanchez here in the hot seat, with a report from the golf. Halifax (that's in York for you Lancs) JCRC Chair Dave "the Man in the Pub" Sharp is 5 up after 8 holes with partner Lauren Dexter. Chris Parker and Adam Trinnitt are 2 up after 7, and Nick Waite and Dave Harper are 2 down. Hope he doesn't 'Waite' around too much... That was awful. You guys are going to miss Foy.


Cricket, and our correspondent reports that things are looking pretty bad for Lancaster. York have taken a quick succession of wickets, leaving the Lancs at 71 for 8 after 32 overs, with 18 more to go. It looks like Lancaster are going to have to bowl some pretty spectacular balls to keep York below that. Having said that, the 1sts yesterday thought 81 would be easy to beat, and ended up just below it...


I'm off to eat, so here's Nicky Woolf and Raf Sanchez. And a shot from the Frisbee.


Congratulations to Rangers last night, who defeated Fiorentina in the semi-final of the UEFA Cup, despite going a man down in extra time. They'll play Zenit St Petersburg in the final in Manchester. So that's three British teams taking up the 4 final spots in Europe's two premier football tournaments. Football is coming home. That brings me nicely to Roses Football, which kicks of tomorrow afternoon at 3pm.


Asking York AU President Jo Carter about the current score she said: "We got six points in Badminton which was good, disappointing about the Frisbee. Hopefully we'll get a few more wins throughout the day. I still think we're going to win." You and me both, Jo.


A SCAN photographer has just arrived from the Frisbee. Apparently, not only did they have a team of men, they also had an extra player. Well well well. Pictures coming soon..


Thanks there to 'interested spectator' for his comment. I'm pretty hooked as well, to be honest.


Not a lot to report at the moment. Tennis and Squash are coming up, and the Golf and Cricket are ongoing. In the Local Elections, if you are interested, the Tories are up 146 seats, while Labour are down 163 seats. I'm sure Gordon Brown would much rather be at Roses watching some top sporting action today.

12:12 - Lancaster 24 - 12 York

Disaster in the Frisbee. Lancaster have romped to a 14-5 victory, picking up 4 overall points. Sally Cannon, a York player, said "We're shit and we know we are." At least she is honest. Now they are rushing back to York to host the National Ultimate Frisbee Finals. So we can't beat Lancaster, but now we're taking on the best in the country? Good luck to Cannon and Co. Apparently, Vision reporters just arrived at the final whistle. Good job a Nouse correspondent was there to fill them in on what they missed. In other news, Mixed Badminton report to come shortly. Guru Noice is on the case.


Lancaster's Frisbee Captain, who has "Woof" written on his jersey, is running the show. Two quick points put the score at 13-5, and the crowd are chanting "The Champion with Super Flames". Why don't we have a woof?


Here's a shot from the Badminton for you. Tom Branson and Pete Barton. They won 2 and lost 1 game.


Did I speak to soon? Am I even speaking? Anyway, York begin their Frisbee comeback with a long pass to score. 11-5 the score at present.


It's now 11-4 to Lancaster in the Ultimate Frisbee. The home team are scoring with some pretty simple plays, and this looks like a bit of a lost cause for the White Roses. Raf Sanchez says that the home team have a lot of support from the crowd, and the Mexican Waves are spurring on their team.


Golf scores. It seems we don't need Nicky and his terrible dress sense in the end. York's first and second pairings are winning. Chris Parker and Adam Trinitt are 1 up after 3 holes, and Dave Sharpe and Lauren Dexter are 3 up after 3 holes. Dave Sharpe, Halifax legend and golfing pro. It's matchplay, by the way.


...No, it can't.


The "dirty chavs" are back from their ejection, shamefaced. Their plan is to go back in a few hours and sneak in somehow. They could, of course, just try wearing something more suitable. But could all of Nicky's hair fit inside a golf visor?


Two points (or whatever they call them in Frisbee) for York. The last one was a bit controversial, apparently the player held onto the Frisbee for over 10 seconds, but the York player was having none of it. Lancaster then accused the player of cheating. In my opinion, having a team of lads in a mixed event must be slightly more of an issue.


Out on Football Pitch 3, it's half-time in Ultimate Frisbee, with the score at 8-2. York player Sally Cannon is leading the half-time team talk. Lots of stress and chaos here. That's a big lead for Lancaster.


Our man at the cricket tells me that York have struck in the tenth over to leave Lancaster on 17 for one wicket. This is the Mens 2nd - out to avenge yesterday's narrow loss, no doubt.


Ultimate Frisbee update: York are being run ragged, with the score currently at 7-2 to Lancaster. It's meant to be a mixed game, but the cheating Lancastrians have a team comprised solely of men, and are dominating the possession. Steward's enquiry methinks. And this is worth 4 points! Four points? For Frisbee? Who decides these things... Anyway, apparently, the Lancaster Captain just took a catch that the crowd are describing as a "super-flame throw". Sounds pretty hot to me.


News from the golf course, and it's not good. Our correspondents Venetia Rainey and Nicky Woolf have been escorted off the premises. Venetia was told her shoes were "not suitable for the club" and Nicky was ejected for "looking like a chav in jeans". Ouch. I promise some non-clothing related news from the fairways soon.


Good and bad news here. The website just had an almighty crash, thanks to an overload of hits. Now it's running a little slow, but Dan "Webmeister General, too busy doing his dissertation to come to Roses" Whitehead is working on the problem. Sorry about that. But technically, it is your fault.

11:07 - Lancaster 20 - 12 York

First blood of the day to YORK! Victory in both Badminton events gives the White Roses 6 precious points. Whether the final matches go to York or not, they have won 5 games out of nine in both the Mens 2nds and Mixed disciplines.


A promised Media Tent is proving to be a little difficult to find. Jo Carter told me early this morning that she was "off to construct a tent," which is a little disconcerting. In the meantime, I'm still here surrounded by coffee cups, bottles of juice and wooden pallets. Pallets? Yes, apparently the Lancaster paper gets delivered on them, and the Editor collects, rather than destroys, them. It's all a bit claustrophobic.


Badminton Mens 2nd recap now. Pair 1, Matt Knight and James Barrett lost their first match and won their second, Pair 2 of Ed Chuck and Tom Illet have won both their two matches and Pair 3, Tom Branson and Pete Parton also lost their first but won the second. All three are playing their final matches now. By my reckoning, if we pick up only one win out of those 3 games, we'll take the event by 5 games to 4. And that's 2 points for York. Brap.


Any predictions, comments or suggestions? Stick them in the comment box at them bottom of the page and I'll try my best to answer them.


The Golf is about to tee off over at the Lancaster Golf Club. Two teams of pairs over 18 holes will fight for the 4 points. Let's face it, York need them.


Comedy moment in the Mixed event. In their second match, a Lancaster player from their 1st pair got so angry with his performance that he smashed his racquet into the ground, and now it looks "like a pretzel". I'm guessing that means it's pretty fucked then.


In the Mens 2nd Badminton, all three pairs are playing their third round of fixtures. In the 2nd round, the 1st and 2nd York pairs won, while the third pair lost. It all hinges on the third round matches.


SCAN Editor Joe Beech is happy that Lancaster are currently on top. He just revealed to me that he has already got ROSES VICTORY on his front page. There's nothing like pride coming before a fall though.


Right, I'm back. Almost got lost in the labyrinth that is the LUSU office. Makes YUSU look a little shabby to be honest. Right, back to the Badminton. We're in the 2nd of 3 rounds, and our third pair are going into their 3rd set, with the score level at 1 set all. Basically, each pair plays three matches, and the team that win the most pairings take the 2 points for their University. Simple, right?


Anjli here. Henry's popped out for a toilet break. Nice. York's Mens Mixed 2nd Pair have just beaten Lancaster 21-17, 21-13 with Lancaster losing their structure and form in the second set.


The phone never stops ringing here - more results from the Badminton. Lancaster have swept the board in the Mens 2nd Events, winning all of the three first-round matches. Are these points slipping away?


Victory for York in the first mixed badminton pairs. The third set falls to York 21-18, so all eyes turn to the 2nd and 3rd pairs. 4 points at stake here boys and girls.


In this weekend's other - though slightly less important - contest, it's looking pretty tight between Red Ken and Boris the Buffoon. Muse Editor Nicky 'Lenin' Woolf is a wee bit scared that Boris might snatch it.


From what I have heard on the sporting grapevine, Skiing should be a dead cert for York - that kicks off at 3PM at the Rosendale Ski Centre, and is worth 6 points across the 2 disciplines - but apparently Lancaster are strong favourites in the Rugby 7s.


It's even stevens in the Mixed Badminton event though. The first set went to Lancaster 21-18, but York have taken the second 20-22. Tense.


Pairs 2 and 3 in the Mens 2nd Badminton Event have lost their matches, 21-12 21-17 and 21-19 21-15 respectively. Pair 1 are also losing, so it's looking like 2 more points going to Lancaster.


To give you a bit of insight, there are around 65 points on offer today, across 29 matches. Tomorrow is the big day, with over 100 points on offer, and then there's another 50 or so to win on Sunday. It's a marathon, not a sprint.


In the other Badminton event, the Mixed - which is worth 4 points, Lancaster are looking good for the win as well. Criss Noice - our badminton guru - reckons that Lancaster are stealing all the percentage points, and York are throwing points away at the back of the court.


End of the first set in the Mens 2nd Badminton event. Lancaster took the spoils 21-15. Apparently York are wearing pink, and the atmosphere is pretty boisterous. The event is worth two points.


So what are we all playing for here then? Well, aside from bragging rights and pride, there's a 44-year-old trophy, which both universities have won 21 times. York have been chasing Lancaster in overall wins since 1972, so if our sportsmen and women can win this weekend, it'll be the first time in 36 years that Lancaster have trailed. York stole an away win in 2002, but Lancaster haven't won away from home since 1985. After last year's emphatic 40 point win, and some impressive BUSA results this year, hopes are high for York to take the trophy back across the Pennines on Sunday night.


For those who want to get stuck into some sporting action, today's events are: Golf, Cricket, Horse Riding, Skiing, Karate, Darts and Swimming - which run all day; more Frisbee and some Badminton - which get underway at 12 noon; the Rugby 7s and Tennis tournaments - starting around 3.30; and Squash and Indoor Hockey this evening. I'm knackered just typing all that.


We all went into Lancaster last night for a few pre-tournament drinks, and asked some of the locals what they thought of the event. A friendly bouncer told us that Lancaster would win hands down, but then he would say that. We got a bit of banter from the Lancaster Fencing team too. They told us that they had won the in last 3 years, and due to a lack of Fencing history knowledge our comebacks were a little lame. "Touche," we piped up. Oh how funny we thought we were. I do hope that our Fencing team take them down - or whatever term Fencers use.


I'm told that it's quite warm, with the slightest chance of a bit of sun. I say 'told', unfortunately the SCAN office (which is Lancaster's Union newspaper, by the way), is a bit of a cavern, with no windows and a rather scary lack of ventilation. Still, if the predicted rains do arrive over the weekend, my cave existence will seem very preferable to standing on a rugby touchline.

09:19 - Lancaster 20 - 6 York

Not a great day for Carter yesterday, though. After winning the Frisbee event, and collecting 2 points, a rain-affected Cricket match went right to the wire, with Lancaster taking the spoils. York's bowlers restricted the Lancaster batsmen to only 81 runs after the shortened 25 overs, but on what was a great bowling pitch, York only mustered 80 runs in reply. Still, there's a long way to go.


AU President and York's flag-waving captain Jo Carter has just popped into see me in the SCAN office deep in the heart of Lancaster's Union complex. She's looking pretty relaxed - in her blog yesterday she reckoned that her entire AU year would be judged on this result. "I'm really excited," she says. Too right.


The Nouse team arrived here last night, to the sun setting over the rolling fields around what is quite a nice looking campus. They may not have lakes or ducks, but they certainly beat us on the architecture front. No ageing 1970s concrete slabs of accommodation here.

09:05 - Welcome

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interested spectator Posted on Friday 2 May 2008

Great commentary, keep it up. I'm hooked!


Scan-dalous Posted on Friday 2 May 2008

I notice that Lancaster's SCAN doesn't have any commentary going on - in fact their website doesn't even mention Roses 2008. Oh well, who can blame them - it's not as if they have a paid full-time edi... no wait; they do.

Well done Nouse.


Chris Northwood Posted on Friday 2 May 2008

Extra player? Did no-one notice there were more players on the other side on the pitch? o.O


Anne-Marie Posted on Friday 2 May 2008

The editor collects the pallets so he can flog them! Maybe a good source of income for Nouse in future?!


wishing I was there Posted on Friday 2 May 2008

Can we have minute by minute updates? Even If you have nothing to report I don't arrive till tomorow but i'm desperate for knowledge!


Luke Malkin Posted on Friday 2 May 2008

I've broken my personal record for the amount of times I've hit refresh on the same page today. I would like to thank Nouse and all of York's sporting prowess for this achievement.
Come on York!


Chris Northwood Posted on Friday 2 May 2008

"And to The Yorker, whose interestingly punctuated blog (example: In all the excitement i forgot to say it was mens hockey 2nds. York on the attack ooooooo what a goal from Newton. 4-2 to the Yorkie) has a mysterious habit of updating its results exactly two minutes after we do.."

Apparently their blog updating system involves mobile phones and texting. Which although impressing the geeky side of me, does lead to things like that ;)


Max Moujaes Posted on Sunday 4 May 2008

Hi guys, I'm a player from the Lancaster University Frisbee team, I'd like to clear up a few things. We in no way cheated and
York frisbee team also know this - they are close friends of ours and I'm sure they'll think it's a shame you've been accusing us of foul play in what was a very well spirited match.

Firstly frisbee is open division, this means men or women can play - the best players regardless of gender are selected.

Why it was billed as a mixed game on the schedule I cannot say, neither team played according to proper frisbee mixed rules, which require each team to field either three or four girls each point (decided by the attacking team at the start of the point).

In addition both captains were happy with the gender of players, having selected them on ability not gender. In the indoors match on thursday York's victory can be attributed in many respects to the quality of their female players, well done Sally, Anne and Debs.

Secondly, Lancaster's frisbee team didn't accuse the York player of cheating. I can't speak for the crowd however frisbee is a self refereed sport and after every foul call the player is allowed to have his say and the issue is resolved.
In the case of the 10 second stall out the player was entitled to contest, which he chose to do. Crowd interaction is not allowed to influence decisions, it is up to the players involved and the captains of the teams to address issues.

I'll accept that Nouse don't know the rules of frisbee and that it's supposed to have a York bias, but the Lancaster Frisbee team would appreciate it very much if the accusations of cheating were retracted.

Thanks very much to everyone who came to watch our games, congratulations to York for winning Roses 08.


David Rodger Posted on Sunday 4 May 2008

I'd like to add to and agree with Max's Comment. My name's David Rodger and I'm captain of York's Ultimate Frisbee team. The game was played in a fair and well spirited manner. The accusations on both counts are incorrect. The outdoor game is not 'mixed', which requires set numbers of players of either gender on the pitch, it is 'open', ie anyone of either gender is allowed to play, unlike rugby or lacrosse where mens and mixed are separate.

Lancaster's team did not accuse the York player of cheating, there were some accusations from individuals in the crowd, but members of both teams informed them that they had no part in the refereeing process, and the call was decided betwen the players on pitch in accordance with the rules.

I add my request to Max's that any accusations of cheating be retracted by Nouse, who otherwise provided excellent commentary on the game, and the event in general.

Congratulations to the rest of York's teams for taking us to the win.


Henry James Foy Posted on Sunday 4 May 2008

Max, David,

I am sorry that you both feel offended by any accusations made during the coverage. It was never my, nor any of our other correspondent's or bloggers' intention to accuse any team of cheating. I am afraid that the inter-university banter that has dominated all three days of sport and blogging may have been construed to seem malicious. I would like to state that this is not the case, and apologise for any offence caused.


Henry James Foy
News Editor


Commercial Real Estate Broker Posted on Friday 23 Jun 2017

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