STAR LETTER: The University of York's very own Magic Bus

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york dawnDear Nouse,

As one of the many car-less, bike-less students at York, I'd like to spread the word about the 'Number Free' minibus service. Thanks to the availability of this bus, living off-campus has been made infinitely easier this term.

It is a sad fact, but with recent accounts of assaults near campus, such as the knife point muggings in Tang Hall, I don't feel safe walking home alone after dark, a concern most likely shared by many other students, irrespective of their gender. The minibus service has meant that I can stay on campus as long as necessary, without worrying about negotiating the wild woods of Osbaldwick after nightfall. The fact that it runs regularly, takes you straight to your door and is absolutely free, makes it an indispensible service for all students living in private accommodation.
The minibus's running times are available on the YUSU website. It's good to know that (thanks to the always lovely Grace Fletcher-Hall) there are services like the free minibus in place. Not only that, but that these services are reliable, they really look out for student welfare and most importantly, they just work.

Niamh Walsh

Second year English Literature student

By email

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