Kylie Minogue: 2 Hearts

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Artist: Kylie Minogue
Track: 2 Hearts

First she survived cancer, now she's dumped her cheating boyfriend. It seems that the diminutive Miss Minogue has survived everything this world can throw at her and is destined to ascend the heights of chart success on the strength of public good-will alone. But a catchy song would definitely help. '2 Hearts' is the first single from X, Minogue's forthcoming album, her first in four years, and the initial listen comes as something of a surprise. Handclaps? Piano? What happened to the pop princess famous for her up-tempo, synth-heavy hits like 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'? '2 Hearts' has a more organic feel, centred around a mid-tempo piano and a real rhythm section. But, as with much of today's crop of pop, it all feels a little contrived. "I'm in love", Minogue repeats, but, unfortunately, as her latest crop of interviews reveal, it's not true. "Is this forever?" Nope. It's just another vapid pop song.

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Molly Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

She was never "terminalPS and millions survive cancer without turning it into a cash in media circus ( even other famous have avoided that ) The lover dumped her not other way around and she has said he did not cheat- Did she maybe?

This song and the new album are simply Kylie back at business as usual and no meaning at all.just more mindless "disco/dance/club escapism.Pretty vacuous for a woman almost 40 after a minor tough couple of years.Smile smile smile is all she seems to do.Is it automatic.?


Marie Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

Yeah, I have to agree - it's almost contrived and just empty. I think we just expected something a little more. It just leaves me feeling, "that's it?"


Bill Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

2 Hearts is simply dreadful. One of the worst songs I've ever heard.


Ben Rackstraw Posted on Saturday 19 Jan 2019

What does any of this have to do with the break up of Kylie's relationship or the (uninvited) media circus that surrounded the fact that she had cancer?

Surely the cynical thing would have been to release a song entitled "Re:Mission" or "I Don't Need That Bloody Man Anyway"...

Instead she has come back with what could easily be described as meaningless disco/dance/club escapism - but why is that a bad thing? Escapism from cancer and break ups (whoever is to blame) for three-and-a-half minutes sounds like a great idea to me.

Also: This is a bloody great mid tempo disco song, with an subtle chorus (unlike many "HERE IS THE CHORUS... GO!" current dance and indie songs) and a brilliant video (get to youtube, skip to 1:47 for when it gets REALLY cool). It's basically what the rubbish second Scissor Sisters album should have sounded like - but presented by a miniature Australian in a Marilyn Monroe wig.

Bill - I suggest you listen to the new Shane Ward single.


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